How To Communicate With “The People”.

What do political parties do when they are running a campaign?

  1. They write an extensive Manifesto covering all major industries within their territories, taxation and all public services such as: healthcare, education, justice, military, infrastructure, etc;
  2. They make said manifesto available for free online so that anyone can read it which is a safe bet, since most will never bother to read a party’s political program…
  3. … the party will summarise their standpoints by making simple slogans that will be broadcasted far and wide (they might also use memes)…
  4. … the party will pick a charismatic leader who can pull off superficial interviews and generalised debates….
  5. … while reading speeches written by other people….

What will a political party that is doomed to fail do?

  1. Write an extensive Manifesto and constantly assume that people have read it or will read it.
  2. Never use slogans and rely on facts rather than appealing to emotions.
  3. Get an uncharismatic leader who is mumbling about whatever topics. The person might be competent but people will probably not see it.
  4. Rather than telling people how great the masses are or how superior their country is, tell everyone that humanity sucks and that there is no hope.

How do people promote The Bible on the internet?

  1. By quoting very few words at a time, completely out of context.

How do idiots promote The Bible on the internet?

  1. By writing giga-entries analysing said text, even comparing it to other religious works.

What do stupid militant activists do?

  1. Write a gigantic Manifesto (that almost nobody will ever read) citing everything that the individual hates about whatever “current” political order.
  2. Commit an act of violence (without having a well-thought out long-term plan), in order to get attention for said cause, only for the media and “the people” to be mesmerised by the violent action which will completely eclipse whatever message that was behind the action…
  3. End up behind bars or killed by the very political establishment that they hated.

What do smart militant activists do?

  1. Have a plan.
  2. Get organised.
  3. Be patient.
  4. Condemn “the enemy” when the time is right.
  5. Be persistent.
  6. If successful you’ll be crowned a hero, your “declaration of independence” will end up in a museum, if you are not successful you’ll be branded a terrorist and whatever “declaration of independence” you wrote will be forgotten.

What do stupid opinion writers on the internet do?

  1. Write high-information content that will never be read nor understood by the general population….
  2. … go into arguments with people who just don’t understand what they’ve actually been reading…
  3. … fail to understand that there is no capacity to understand due to projection…
  4. … keep on writing about unpopular topics rather then shifting towards “trending topics”…
  5. … never make things simple.

What do smart opinion writers on the internet do?

  1. Write nothing.
  2. Write so-called “fiction.”

Blessed are the arrogant ones for they will use simplified language and basic persuasion that will worryingly appeal to the masses.

Those who will take offence to this are those who consider themselves to be part of “the people” when they in truth are not.

We’ve come to think of elites as financial elites exclusively which is a dangerous and misguided assumption.

Rather it would be more correct to think of elites as something that springs up in every profession and industry regardless of the income level.

This explains the behaviour of those who get insulted. They fail to see that they fall in-between the ever unspecified “masses” and the “establishment” whatever that might be.

Ultimately the establishment and the opposition fight over who can exert the most amount of influence over the “masses” and use “the mob” for their own advantage.

On smaller scale: if you are trying to sell something, especially something that you’ve written, you have to keep it embarrassingly simple.

Rather than writing a proper text arguing a point it is probably better to just use a short quote or a slogan.


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