Do You Want To Be Deleted?

This is a reminder to those of you who haven’t notified me already that I will be deleting any subscribers here on my blog on the 12th of June who haven’t notified me in writing that they consent to receiving emails from me containing marketing material. 

I’m doing this in order to be GDPR compliant. If you wish to still get my blog entries to your inbox then please let me know by commenting in the comment section below.

I will post one more post like this as a reminder before the 12th of June. You can always re-subscribe if you wish to do so, as you can see I’ve updated the subscribe button on this page. Thanks a lot!

Screenshot 2019-05-25 at 22.56.10

8 thoughts on “Do You Want To Be Deleted?

  1. says:

    Please don’t delete me. I really enjoy your writing, and, have quite a few of your CDs.                                             Take Care,                                                           Rhoderick

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  2. Danny Olson says:

    I’m good with your advertising you music & assorted wares. Sorry it has to be so formal for you. I’m not sure anyone wants to be deleted, it sounds so final…

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    • thecommanderinchief says:

      Yes, new laws & regulations coming from the EU make it increasingly difficult for independent people especially with the social media giants restricting your reach since they want people to pay in order to reach their fans! Online marketing will increasingly fall into the hands of corporate companies since they can financially compete, while the definition of “the truth” will go back to the establishment rather than being challenged by punks online. It’s not good for socio-economic mobility, opportunity, nor for the spread of information, which is vital for a democracy. Thanks a lot for following my work!


  3. David Boland says:

    Dear Commander,I fully agree to still receive your e mails as they are basically the only ones that read as common sense in what I refer to as ‘The modern world’.please don’t ever stop what you are doing despite of outside pressures ! The world needs free thinkers like yourself or its game over.Utmost respect and keep up the good work.

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