Good People vs. Bad People.

I came across this terrible article regarding pedophilia the other day:

And just watched this disturbing documentary, that I found as part of this article (I just need to add that I don’t agree with the conspiracy-theories described in some of these very oddly written articles, but the video below is a very interesting watch indeed):

I’ve mentioned Pedophilia and abuse of children in previous entries here on my blog. The disturbing aspect of it is that it can be rather difficult to report on these type of incidents due to lack of proper evidence. In a previous entry I wrote about the organised infringement on children enrolled in a public school I attended down in Italy. I did not experience anything strange myself, but I had friends who did.

It would seem rather mental if I phoned up old friends that I haven’t seen or spoken to in 16-17 years, asking “Hey what’s up? Want to talk about that time you were molested? Feel like going public? Feel like reporting this? I hope I haven’t traumatized you by bringing up these uncomfortable experiences again after all this time! Have a nice evening!” I’m sure an approach like that would be very much welcomed……

The issue is that kids don’t feel like they will be believed. So children speak amongst themselves, and then it stops there. I’m also suspecting that children are even less likely to speak up if trust has been broken with adults/superiors at an early stage, due to abuse.

It is very sad and troubling indeed. 😦

I watched a horrendous documentary some time ago where Europeans were travelling to Asia in order to take advantage of impoverished Asian kids. A nasty business where a vigilante group of former investigators from Australia were on the case, aided by a priest, who had opened up a school/orphanage for previously trafficked children. (One can certainly wonder why such evil exists in the first place…)

Trust is the issue when it comes to reporting, especially if trust is eroded  when it comes to those who are supposed to deliver justice. When those who are supposed to uphold the truth and nothing but the truth, go against their moral obligation, then don’t expect much collaboration from potential witnesses and/or the general population. Nor can it be expected that such institutions will stand for ever. It will all eventually eat itself just like an unhealthy culture.

Corruption is disgusting, and yet so prevalent. Where on earth do you find people honest enough to do internal affairs properly?

People of faith are very much troubled in our part of the world by low attendance numbers and the crumbling state of spiritual-affairs. I on the other hand have become very much optimistic as of late, because as I said above – true dysfunction devours itself. It cannot be avoided. The more decrepit and obscene our culture becomes, the greater is the chance that people will just reject the whole package all together, and seek out true, solid values.

I fail to see how justice can be restored unless such a change occurs … why would you be honest and do and produce honest work if the opposite constantly gets rewarded? Especially if you feel like a God yourself and have no fear for supernatural forces.

If you are spiritual and believe in God, then you will believe that your soul has been profoundly scanned by a superior celestial being, who can access your memory and whereabouts at any given moment. That will certainly function like a shield towards whatever awkward myths mere mortals might want to believe in when it comes to you, because ultimately you will know that you have truth on your side if you speak truthfully and that God will know.

We humans are not as impressive as we like to think; I guess that might come as a shock to some.

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