The importance of good Morale & Preparation!!!!

Is the Anglo-sphere all bad? Is The West horrible? Absolutely not. Living in Europe or America is actually quite nice, in fact a privilege. There is a reason as to why people are constantly fighting to get in here.

So what is the problem? Societal decay, mismanagement, and crazy narratives.

The unhealthy and flat out insane is dominating and influencing the healthy. That’s the issue. As I look back at my own experience with living in England or America, I quite liked those years. The issue is how these countries are being ruined, and how we are being setup to fail.

You don’t move to America to get killed by a gang in a drive by shooting, and you don’t move to the U.K. to get caught in a bizarre culture war. You go to these places because you like “their brand,” not to get caught up in some strange social experiment.

Other leaders around the world are intimidating, and other Nations around the world are clearly setting themselves up for long-term victory. At least that’s how it looks like.

In The West you don’t really get the impression that there is much of a multi-generational plan. Anything but. Our popular media keeps on telling us that we ought to get sterilised, that having kids is a crime, that everything about us is racist, that you are racist if you don’t want to be demographically replaced, that something is wrong with you if you want to fight for your country, that we should live in pods, and eat bugs. I mean what the hell? 😬

Our propaganda bureaus suck! That’s the truth. They suck because they spew damaging propaganda that would poison any population. It’s a disgrace.

The narratives that are being pushed are total shit, and resemble more a humiliation parade than nothing else.

If you are ever going to win anything you need to have a good morale! Yes! You need to be in good spirits. You need to think positive thoughts and focus on the good.

We don’t need any official enemies, because we have a Western World dominated by idiots who do their best to build everyone down. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s annoying to say the least.

A plan for success is simple:

1. Use farms for farming.

2. Use power plants for what they are meant for.

3. Don’t brick up your fire place.

4. Don’t push shitty narratives that glorifies “self-extermination.”

5. Work on long-term goals.

6. Focus on the good.

7. Exercise.

8. Read.

9. Meditate, pray, embrace the spiritual.

10. Don’t ruin your own Nation from the inside out.


Published by thecommanderinchief

I'm primarily a 7 string guitar virtuoso, bel-canto trained coloratura soprano & songwriter in Classical-Crossover, Heavy Metal & Acoustic Music. I've been featured in a number of major international music magazines, National Newspapers, etc; I've played major festivals & have been a Talk-Show guest on National TV & Radio. I've also been a coach & a judge on Norwegian prime time TV show "Stjernekamp" :) I've released an Amazon bestselling Classical Album that has been going in and out of the charts ever since its release in 2014 and I've also been award nominated for my work in Heavy Metal. I've written & illustrated "The Freezing Snowman" and a number of other books. This blog was started in 2015 due to public demand and has so far resulted in one book called "Thoughts." I've pretty much written about anything that one can write about besides make-up, dating and fashion. This blog has gone trough numerous changes both in terms of topics and layout. I don't know for how long my blogging-hobby will continue.

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