In-Depth Interviews – Get to know what I’m all about! <3

If you want to know how I was doing during the lockdown, then make sure that you read my latest interview. Thanks a million to “Metal Planet Music” for sharing my story & my videos! ❤ In this big interview with “All That Shreds Magazine,” I go into great detail when I write about: myContinue reading “In-Depth Interviews – Get to know what I’m all about! <3”

“The Lockdown” – New Music Video Out Now!

During the lockdown I sent out a mass email to my fans asking them how they were doing with the Corona Virus. People shared their heartbreaking stories and this resulted in me writing a song called “The Lockdown.” As a gift to my fans I’m offering the song as a FREE download via my website!Continue reading ““The Lockdown” – New Music Video Out Now!”

Get Your Freebies!

Welcome to the ghost of my blog! You can get a FREE copy of my blog book right HERE. There are plenty of FREE articles that you can read on this site as well. I’ve only picked a small handful that are easily visible. Personally I like it when blogs are short… There is muchContinue reading “Get Your Freebies!”

How To Write A Song!

Watch “The Manager” right here! It is still possible to pre-order a physical copy of “Berit,Vol.2” since we are experiencing some delays due to the Corona Virus! The album will be released at the end of May!

New Photos!

I’ve not been that active on my blog ever since this happened: … but I still blog occasionally! ❤

Interesting Reading Material

I would highly recommend reading these two articles: “Eugenics: The Skeleton That Rattles Loudest In The Left’s Closet” “Neighbours From hell”:Who is the Prime Minister talking about?


Check out “Non Si Sa Mai” the 1st music video and single from “Berit,Vol.2” If you want to get your name in the CD Booklet of “Berit,Vol.2” then make sure that you place your order before April the 14th. The GIGA care package is proving very popular, so make sure that you get your handsContinue reading “NEW MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW!”