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The Commander In Chief-Russia Collusion!

So … while I’m downloading all of my Facebook data to see the staggering, horrible, evidence, showcasing my horrendous wrong-think on the “so-called private/but actually public space/but really STASI database,” I thought that I would share the final piece of evidence regarding The Russia Collusion and The Commander-In-Chief. Fate would have it, that I, a troubadour, would sit on the final piece of evidence that could potentially rewrite history and shake things up! Who would have thought? Yes here it is people, the final piece in the complex puzzle – behold! Shake in fright! The link between The Commander In Chief and Russia is finally here! I’m expecting to hear from the CNN shortly. Call me now!

In other news … you might want to spread this video about social media censorship when it comes to conservative online activity. You better agree with the propaganda! There is no such thing as various degrees of left and right, oh no, only “popular opinion” which funny enough ends up in the liberal camp. Hmmm … how very strange? I wonder why!?


The Best Video To Be Made In Our Age! – When the truth can only be told by comedians!

This video is a must watch for anyone. Spot on. No wonder we Norwegians have our jokes about the Swedes! And they are not the only ones who match this portrayal!

Incase the video is removed by the tech-Gestapo/STASI then you can search for Jonatan Spang and his sketch regarding Swedish political correctness, I haven’t laughed this much in ages! A must see for anyone! But I guess the female officer “was just following orders,” I wonder which other group used that as an excuse after a certain World War! I wonder who?