“The Strange Death Of Europe” by Douglas Murray.

How can one best describe this apocalyptic book? I’ve written two extensive reviews of it and will eventually release them when I publish my last blog book. To keep it short: this is the only book that you’ll ever need to read about Europe’s current battle with mass migration.

What’s surprising about it is that it impeccably documents how the majority of Europeans, regardless of political affiliation, never supported 3rd world mass migration into their continent. The political elites who introduced it have kept it going despite the will of the people.

Douglas Murray’s book is a must read.

While that is being said it is also of importance to stress that it is now more important than ever to boost the overall morale of Europeans, who everyday are bombarded with doomsday predictions, negative news and nihilistic/demoralising entertainment.

All that alternative bloggers, opinion writers and freelance investigative journalists offer is a fatalistic diagnosis without ever really offering a proper solution and the optimism needed in order to salvage our continent. Even the author of this book likes to play stupid when he announces that it is impossible to know how things will develop in our part of the world… He writes this after documenting the deliberate destabilisation of Europe at the hands of an elite that he names and quotes, in addition he also refers to polls revealing that Europeans have not become more open to mass migration after being exposed to it… The continent’s Natives are only growing increasingly hostile towards an initiative that only a political fringe ever endorsed…

It is known that we are struggling, what is now needed is the spirit to get through the challenges created by a political and industrial class at war with everyone, even themselves….

You can purchase the book here via my Amazon storefront.

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