Snapshots of the current Narrative.

As usual I’ve written notes of what I ought to blog about since there is a lot to pick from.

That being said I’m currently staring at three articles, whose presence in my tabs are starting to annoy me since I haven’t really gotten around to writing what I was planning.

So even though this isn’t the intended context … well here we go:

This ad was deemed racist by news outlets and social media platforms alike. I’m not quite sure why it is racist to enforce and protect ones border, nor do I understand why it is “mean” to point out issues with imported criminals. As I’ve written about before: I performed in a couple of prisons over in Norway in 2014, and I was told to speak English when addressing the prisoners since so many of them were foreigners. The political opinion circus grows old at one point or the other. What’s annoying is that even if you lose interest, decisions taken by others still impact you and your family and what you do…

The synagogue shooting in America was sad for sure, but this article is full of inaccuracies to such an extent that it was painful to read it. I now struggle with reading “the news.” I was contemplating pointing out the inaccuracies, but I do believe that this is something that I’ve done on other occasions with other articles on this blog, and an activity such as that can become uninteresting at a certain point. I do believe in Truth. Which is probably why I shouldn’t read “the news.”

In this article about the UK recruiting foreigners with no ties to this country into their military, (not as part of separate units, but as part of the main body), it is claimed that Britons don’t want to fight anymore. I think I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog that you might get a bit of a recruitment crisis if you are engaged in all sorts of strange abstract operations abroad, maybe not with those who just want to fight for the sake of fighting, but surely among those who are patriots and want to fight to defend their country specifically. The claim of the article is therefore false. Just because a specific political establishment struggle to recruit people for their military campaigns, doesn’t mean that there is an unwillingness to fight for an actual Nation and/or a home-territory. Something that has been largely left out of our “news” is the fact that young men travelled over to Ukraine to voluntarily fight. A war that I have never mentioned on this blog at all. There are also Westerners who went down to Syria (I believe) just to get combat experience. New-Europeans have also joined their original Nations by voluntarily fighting for their ancestral in-group, which again means that there are plenty of people on this continent willing to fight in one way or another, whether they join our enemies or go private. Whether they protest their governments or go into a war zone voluntarily, showing up out of nowhere to sign up to fight for whatever cause.

Once again, I should probably avoid “the news.” There are enough books out there to read anyway and I personally don’t think that anything is more relevant than History. My brother is currently reading about pre-Nation-State Europe and that is surely an interesting topic to look into.

The organic nature of humanity is well reflected in what we build. Civilisations are born and nurtured before they rot and decompose. One political order arise only to eclipse another. A ruling class is built upon the ashes of the ruling order of the past. And on and on this cycle goes, perfectly described in Ecclesiastes: “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; and there is nothing new under the sun.”


“Simply Christian” by Tom Wright.

“Nobody was expecting anyone, least of all a Messiah, to rise from the dead. A crucified Messiah was a failed Messiah. When Simeon ben Kosiba was killed by the Romans in AD 135, nobody went around afterwards saying he really was the Messiah after all,…” (p.96)

This book was lent to me by my local priest who recommended it when I told him that I was reading the Holy Bible.

After I was done reading the scriptures in its entirety (which took me over a year), I ventured into Wright’s work, which is a very straightforward and easy read.

The book is very enjoyable and explains Christianity and what it really is and what it really means.

Nothing beats having the source material though and it is vital to always keep in mind that the Bible is the number one “document” or more fittingly “Testament,” to which believers are to stay true.

“Once we glimpse this vision of the Holy Spirit coming to live within human beings, …” (p.111)

I therefore recommend people who are either turning to Christianity or becoming practising Christians to actually read the Holy Bible rather than not reading at all, or only reading Church approved interpretations of the Holy works.

It is not an easy undertaking reading the scriptures, because a lot of the Old Testament make for repetitive reading, but it is worth it due to those parts that aren’t, and especially since it exposes you to all of that which is normally excluded from pop-culture and mainstream Church services. It is quite staggering how much that has been left out and how limited modern Christianity is when it comes to what it quotes….

