….that I’m posting regarding the pre-order campaign for my upcoming album! Tomorrow I’ll be heading out with what has been ordered today and after that the pre-order campaign will officially be over! The release date of the album is the 22nd of November! Downloads are available on my Patreon already!

2 thoughts on “THIS IS THE LAST REMINDER….

  1. David Ruben says:

    Got my copy of the album – thank you, working my way through and enjoying it all. My wife quizzed me on the package received through the post box with sender’s name given, as I now realise, of your UK relative – had I heard of this person before “No”, was I expecting a package from middle England “No”… then it dawned on me to ask if a CD perhaps ? “Yes” , then I asked if it was from “The Commander-In-Chief” and realised as I was saying this that I was going to get an even more quizzical look, LOL. Anyway lovely album. The service that Windows Media Player uses to recognise albums and track details came up a blank – I entered the details manually, but I’m not sure if this is just stored locally for personal use or it that gets shared back to the database.


    • thecommanderinchief says:

      Great to hear that you received it before the release date – I hope that you’ll enjoy it! I’m not sure about the info turning up blank! All the data was written before I delivered the tracks, so that’s a bit of a mystery!


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