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Who will enjoy these books?

  1. People who already enjoy my blogging and have been following me for a while.
  2. Those who have no interest in my writing but simply wish to support me.
  3. People who enjoy reading opinion pieces written by non-establishment individuals. 
  4. Researchers who are looking for reaction pieces from Western people sharing their opinions & emotions regarding seismic changes perpetrated upon The West as a whole. Serious types of research always rely on having at their disposal a satisfactory sample size.
  5. People who are wired for survival & understand that fortifications were built by our ancestors for a reason & that every generation face multiple existential threats. If you have been successfully domesticated by the system, or if you have no will to survive then please don’t purchase my books. You will not understand what I’m writing about, and my books will not be to your liking.
  6. People who are angry & feel atomised, betrayed & abandoned. The West is continuously being bombarded with demoralising, nihilistic content.  Morale boosters are more needed than ever, which is one of my reasons for going silent and re-focusing my attention on creative endeavours exclusively. Social media sites reward political engagement which fuels ever more negativity and division. I could probably have a much higher engagement rate if I involved myself in current political discussions; rather I’ve chosen to focus on something that can actually bring people together and transport people from troubles in their lives: music. If something is annoying it is important to take constructive action personally and/or within whatever community. If you have no community it is vital to build one, or find one, as there is no greater danger than to be without an “in-group.” Not even the staunches individualist can survive long-term without personal connections. 

Why am I releasing blog books?

  1. I much prefer to have my blog entries collected in one place as part of one body, including explanatory introductions and conclusions. I don’t want my words to be taken out of context, nor do I wish to be misunderstood or misrepresented. The way I see it, nothing ever dies on the internet, so you can might as well organise your entries and put them up for sale. 
  2. My brand is becoming increasingly multifaceted. My children’s book will not appeal to a child-hating audience, nor will skin-care related entries on my blog appeal to a predominantly male music-fanbase. Some people will prefer my metal music, some will prefer the classical and some will only be interested in the acoustic music. Likewise; my political blog entries will appeal to a niche audience invested in such matters. 
  3. It is fairly convenient for me as an artist to just direct people to my books if they have any questions about non-music related topics. It is also important to point out that my blog books depict a journey. That journey is not over, I’ve just chosen to go quiet. Our culture of over-sharing is too much. It is also highly addictive. A meal with friends or family is all of a sudden turned into a photoshoot. Ultimately nothing is sacred and nothing is special. Every moment behind your four walls end up getting publicised and/or commercialised by you.
  4. Everything on the internet is becoming increasingly expensive, as a result I have to optimise my revenue streams in any way that I can. Old entries can be purchased and you will then get them in chronological order for you to keep forever.
  5. If other people can make a living off of their writing, then I see no reason as to why I should give away everything for free. I’ve put a lot of effort into my blog, especially when I was sharing and writing about current matters that are important, not only to me but to everyone else. I’ve come to realise however that what personally interests me doesn’t necessarily have a mainstream appeal 🙂 It has also taken up way too much of my time. The digital world is a trap.

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Some quotes from “Thoughts.”

Entries written & published in 2017- early 2019 will soon be available in book format as well. Thanks a lot for your interest in my writing! I appreciate all support!

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