Shocking Photos Leaked By The UK Armed Forces.

In 2016 a scandal broke out here in the UK after soldiers leaked pictures of the disgusting food that they are served while on base. The scandal did not stop there but extended to what sort of housing they are offered as well.

I had never heard of any of this but figured it out since a couple of accounts dedicated to sharing these type of photos on Instagram started following me. When I first saw the pictures and the following comments I thought that maybe this was some sort of an inside joke. Apparently not.

A quick online search before I went to sleep revealed that this is indeed “real-news.“

What The Armed Forces Eat.

Soldiers Banned From Complaining About Rotten Food.

UK Military Accommodation.

Housing Scandal For British Armed Forces.

Military Housing UK.

Good nutrition and accommodation must surely be a priority if you intend to get out the best in your soldiers? Nutrition is vital when it comes to athletes, so I’m imagining that it is even more vital that soldiers are treated well.

I find it extraordinary that they have issues like this in the “developed world.“

These are not fighters in combat, but fighters on base.

I’d heard about other issues concerning the U.S. forces and NATO-countries, but I had no idea that the UK struggles with basic food and accommodation….

United American Patriots & The Royal British Legion.

I’m guessing that this is partly to blame for the amount of soldiers who leave the UK military in addition to the recruitment crisis. The UK government has already revealed that they will recruit women into combat roles in addition to “commonwealth citizens,“ in order to combat the lack of willingness to join the Army among young men in the UK. If you’ve never lived in the UK and have zero ties to the territory, there will be an option to get recruited into the main fighting body if you come from a Commonwealth Country.


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