Residential Retreats in Norway! 🇳🇴

Back to the original spirit of my blog… Once upon a time I used to share pictures from my walks in the beautiful English countryside… now I’m back to doing the same only in Norway! 🇳🇴 With fresh air, clean water, and remarkably low population density you definitely get a great sense of freedom asContinue reading “Residential Retreats in Norway! 🇳🇴”

My new life in Norway! 🇳🇴

Hey there! How are you doing? I’m contemplating bringing my public blog back from the dead! 😱 I’ve been blogging inside my VIP Club the last few years, where I share behind the scenes photos, information, and tips from my work. I’ve moved back to Norway again after 26 years of being raised like anContinue reading “My new life in Norway! 🇳🇴”

The Gulag Gene

Today I will share a personal story of how I personally tried to live off the online grid for 4 years. Social media was brand new when I went to high school. In fact I’d never heard of MySpace, Facebook or YouTube until I moved to the USA. I remember well the 1st time someoneContinue reading “The Gulag Gene”

Without Freedom Of Expression There Is No Art

For 5 years I was running a written blog. I was being consistent and I wrote about a myriad of different topics. Then I went quiet for a million different reasons and decided to shut down my blog. My old entries amount to 5 books in total. One of them has been released, the otherContinue reading “Without Freedom Of Expression There Is No Art”

30 Reasons To Be Grateful And/Or Things To Look For…

Since I now live in the English countryside in an old house I’ve had some experiences of power loss, especially during winter. Even though something like that can serve as a reminder of how incredibly lucky we are in this day and age what really shook me was losing our tap water the other day.Continue reading “30 Reasons To Be Grateful And/Or Things To Look For…”

Skin Care. Red Flag Alert.

Like so many other consumers out there I’ve long just trusted that what you buy of beauty products can be trusted, as the idea of beauty brands selling ineffective products or products that offer the opposite effect of what is desired, seems a bit backwards. Sales women in any beauty department are skilled beyond measureContinue reading “Skin Care. Red Flag Alert.”