Why I Don’t Go To The Library…

This household is filled to the brim with books. Everyone is just as curious and everyone is a bit of a collector.

I myself have plenty of unread books such as: Shakespeare’s works, Viking texts, Norwegian classics, all sorts of other more modern works covering everything from the entertainment industry, to spirituality, history and whatnot. In addition there are piles of Magazines, newspapers, and little reminders to check out digital articles, recommended to me by others, or that I’ve stumbled into myself.

Add unto to this all of the other books that are around the house belonging to others, and you start looking at quite a lot of reading material.

I therefore found myself in a familiar situation when I earlier this year acquired a library card and brought with me a pile of books that remained largely unread……

The catch of course is that you’ll be billed once your books are overdue, and when you then pay the bill and re-new your “lease” you’ll only be billed again, and again, as you forget to read whatever it was that you were going to read in whatever pile stationed somewhere, wherever that was…

What I gathered from my reading about ancient England was that people sometimes created false charters to feign legitimacy to certain territory. Total tribalism was the norm before unification, which means that one excavation site cannot be held up as “national” evidence when it comes to customs and practises! People have been looking for clues regarding religious activity sometimes regarding “house placement” as an indicator of spiritual affairs.

There have been instances of tons of weapons being thrown into water and researches have been hypothesising that this had to deal with religious rituals, my gut feeling was that maybe this was an act of disarmament. Much like those who are lobbying for gun control in the U.S.A., and have successfully done so across Europe.

Ancestry worship of bones, turning into “Saint-worship” and tribes fighting among themselves for control over the English territory, all made for interesting reading, until I actually had to abort my mission and give the books back.

I never managed to finish the pile and was reminded once again of why I don’t go to the library.

Digital Spring Cleaning – Behold the Glory.

This blog entry was originally written in the early months of 2018.

So my computer has become increasingly slow when I wake it up; and I’m crediting this to all of the various data and  files that have accumulated over the years. With this in mind I decided to retrace my “questionable” digital trail, to figure out what on earth all of this mess is.

The most embarrassing file to have surfaced at this point is probably this piece of brilliant retardation, where I look like I’m addressing members of my secret African militia, with a giant Patton flag in the background. I mean, check out the swag. This was my look in some videos that we made ages ago to some people who had bought a limited edition care-package or donated to my PayPal or something of that sort. I’m amazed that I haven’t been sued by my fans for traumatising them with ridiculous stuff. How glorious to know that these type of thank you videos were sent out to members of the public. Behold “Dictator-In-Chief.” The worst part is that I probably thought that I looked really cool back then. (Cringe)


How awesome it must have been to receive a personal thank you video like this. “Commander Goose Spray – reporting in from a resistance bunker in an undisclosed location somewhere on the African continent – give me your children for my war effort or die!”

I don’t know what is worse: how I look like or how I sound like in these videos. I nearly fell off my chair due to laughter when I found them again, since I had forgotten all about them.

I wonder what the recipients really thought?

If there is an Alt-Uprising or White-Sharia in the near future over here in Europe, I might get thrown off a roof top, for all I know, for looking weird, I’ll certainly be fined for “odd-dress” or maybe I’ll be employed as the chieftain of court jesters. Gotta love the fact that I’m trying to look serious in these videos though.

If you want any advice regarding self-propaganda in the digital age then don’t hesitate to call me….

On another note … If you want to unlock exclusive video content where I don’t look like an idiot you can go here: My Patreon.


Online Magic….

Hey check this out Toby Keith is following me on Twitter!

following me

Oh, hang on … all the accounts are fake. Never mind!

Hey I got a new follower on Twitter!


Hmmmm…….”Fake News” follows me…..

How cool.



Hey check this out “Ramen Records” just contacted me on Soundcloud!

*Googles Ramen Records*

Finds This:

“This weekend (November 4th) Glitch Records have set up a new account with the name Ramen Records. We’ve confirmed they are the same people by submitting a dummy track which was immediately given fake plays and the email we got is from the same John Dallagher at the same email address as when we tried this same technique with a Glitch Records link, and a Glorify Records link before that. It’s the same fake activity company.
What’s bad here is that there are some legitimate labels called Ramen Records.”

Hey check this out I got “groupie mail.”

groupie mail


I’m going to be signed to Ramen Records while collaborating with my best pal Toby Keith; I have a hot sexy blonde babe waiting for me, who is … well hang on … a woman? I also have the entire mainstream media following my blog to learn what real news are!

I knew it.

I’m like…. soooooo smart.

Sacrifice Everything Memes

Best blog post I think I’ve ever seen! I’ll pin this to the top of my own blog this instant!


I woke up this morning with the realization that I needed to make a meme about Nongqawuse. (Context.)

These were the result:

In 1997, 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate cult committed suicide in order to reach a UFO they believed was accompanying comet Hale-Bopp.

In 1978, 918 followers of cult leader Jim Jones committed suicide by drinking poisoned Kool-Aid–the origin of the phrase, “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.”

Mathematician Ted Kaczynski, unable to find a publisher for his manifesto, Industrial Society And Its Future, turned to mailing bombs to professors.

82 Branch Davidians, led by David Koresh, died when their compound burned down during a raid by the ATF. It appears that the Branch Davidians set the fire themselves.

The Thugs were an Indian cult that ritually strangled and murdered travelers.

Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people in 1995 when he bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal…

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A Very Important Announcement!

I’m happy to inform my readership (and whoever else who might bump into this blog) that I’m about to change career due to an incredible job offer that I’ve received over Instagram!

Not only have I been approached by the “Illuminati Outreach Organisation” I’ve also received a promising message from “the military unit” in Afghanistan, who wants me to be a courier and transport money for them!

As we all know there is only one military unit down there and it makes perfect sense that they are looking for someone who they can trust on Instagram!

Sounds legit.

My close friend the Major (who’ve I’ve only received one message from) also provided me with his personal email; and I have to say that I feel greatly honoured.

I don’t know what I’m the most excited about but I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my life!

Of course I’m not doing this because I’m short of cash since I’m actually filthy rich!

You guys might remember that I announced my new-found riches in 2015 (READ HERE) after I received an uplifting email from Africa letting me know that a vast inheritance was due to me!

It is great when life bestow us with great luck and fortune and I’m thrilled that I’m not only a millionaire, but also part of the U.S.A. Military, in addition to literally being “illuminati confirmed.”

Sounds like the times ahead will be exciting!

I shall now give thanks to humanity (since praying to God belongs to antiquity according to the PC-brigade in the current year).

So I shall say that I feel blessed by man; which would probably be the best way to frame it regardless…..