Do You Still Want To Be Subscribed To My Blog?

Hello there to those of you who have signed up to my email list here on WordPress!

Yes this blog entry is public even though it is addressed to my subscribers since I don’t know how to create entries on here that are only for those who’ve signed up.

Just yesterday I was notified of the GDPR and have therefore changed how the subscribe-button looks like here on my blog.

Screenshot 2019-05-25 at 22.56.10

If someone chooses to sign up to my email list that is obviously their decision and I’m very flattered that some of my readers have chosen to do that!

However I will give you 2 weeks to notify me in one way or another of whether or not you intend to still be a subscriber. I will post “self promoting marketing content” here on my own blog and do not want to be limited when it comes to what I write and publish due to the presence of EU-citizens on my email list.

If you are a resident of the EU and you do not wish to receive anything resembling “self promoting marketing messages” then please un-subscribe from my list, if I do not hear from you that counts as you not being interested in receiving any messages from me, so I will therefore remove you from my email list myself. If you figure out that I’ve removed you, and really want to be signed up again, you can always re-subscribe!

You have now been notified of my GDPR compliance. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Do You Still Want To Be Subscribed To My Blog?

  1. says:

    Hello.        Please I wish to keep my subscripition as I really enjoy your music and posts. Please keep up the good work.                                             Take Care,                                                            Rhoderick


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