Introversion in Music

This is a post that I can somewhat relate to: Introversion in Music.

When I attended my first award show I felt awkward when walking around all by myself. I wasn’t really sure what to do and felt stupid just hanging around since I did not know anyone there. Nobody really spoke to me or tried to get to know me so I was just trying to look like I had some kind of purpose…

I ended up going back to my hotel to be on my phone instead.

It is very artistic to be focused on the actual art that one is doing, yet there is no greater crime in show biz than to be boring on-stage or off-stage.

You’ll become one of the best by focusing completely and totally on your skills and music, but you might find yourself beaten in terms of attention and/or funding by someone who is dating whatever industry person or by some bimbo posing half-naked in a magazine.

It takes a certain level of geekdom to reach virtuosity level.

Art vs. Entertainment.

Seriousness vs. Circus.

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