The Commander-In-Chief (Bergen, Norway / London, England) Patreon NEWS — HAIL TO THE CHIEF

Thanks for the mention!


From the moment I started out on MySpace in 2008, it has been the support of my fans that has helped me build my music career, as an independent artist. From witnessing the very first independent radios playing my songs, via more and more printed press in major magazines all over the world, to appearances on major TV shows (including being a judge on “Battle of the Stars” in 2015 and 2017) to having a number 1 album on Amazon.  It has been an exciting journey and my fans have been a crucial part of every step. I never set out to be a “super guitarist,” since the guitar was only a tool I needed for songwriting, when I started out. Somewhere along the way I got hooked on playing guitar, and before I knew it I saw myself featured as “1 of 10 modern guitar gods” in the…

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