Online Magic….

Hey check this out Toby Keith is following me on Twitter!

following me

Oh, hang on … all the accounts are fake. Never mind!

Hey I got a new follower on Twitter!


Hmmmm…….”Fake News” follows me…..

How cool.



Hey check this out “Ramen Records” just contacted me on Soundcloud!

*Googles Ramen Records*

Finds This:

“This weekend (November 4th) Glitch Records have set up a new account with the name Ramen Records. We’ve confirmed they are the same people by submitting a dummy track which was immediately given fake plays and the email we got is from the same John Dallagher at the same email address as when we tried this same technique with a Glitch Records link, and a Glorify Records link before that. It’s the same fake activity company.
What’s bad here is that there are some legitimate labels called Ramen Records.”

Hey check this out I got “groupie mail.”

groupie mail


I’m going to be signed to Ramen Records while collaborating with my best pal Toby Keith; I have a hot sexy blonde babe waiting for me, who is … well hang on … a woman? I also have the entire mainstream media following my blog to learn what real news are!

I knew it.

I’m like…. soooooo smart.

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