The State Wants Your Organs, Immigration, Democracy, Frightened German Politicians & Angry African Tweets.

I’ve seen a dramatic reduction in my readership ever since I gutted my email list in order to be GDPR compliant. Hopefully people will notice that they are not hearing from me anymore and re-subscribe. I feel in many ways like I’m starting my blog anew.

After several years of seeing what has been trending or not on this page I decided that I could might as well launch a “lifestyle channel” on Instagram & YouTube and reduce my written output. However I’ve not been as consistent as I first intended for multiple reasons.

While I was putting together my 2nd blog book I started working on my 1st music industry book instead since I know that several people have voiced an interest for this already.  I’ve been postponing posting any new entries on here until I have finished putting together my books. I also stopped putting out blog videos since quality rather than quantity is important.

I will re-do my GDPR video with some better lighting and with some more updated information, the same thing goes for my Sunday video. I need to find one or two days each month when I can create my content and then space it out if not I’ll just add stress to an already full schedule where I might end up putting out content that is not optimal all in the name of being “consistent.”

Due to my Christian faith I’ve also been thinking about what sort of topics I’m covering since I don’t really want to blast out negativity to my readers and whoever might bump into what I write…

That is easier said than done for the world is in a great deal of turmoil. Just yesterday I was reading about water shortages in Australia, I also read about the gruesome details regarding the concentration camps in China that Muslims (who represent the majority of inmates) are being sent to. This demographic has been offered free health examinations, DNA & blood tests, in addition to ultra-sound of their organs. It is assumed that the Chinese are preparing to harvest organs from targeted religious minorities/groups. The Chinese government are of course denying the allegations while the international court refuse to refer to it as “genocide” for the simple reason (or legal reason) that profit is the official motive for this organ-harvesting…

So if you want to target a demographic for extermination just remember to link it to a profitable activity, then it’s ok because it’s not genocide, only business!!!!

If you need organ donors just criminalise large enough portions of your citizenry and there you go! Easy peasy!

This can in many ways be seen as the culmination of free-healthcare and having a secular well-fare state. From next year every adult who’s been living in the UK for 12 months (whether they are a citizen or not) will automatically be registered as an organ donor. It will become an opt-out system. Needless to say I’ll be opting out, but my opting-out will not only be limited to the NHS….

What’s of interest is that when I sent an email to the local Parish council offering to volunteer my time to help my local community I received a reply that I was not eligible due to Norway’s particular Schengen Agreement with the EU. I’m not allowed to vote in the UK either, but if someone from Africa manages to get into Europe and get an EU citizenship, then that individual can get into the UK, join the police or run for office among other things.

A lot of those politicians who are pro-Brexit are very focused on making it easier for people to come into the UK if they are from commonwealth territories. They are even looking to staff their own military with people who have never even lived in the UK due to the natives here not being motivated to fight for the state system. So in the future it could be easier to get access to UK political institutions and the overall territory if you are from Botswana or Pakistan rather than Poland or Norway … or even England for that matter.

Let that sink in for a moment … Geographical proximity or cultural/ethnic similarities are irrelevant in this day and age…. Welcome to the West!

An equally funny demonstration of absurdity can currently be witnessed over in the USA where the US President has come under fire after condemning hateful statements from four coloured democratic female politicians, suggesting that if they hate America so much then they should go back and fix the countries that they originally came from. The great irony of course is that if America is to be for everyone, and you are a so-called civic-Nationalist nation-of-immigrants, then nothing can be said against political representatives who are voted forth by their constituents; if their agenda is anti-Israel, anti-White-America, anti-whatever, because who is to say what America is or isn’t if America could be anything to anyone?

This is how immigration in combination with current-American-style democracy re-shapes a territory and there is nothing that anyone can say about it without looking like a hypocrite or like a racist. It is especially hilarious if these women received support from “legal immigrants,” because if that’s the case then I guess that demographic changes are irrelevant? It’s all about the paperwork you see!

Diversity is our strength even though diversity isn’t real!

Being focused on legal vs. illegal immigration only makes sense if one is obsessed with the state system itself and keeping this operational, but if that is the argument then the current obesity crisis internally in America is just as important.

You cannot have a welfare state, a national military or establish socialised health-care for everyone if the majority (70%) of your population have a serious weight-issue with all of the other health problems that follow.

What can you expect from a system if the units within it are compromised?

So after living in the UK for 8 years I cannot partake and help this distressed country but the NHS can come and loot my body for organs if I die in a car crash on the right date in 2020. 

This law has officially been passed due to a shortage of organs, I personally find it interesting that the law has come into effect when the NHS is financially collapsing…

Yes it is difficult to not think about the absurdity of these matters.

In other news I read yesterday that Germany is experiencing an increase in violence towards their politicians, which was just a matter of time considering what these people have publicly said and politically done: “if you are German and you don’t want to become a minority in your own country then leave!” Right, so you should become an exile or a refuge because your own politicians have decided that they want a new people. Hmmm … yeah I have no idea why on earth people would get angry….

It would make more sense to send these politicians with a one way ticket to The Middle East or Africa and then they could try to be leaders down there, not that I think that they would survive for long…… They would easily be put down by Muslim war lords or African tribal leaders or any angry member of the general population, they could probably get beaten up by 5 year old African children. The authority of Western leaders hinges on the willingness of state enforcers to enforce their will and do their bidding … so I guess that’s why it is more safe to try political experiments up here….

The German politicians are freaking out saying such eloquent things as: “this is a danger for society” when the truth of course is that they are under threat and that the people or civilians are not necessarily in danger when politicians uttering and supporting radical changes are being targeted…

So they are trying to protect their own political class after basically telling the German people on numerous occasions that they don’t deserve to have their own country anymore. Once again, I have truly no idea why people would get furious….

But I guess making sense is out of fashion in The West these days.

Thank God for Africa Digest who on Twitter are lashing out towards the Chinese, Washington DC and corrupt African political establishments, for if anything their Twitter posts prove that the people of the world are being screwed over by the exact same elite. Those who bomb and destabilise Africa are the same “leaders” who are throwing Europeans and Americans under the bus.

All the nations are under attack.

We are not as alone as we think.

The question is: will enough people realise this?

(1458 words … Oooops I did it again…) 

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