I’ve written before that I was going to review the New and Old Testament, and that I’m working on a very long entry for the Old, this is all true, but I wanted to read what our priest had recommended first.

I’m glad that I did because there were certain aspects of the Christian faith that I hadn’t quite figured out, such as “God-time,” meaning that the past, present and future isn’t linear when dealing with God.

“Somehow, God’s dimension and our dimension, heaven and earth, overlap and interlock.” (p.110)

I choose to start my Testament reviews with “Simply Christian” so that others too can read and enjoy this work, hopefully avoiding misconceptions and confusion. My reviews of the Old and the New Testament are based on my reading of the uncensored source text and is not based on politically correct, modern-Church approved, filtered, interpretations. I intend to address: slavery, the role of women, the fact that you should not rebel against your government, the early persecution of Christians, and the divisiveness that Jesus’ presence brings into this world, all of which is based on the Holy texts themselves, but aspects that modern-churchians and pop-culture never mention.

On that note it might be fitting to reveal that Wright’s work is not particularly politically correct, and that I was somewhat surprised that my local vicar would recommend something that must surely stand opposed to a great deal of what is being promoted within Church communities today.

“But setting it out in this way feels a bit like trying to describe my best friend by offering a biochemical analysis of his genetic makeup. It is important. Indeed, if he didn’t have that makeup he wouldn’t be the same person.” (p.154)

It was a relief that the book wasn’t filled with post-modernist falsities, yet there were some conclusions that Wright arrived at that puzzled me, and his digestible promotion of Christianity appears very mild, if re-visiting the New Testament after having read “Simply Christian.”

Wright concludes that global economic justice must be one of the many goals of Christians today but the Holy Bible itself states that: “If any one does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his own family, he has disowned the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” 1 Timothy 5 (8)

I’m also questioning the presence of female priests and authority figures within Northern European churches when it is explicitly said in 1 Timothy 2 (12) : “I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent.” I guess it can be counter-argued that women are keeping the faith alive and that it is better with female priests than no priests.

I also think it is important to quote James 2 (17) & (26) since it is written that: “So faith by itself, if it has no works; is dead.” “For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead.”

“You become like what you worship.” (p.127)

“How many times have I been grateful, faced with nightfalls both metaphorical and literal, for the old Anglican Collect which runs:

Lighten our darkness, we beseech thee, O Lord;

and by thy great mercy

defend us from all perils and dangers of this night;

for the love of thy only Son,

our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.” (p.142)

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” (p.144)


“Machinal” by Sophie Treadwell.

This is a dark playwright written by Sophie Treadwell that stabs you in the heart like an ice-cold dagger from hell itself.

It is filled to the brim with dark energy much like “Wuthering Heights;” which shocked me due to an exclusively evil and menacing cast of characters. After reading it I was amazed that something that cruel could have been brought into the world by a woman.

“Machinal” is at least a very quick read and will be completed in only a few hours; this is a clear advantage that it has over the aforementioned work above.

For those who like to fill their life with negative energy and darkness I can highly recommend “We Have Always Lived In The Castle.” (which was also authored by a woman) … or season one of the tv-show “American Horror Story,” which left me feeling hollowed out after watching it as it depicted the one rotting relationship after the other.

If you enjoy watching people arguing and treating each other horribly then you should certainly give the first season a go; if not I would highly recommend watching movies based on Jane Austin’s work such as “Pride & Prejudice” and “Sense & Sensibility.”

“Machinal,” in contrast, tells the story of a young female who rejects the machine that she’s been born into much like a body rejecting a new organ.

The other characters are perfectly happy with their “hamster-wheel” lives and appear to be at one with the machinery that they are using, revelling in their puppet-like existence and activities, going about things without much thought concerning their anchored, rooted state.

She, on the other hand, has a strained, pained relationship with her mother and doesn’t like modern-day commuting as she feels suffocated by it. She doesn’t like being an office worker, doesn’t like her husband (even though he never does anything evil towards her), and doesn’t like motherhood. She eventually self-destructs by killing her spouse finalising her true imprisonment, which is interesting considering that the murder was an attempt to achieve final liberation from a much dreaded existence.

