Thou Shall Only Have One God.

I had this idea and made a picture very much like this in high school. The original version was exhibited, but I eventually threw it away as I felt that this was a better version.

To describe my idea:

Big business always justify bad decisions with limitations put on them by their budget.

They therefore detach themselves from any personal responsibility.

This picture symbolise the only true God in modern society.

It symbolises excessive greed.

I’m not raised in a particularly religious household, but I stumbled across a Gideon Bible in a hotel room and figured out that “Thou Shall Only Have One God” would be the perfect title for my “dollar-art”.

Some months later I wrote a text that went along with it and eventually decided to turn my text into lyrics and fit it with a song that would be massive enough to fit all the lyrics.

I took my most challenging guitar exercise and turned it into a song.

This song was originally recorded as a demo in late 2008 when this “re-make” picture was made.

The song was eventually re-recorded in late 2011 and released in 2012.

The name of the song was shortened down to “Thou”.


This picture is more about the idea and the message. It’s quite straightforward really. The hands are drawings, I glued them on this canvass, added the dollar bill and painted every single coin to make them look like gold!

Illustrations for children’s books.

This is a picture I made a couple of years ago! I made it with my siblings in mind.

This is me sleeping, dreaming up kids stories πŸ˜‰ I wrote & illustrated a children’s book about a snowman and have several other stories I’m working on too! You can see my first book here:

This one is made on cardboard, with watercolour, pastels, charcoal and some ink!

I normally create very dark art, but I ventured into “kids-territory” in 2013. Inspired by my younger siblings.

This is a drawing/watercolour picture I made of my sister, I decided to keep it light.

Spring 2013

You can check out some of my artwork over here as well: