My new life in Norway! 🇳🇴

Hey there! How are you doing? I’m contemplating bringing my public blog back from the dead! 😱

I’ve been blogging inside my VIP Club the last few years, where I share behind the scenes photos, information, and tips from my work.

I’ve moved back to Norway again after 26 years of being raised like an ex-pat and living abroad! 🇳🇴 In fact; you can come and visit me this summer as I’m hosting several retreats at my new property.

Welcome to my new home! ❤️

Last year I started selling my very first courses, this year I’ve been running my online 12-Week Guitar Mentorship Program, and this summer I’ll be doing my first retreats! 😇 Make sure that you get in touch if any of this sounds interesting. I’ve also released my 1st business book: “How To Survive As A Musician In The Digital Age.”

I’ve also released 2 brand new albums with new music, so make sure you pick that up!

The last few years have not exactly been easy. For us it has been a bit different, because I got really ill and injured in 2016, and was not back to full work-days until early 2020… and that’s when the pandemic hit! 😱

Thankfully I managed to increase my income with almost 400% in 2020, but whatever I made went into keeping my immediate family alive during the lockdown, so whatever rewards I had planned for myself amounted to nothing. 🌧 If you manage to turn your financial situation around but your debt, or your commitments are too great you’ll notice no difference when it comes to “life enjoyment,” and this will become very demoralising. 🌧 The experience filled me with hope though, as I realised that it is perfectly possible to make enough money from music without leaving your house, or having any industry contracts. ☀️ I do understand though why Millennials postpone getting married, and having children…

Like a great number of other Millennials, I have my job and my dog.

After 2 years in “house arrest” in England, we got scammed to the moon and back when we moved to Italy post-Lockdown, we then moved East into our first Eastern-European country, only to see that the 8-year-conflict in Ukraine escalated with Russian tanks crossing the border 2 weeks after we had arrived. With all of NATO sounding the war drums it felt very safe to come back to good ol’ Norway.

On top of this we are all “iron pilled” on all the various issues simmering underneath the surface in a great deal of “our” Western-territories, so I felt a great sense of relief when we crossed the border into our own country! 🇳🇴

As I said on my home page: there is no greater inheritance than a territory for your Nation.

It’s wonderful to have my minority status revoked, which automatically happened as we crossed the border from Sweden. Norwegians are still one of the smallest ethnic minorities on the surface of this planet, but that makes it extra special to speak my mother tongue, and to actually be at home with my own people.

Neither my: name, height, food, clothes, features, or accent makes me stand out here. What makes me different in Norway is my international background, and the fact that I’m a weird artist. Nobody asks me: “where do you really come from?”

After 11 years of living in England my Brexit application was rejected. Quite amazing when you think about the sort of people who are allowed to stay… The so-called Nation-State sides and supports whatever enemies of whatever actual Nation. An unbelievable thing to witness in our time. It reminds me of the King in Lord of The Rings who has had his mind poisoned by Grima Wormtongue. He can no longer tell who his friends are, and treat them like enemies! 👋🏻 Not that any of this is my concern anymore; I’ve left! 😝 I could have fought the initial decision by the home office, but I couldn’t be bothered. The English Establishment have chosen what kind of a future they want! 😱 Not my country, not my fight.

Anyway; back to the great country of Norway! 😘🇳🇴 There are no COVID-19 rules here. It is as if though the pandemic never happened. So in this country there is now total freedom, and everything is back to normal. That has been quite a relief after living through English house arrest, and the Italian Super Green Pass. 🤔

There is so much more that I could write about the last 9 months… 2 property scams in Italy, my mom nearly dying in a freak accident, our road trip across Europe to get back to our fatherland; but all of that will have to wait for later!

Now I’m busy promoting my 1st Guitar Retreats! We are literally opening up the doors to our new home here in Norway! 🇳🇴

So come visit us at The Farm this summer! ❤️😇❤️

Much love! 💕

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I'm primarily a 7 string guitar virtuoso, bel-canto trained coloratura soprano & songwriter in Classical-Crossover, Heavy Metal & Acoustic Music. I've been featured in a number of major international music magazines, National Newspapers, etc; I've played major festivals & have been a Talk-Show guest on National TV & Radio. I've also been a coach & a judge on Norwegian prime time TV show "Stjernekamp" :) I've released an Amazon bestselling Classical Album that has been going in and out of the charts ever since its release in 2014 and I've also been award nominated for my work in Heavy Metal. I've written & illustrated "The Freezing Snowman" and a number of other books. This blog was started in 2015 due to public demand and has so far resulted in one book called "Thoughts." I've pretty much written about anything that one can write about besides make-up, dating and fashion. This blog has gone trough numerous changes both in terms of topics and layout. I don't know for how long my blogging-hobby will continue.

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