Clooney Collusion

Today’s Brain Popcorn!
This article is an interesting read. The conspiracy and the threads are not difficult to follow if reading this when awake.
These were the things that stood out to me:
1- the vulnerability of being an outspoken celebrity officially concerned with “human rights” and the well-being of others.
2- that Clooney operated a business accused of sweat-shop activities.
3- that Clooney was seemingly taking advantage of cheap Mexican labour.
4- that the refugee situation was profitable for the Clooney’s due to funds that they were given in order to established seemingly well-intended refugee-programs. Meaning that they lose out financially if refugees are brought back home.
5- McCain’s involvement with rougue-weapon industry elements.
6- how quickly political alignments can change; even resulting in the official support of Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine & Al Qaeda groups in Syria. This obviously contradicts our popular media narratives and the endless “moral high-ground posturing” by our representatives.
7- how photos of a Syrian boy was used as propaganda to paint Assad in a negative light, when the boy’s father blamed the family’s misery on the insurgents. This is another example of children being used to manipulate the masses.
8- how a war has to be sold, just like you would sell a product or a service.
9- how the initiation of warfare is justified time and time again in order to “save lives.” It is of course very reasonable to promote total destabilisation and warfare if you are on a quest to save little children…*insert sarcasm*
10- what first stood out to me was the example of property rights being violated once again within a Western Nation. The reason as to why this instantly stood out to me is that “property rights” is constantly highlighted as a fundamental right in the Western World. Yet it is easy to bypass and annihilate this through clever legislation and taxes, as can be seen in Norway, or through a proper land-grab, as described in this article. Your rights are only respected as long as the State-Apparatus leave you alone. If you all of a sudden find yourself on the government’s radar due to what happens to be yours, legally, or by digging your nose into other’s business, you might find out that your rights have been mysteriously revoked…Human rights only seem to be valid as long as they don’t pose a threat to those who are in power…
11- I sense that this article is in tune with the “other side of the spectrum;” meaning: Russia. Just like the Russians like to point out visible NATO expansion, they also criticise destabilisation efforts in the Middle East. Nothing of what can be read in this article will make its way into our mainstream media narrative, or at least I don’t think so. They have their own agenda and their own storyline that they fervently promote, meaning that articles like these are reserved for the internet and/or “other” media outlets. I’m also guessing that nothing will overshadow Clooney’s sanctimonious status, much like the “bullet proof” cult of adoration surrounding former U.S. President Barack Obama.
I highly recommend reading this article in full, I found it most interesting.

Clooney Collusion

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The Clooneys are gearing up for resetting their political scheme on the backs of their babies through what’s left of George’s film career.  His new movie “Suburbicon”, which stars Soros and Podesta run and funded“Enough Project” co-horts Matt Damon and Julianne Moore, will be at the Venice Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival and others throughout  the end of the summer.  Expect the Media Matter Trump takedown talking poins…and even some on Brexit is a safe bet…all throughout the red carpet interviews and press junkets for this propaganda piece about 1950’s “racist” America keeping in mind the extent to which Clooney and his wife are working behind the scenes to undermine the very democracy they claim to support through hate propaganda they claim to abhor. Take into consideration everything in either “George Clooney:  Enemy of Democracy”, “Amal Clooney:  Enemy of Democracy” or “The…

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