Like a bug in the system she is eventually rejected by a machine that she was never really compatible with.

If anything the book perfectly recounts the horror of total disconnection between humans. The work therefore gives off a rather superficial and sterile vibe. It reminds me of “Requiem For A Dream” which is one of the darkest and most tragic movies I’ve ever seen.

The book was impossible to put down, since Treadwell was able to hook me in due to my curiosity, that being said I did not enjoy it very much.

One of my all-time favourite books is “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley. I was astonished that such an undeniable classic had been authored by a woman when I came across it, as men dominate the landscape when it comes to the titles of “greatest ever.” Yet Mary Shelley managed to reach that level of gender-neutrality in her work, when you don’t have to, nor want to, see things through a feminist lens, but can just enjoy the work and thankfully say that artistic greatness knows no gender, place, race, or whatever.

The same can be said of  J.K.Rowling as well. You pick up her work and just enjoy her world-building without ever giving gender much thought until you all of a sudden realise that Harry Potter has a mom, rather than a dad.

Treadwell’s work is anchored in a rejection of all and everything as the protagonist cannot cope with her gender or more importantly: her gender in combination with her socio-economic status.

That says more about the internal outsider sentiment of her main character or Treadwell herself rather than society in general, as the other characters seem content with being firmly fixed within the ticking clockwork of the cold, uncaring, “machine.”

In fact it is as if thought the characters integrate into the monotony of their mechanical equipment, or maybe humans always were and the machines simply mimic us….

If anything Treadwell will make you think and therein lays her greatness. Even though I didn’t enjoy reading “Machinal” I couldn’t put it down and found myself writing this long entry, after her work had triggered a whole arsenal of thoughts.


United American Patriots & The Royal British Legion.

An online petition was being passed around a while back about an imprisoned American soldier, wronged by his own government. This evening I received a mass email describing another horrifying case. This is the website of an organisation called:  United American Patriots   They help forgotten and betrayed US fighters.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there are similar cases over here in European countries as well; if that’s the case then it’s well hidden, which would make sense considering that the Norwegian government, just to pick one example, has repeatedly denied in the past that Norway is at war, even though we have veterans and have suffered casualties due to contributing to America’s numerous war efforts around the world…..Yet we are apparently not fighting anyone and have officially no enemies anywhere…..Hopefully the current administration have stopped the official denial, because how can you aid veterans who officially do not exist?

I’ll paste in the email I received from UAP below. What truly stood out to me was the bit about the Afghan who received a US Citizenship; read the whole thing. It’s freaky to say the least. This is the sort of injustice you may risk by enlisting in the U.S.A.:

Dear Berit,

I am so scared for my son’s life that I’m writing you this e-mail today, even though we’ve never met.

My name is Renee Myers and my son is Sgt. Derrick Miller of the Maryland National Guard.

Derrick is the kind of man every mother wants her son to grow up to be – strong, kind and loyal. He’s a proud daddy who adores his two daughters – this photo is one of my favorites of him holding his oldest daughter, Karina.

But what I love the most about my son is that he felt it was his duty as an American to join the National Guard. In fact, he volunteered for two of his three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now, I wish I could go back in time and tell him not to…

Because for volunteering to defend our nation, Derrick has been sentenced to life in prison for doing exactly what the Army trained him to do!

You see, while on a combat mission in September of 2010, Derrick watched an Afghan national walk through his unit’s defense perimeter. The same man had been detained the day before under suspicion of driving insurgents to a nearby combat firefight.

So to be safe, Derrick and another U.S. Soldier took him into custody for questioning with an Afghan interpreter.

Derrick asked the man why he was within the American defense perimeter. First, the man claimed to be an electrician responding to a downed power line. Then he claimed to be there to fix a water pump. Either way, he had no tools with him.

The Afghan grew more and more agitated as Derrick continued asking questions. Suddenly, he grabbed for Derrick’s weapon.

Derrick reacted immediately – firing and killing the suspect.

Just days after the incident, Derrick was arrested and charged with “premeditated murder” of the Afghan insurgent!

For eight terrible months, we waited for the trial that would finally set the record straight and bring Derrick home to us. After all, there were witnesses who saw the whole incident and would testify on his behalf.

