11 Ways To Improve Your Skin.

At the beginning of the year I announced that I would probably be moving in a different direction here on my blog in order to cater to the popularity of self-help articles and skin-care related entries here on my site. As it turns out it was easier said than done. I only use make-up wheneverContinue reading “11 Ways To Improve Your Skin.”

10 Years of Acne Hasn’t Made Me Any Wiser…

The first time in my life that I ever experienced anything looking like a pimple happened during a family holiday in the UK. It’s funny that I never really thought about that until recently because once my family left England I did not experience anything else resembling acne or excessive pimples until several years laterContinue reading “10 Years of Acne Hasn’t Made Me Any Wiser…”

Skin Care. Red Flag Alert.

Like so many other consumers out there I’ve long just trusted that what you buy of beauty products can be trusted, as the idea of beauty brands selling ineffective products or products that offer the opposite effect of what is desired, seems a bit backwards. Sales women in any beauty department are skilled beyond measureContinue reading “Skin Care. Red Flag Alert.”