Digital Spring Cleaning – Behold the Glory.

This blog entry was originally written in the early months of 2018.

So my computer has become increasingly slow when I wake it up; and I’m crediting this to all of the various data and  files that have accumulated over the years. With this in mind I decided to retrace my “questionable” digital trail, to figure out what on earth all of this mess is.

The most embarrassing file to have surfaced at this point is probably this piece of brilliant retardation, where I look like I’m addressing members of my secret African militia, with a giant Patton flag in the background. I mean, check out the swag. This was my look in some videos that we made ages ago to some people who had bought a limited edition care-package or donated to my PayPal or something of that sort. I’m amazed that I haven’t been sued by my fans for traumatising them with ridiculous stuff. How glorious to know that these type of thank you videos were sent out to members of the public. Behold “Dictator-In-Chief.” The worst part is that I probably thought that I looked really cool back then. (Cringe)


How awesome it must have been to receive a personal thank you video like this. “Commander Goose Spray – reporting in from a resistance bunker in an undisclosed location somewhere on the African continent – give me your children for my war effort or die!”

I don’t know what is worse: how I look like or how I sound like in these videos. I nearly fell off my chair due to laughter when I found them again, since I had forgotten all about them.

I wonder what the recipients really thought?

If there is an Alt-Uprising or White-Sharia in the near future over here in Europe, I might get thrown off a roof top, for all I know, for looking weird, I’ll certainly be fined for “odd-dress” or maybe I’ll be employed as the chieftain of court jesters. Gotta love the fact that I’m trying to look serious in these videos though.

If you want any advice regarding self-propaganda in the digital age then don’t hesitate to call me….

On another note … If you want to unlock exclusive video content where I don’t look like an idiot you can go here: My Patreon.


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