“The Idiot Brain” by Dean Burnett.

This is a great read that I highly recommend!

The author does not “talk down” to his audience and deliver one page after the other with high-information content. There is also an intellectual honesty present which is refreshing in this day and age of “political correctness hysteria”.

My favourite passages were the following:

  • On page 116 the author writes about IQ tests and how the average is always a 100 regardless of the Nation. However; what 100 actually is differs. So if the smartest people in the UK were all of a sudden wiped out then the average IQ of the UK would still be a 100.
  • On page 149 the author shares an extremely enlightening story of how Westerners tried to measure the intelligence of the Kpelle tribe in Africa. The white man thought of it as smart to organise objects according to categories whether the Kpelle sorted items according to function. Meaning that you are not stupid just because you have a different way of doing things.
  • On the same page it is also revealed that students (according to tests) perform better when they are told that intelligence isn’t “fixed”. In short: if you are told you are an idiot you’ll become an idiot (or a bigger one than what you actually are).
  • On page 127 g is addressed debunking the popular myth of “multiple-intelligence”. Meaning that if I’m good at music and you are good at physics then that is the exact same intelligence only that it is expressed differently. The author compares this to various types of sports and how the same muscles are used differently.
  • On page 205 the author explains the difference between aggression and hostility.

To purchase this book (or any other book I’m currently reading) go here: “The Idiot Brain” by Dean Burnett.

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