But instead, our government turned its back on Derrick – a decorated U.S. Soldier – to appease Afghanistan officials.

Remember, another Soldier had witnessed the interrogation and confirmed Derrick’s account. But he changed his story after the government threatened to charge him with accessory to murder.

The other witness was the Afghan translator. And in exchange for testifying against Derrick, he was granted U.S. citizenship.

Yes, our government brought him here to the U.S. and paid for him to live in an on-base hotel for six months with food, a personal van, and a $630 per month allowance – all provided at taxpayer expense!

Worst of all, the Army destroyed every bit of forensic evidence that could have proved Derrick was acting in self-defense. There were no photos. No autopsy. Nothing.

But I still believed the government would do the right thing. Instead, I held hands with my husband and Derrick’s wife, Katherine, and listened in shock as Derrick was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

His feet were shackled, his hands cuffed to a leather belt around his waist, and, just like that, my only child was taken from me.

Since then, the world has simply fallen apart for his precious family.

The military immediately stopped Derrick’s paychecks. Derrick’s wife and my husband and I had pooled together all our money to hire a civilian attorney to represent Derrick. It cost $50,000 – every cent we had.

Now, with no money in the bank, his wife couldn’t pay their mortgage, utilities, car payment, or Derrick’s student loans.

Derrick had always worked two jobs so his wife could stay home after their babies were born. Now she can’t. The girls are so little and they don’t understand. They ask her over and over again, “Why can’t Daddy come home?”

They wake up at night and cry for him. And honestly, sometimes so do I.

Berit, I can’t bear the thought of the girls growing up without their dad. Or Derrick not being able to scoop them up in his arms before they’re grown. But we have only one hope left now…

You see, we got a phone call from United American Patriots (UAP), an organization that helps Service Members who have been unfairly indicted for their split-second actions in combat.

The good folks at UAP know firsthand that you can’t send U.S. Soldiers into terrorist combat zones and second-guess their actions from a desk in Washington. And their support has been instrumental in getting Derrick to this point.

But even though the end is in sight, UAP must raise money to cover hours of legal research, expert witnesses, and legal motions throughout this parole process. UAP is a non-profit organization, which means they don’t receive any funding from the federal government – only private donations from patriotic Americans.

It also means that I’m going to take a deep breath and ask you one of the hardest questions I’ve ever asked another person:

Can you help me fight to free my son by making a donation of $35, $50, $100 or more to UAP?

Your gift is tax-deductible. And it will help us pay for Derrick’s parole hearings – and help other innocent Service Members who have been unfairly charged, too.

The federal government has already spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to convict Derrick and grant U.S. citizenship to the Afghan who testified against him.

But I must rely on the generous hearts of people like you to save my son.

That’s why I’m writing you today – to do what I can as the mother of a U.S. Soldier to find good-hearted people out there who care about defending our nation’s troops.

Our attorney is going above and beyond the call of duty to fight for Derrick. But the parole process is unpredictable and will cost us at least $30,000. It’s money we simply don’t have.

Can you please help UAP fund this legal battle and bring Derrick home to us?

Your $35 contribution could be the difference between letting my son rot in prison for another decade for a “crime” he didn’t commit… or bringing him home to me and his girls where he belongs right away!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any help you can send to UAP today.

Yours truly,
Mrs. Renee Myers

P.S. As a member of the National Guard who volunteered for two of his three tours of duty, my son has sacrificed so much for our country. Yet in return, our government has taken away his family and his freedom! Right now Derrick desperately needs to know that he hasn’t been forgotten! Thank you for whatever amount you can send today to give him hope and to help bring him home!

This is a very famous organisation here in the U.K. that supports British veterans:

Today’s Brain Popcorn!

Behold the most gracious display of profound wisdom I’ve ever seen!

I feel lucky that I can bask in the digital shadows of such infinite glory – or at least I can until the power goes again!

If you ever had any questions then don’t linger anymore; the Georgia Guidestones have it all figured out!

