Fire & Brimstone Preacher Paul Joseph Watson Is At It Again!

I’ve personally never liked tattoos either. I only fancied the idea of one ages ago when I wasn’t even old enough to legally get one. Then it was spiritually connected, but I would have ended up regretting it anyway.

Tattoos don’t age well, they are expensive, permanent, Β & I’ve personally never understood why women are considered hot if they are covered in them from top to toe, but then again; opinions always differ & in rock’n’roll it is certainly abnormal not to have one.

It would be rude of me to say that stupid people get tattoos, I don’t necessarily think so. It’s a personal choice. In heavy metal though, you get the impression that it is mandatory and part of the “heavy metal uniform.”

Which is kinda weird considering that metal and rock’n’roll is supposedly “anti-establishment.” Funny how rebellion can be commercialised and controlled. Cliques are cliques and people are obsessed with conforming to something.

I think Paul Joseph Watson is very entertaining. I don’t know how fun it would be to get criticised by him though! ha-ha-ha πŸ˜€


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