Prophets & Messengers In The Modern Age.

If you follow my brand new lifestyle Instagram then you’ve probably spotted that I’m reading one of the Bibles that I received last year for my confirmation.

If you are seriously paying attention then you’ll also know that I’ve been reading a book about the brain.

I made the decision to re-read a book about habits that I never wrote a review about but nevertheless really enjoyed a good while ago, I also decided to check out another brain book that I liked so much that I read it twice straight away. There’s only one other book that has inspired me to do that since I started this blog and that was a work about the relationship between US warriors and civilians co-edited by President Donald J.Trump’s former defence secretary Jim Mattis.

What’s interesting to note is that books about the brain appear to be very secular in nature.

There is allegedly nothing that frustrates researches more than spirituality and religion since this is a murky “trait” or “phenomenon” to study. Yet faith has enormous potential to change people’s lives where more secular approaches fail and a great deal of occurrences leave scientists and researchers baffled since these don’t seem to fit within their scientific models of reality.

Reading cold, soulless, post-modern texts that are informative and interesting but lacking in anything resembling the spiritual while simultaneously going through a translation of the Holy Bible presents some interesting questions.

One chapter in one of the brain-books explain mental disorders, among these: hallucinations. People suffering from schizophrenia apparently struggle to differentiate between what originates internally or externally. It is assumed that this creates the impression of “hearing voices inside ones head.”

Hearing voices is a common theme in the holy texts. It is the voice of God speaking to those who become his prophets, bringing his word out there to “the people.”

A lot of weight is also put on people’s dreams. This evidently used to be of great significance as dreams were seen as bearers of bad or good omens.

If one was to see the Bible through a secular lens dream-interpretation would probably fall into the category of irrational superstition while “hearing the voice of God” would probably result in a straitjacket and serious medication.

Admitting to the existence of a God or describing any supernatural occurrences becomes an issue in a self-proclaimed rationally enlightened society, where everything and anything can have a “matter-of-fact” explanation.

Humans have cracked God’s design and some of “the coding,” so humans have thrown God off his throne and crowned themselves as deities, but just because you understand parts of the design it doesn’t mean that you are the administrator of the system or that you could successfully build it or a worthy counterpart yourself.

Yet in this type of a society books authored by mediums and other spiritualists flourish. I’ve already read some of these texts and featured them here on my blog. It all makes for interesting reading with the exception of the positive bias contained within the pages of such works. Darkness is not accounted for. The spiritual realm is one of exclusive peace and the conclusion is usually that religion does not have a monopoly on spiritual understanding (or affairs) and that universalism is the answer since we are all one. 

But despite their popularity; spiritualists and mediums stand face to face with an obstacle: whether or not they will be believed.

A great many must do since these type of books sell and seminars dealing with the otherworldly are regularly being promoted around the western world, but while this is unfolding there is clearly a scientific community and an official intelligentsia that would classify spirituality as just as absurd as “climate-change-denial.”

The same class of people who staunchly believe that climate change can somehow be reversed and prevented by humans despite that fact that climate change is, has been and will be ongoing, are the same ones who appear to be at war with those who believe.

It can certainly not be denied that the planet is in a state of crisis due to man made pollution, but climate change (if you single it out) has happened before, in fact several times before.

Certain topics have been cemented and written into stone for these people such as humanity having the capacity to prevent nature from going through its cycle of death and rebirth which involves mass extinctions, and the cooling or heating of the planet, whether this means a new ice age or vineyards in the north.

They simply appear to want to be Gods, and they also come across as very confident in their belief that this can be done. It’s like a stubborn toddler who doesn’t want to acknowledge parental authority. People do not want to be bound by the laws of nature so they wage wars against God in the hope that they can bypass their creator and slay the ultimate authority above them once and for all. Like the ultimate act of rebellion and victory.

This of course makes me wonder how messengers and prophets would be treated if they were to appear in 2019. Would they be recognised? How could they be spotted? How could you tell the charlatans from the “real deal”? (Because there are many who like to sport themselves as “prophets”). Who are deceivers and who speak the truth? What kind of message would they be sharing? How can you tell the light from the dark in terms of the celestial manifestation in man?

My bet is that we are too “cultured,” “civilised,” and “advanced” to spot a messenger in our times, yet ironically enough that is already described in the New Testament when Jesus laments that Israel stones its prophets and don’t recognise its spiritual saviours, which means that humanity hasn’t really moved an inch in this regard.

Stuck on repeat? Is that what we are? We could be.




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