Of course “their” imagination is of such magnitude that “they” had to go for 10 rules or would that be *drumroll* 10 secular commandments? I guess it would have been too original and too edgy to go for, let’s say; 9 or 11.


  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.


Hmm … there are multiple ways to interpret this “sanctimonious” text, in fact I have some wonderful ideas considering that truth is to be pursued!

There can surely be nothing more noble than to pursue honesty in all things and to rule in accordance with it – come what may!

I’m not going to tire people with my personal definition of exceptional governance, (since everyone’s definition of that would differ to a certain degree) but I surely know what would be in my interest!

Who is to say that a Brand New World Order would be a bad thing since a great number of these commandments are extremely flexible if you think about it. And most importantly who is to say that a Brand New World Order would follow any of the these “assumed New World Order” guidelines?

Thanks for the laugh “Georgia Guidestones,” it certainly put a smile on my face.

Trolling is always good for the soul. Always.

Clooney Collusion

Today’s Brain Popcorn!
This article is an interesting read. The conspiracy and the threads are not difficult to follow if reading this when awake.
These were the things that stood out to me:
1- the vulnerability of being an outspoken celebrity officially concerned with “human rights” and the well-being of others.
2- that Clooney operated a business accused of sweat-shop activities.
3- that Clooney was seemingly taking advantage of cheap Mexican labour.
4- that the refugee situation was profitable for the Clooney’s due to funds that they were given in order to established seemingly well-intended refugee-programs. Meaning that they lose out financially if refugees are brought back home.
5- McCain’s involvement with rougue-weapon industry elements.
6- how quickly political alignments can change; even resulting in the official support of Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine & Al Qaeda groups in Syria. This obviously contradicts our popular media narratives and the endless “moral high-ground posturing” by our representatives.
7- how photos of a Syrian boy was used as propaganda to paint Assad in a negative light, when the boy’s father blamed the family’s misery on the insurgents. This is another example of children being used to manipulate the masses.
8- how a war has to be sold, just like you would sell a product or a service.
9- how the initiation of warfare is justified time and time again in order to “save lives.” It is of course very reasonable to promote total destabilisation and warfare if you are on a quest to save little children…*insert sarcasm*
10- what first stood out to me was the example of property rights being violated once again within a Western Nation. The reason as to why this instantly stood out to me is that “property rights” is constantly highlighted as a fundamental right in the Western World. Yet it is easy to bypass and annihilate this through clever legislation and taxes, as can be seen in Norway, or through a proper land-grab, as described in this article. Your rights are only respected as long as the State-Apparatus leave you alone. If you all of a sudden find yourself on the government’s radar due to what happens to be yours, legally, or by digging your nose into other’s business, you might find out that your rights have been mysteriously revoked…Human rights only seem to be valid as long as they don’t pose a threat to those who are in power…
11- I sense that this article is in tune with the “other side of the spectrum;” meaning: Russia. Just like the Russians like to point out visible NATO expansion, they also criticise destabilisation efforts in the Middle East. Nothing of what can be read in this article will make its way into our mainstream media narrative, or at least I don’t think so. They have their own agenda and their own storyline that they fervently promote, meaning that articles like these are reserved for the internet and/or “other” media outlets. I’m also guessing that nothing will overshadow Clooney’s sanctimonious status, much like the “bullet proof” cult of adoration surrounding former U.S. President Barack Obama.
I highly recommend reading this article in full, I found it most interesting.

Clooney Collusion

download 4

The Clooneys are gearing up for resetting their political scheme on the backs of their babies through what’s left of George’s film career.  His new movie “Suburbicon”, which stars Soros and Podesta run and funded“Enough Project” co-horts Matt Damon and Julianne Moore, will be at the Venice Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival and others throughout  the end of the summer.  Expect the Media Matter Trump takedown talking poins…and even some on Brexit is a safe bet…all throughout the red carpet interviews and press junkets for this propaganda piece about 1950’s “racist” America keeping in mind the extent to which Clooney and his wife are working behind the scenes to undermine the very democracy they claim to support through hate propaganda they claim to abhor. Take into consideration everything in either “George Clooney:  Enemy of Democracy”, “Amal Clooney:  Enemy of Democracy” or “The…

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