Fire & Brimstone Preacher Paul Joseph Watson Is At It Again!

I’ve personally never liked tattoos either. I only fancied the idea of one ages ago when I wasn’t even old enough to legally get one. Then it was spiritually connected, but I would have ended up regretting it anyway.

Tattoos don’t age well, they are expensive, permanent,  & I’ve personally never understood why women are considered hot if they are covered in them from top to toe, but then again; opinions always differ & in rock’n’roll it is certainly abnormal not to have one.

It would be rude of me to say that stupid people get tattoos, I don’t necessarily think so. It’s a personal choice. In heavy metal though, you get the impression that it is mandatory and part of the “heavy metal uniform.”

Which is kinda weird considering that metal and rock’n’roll is supposedly “anti-establishment.” Funny how rebellion can be commercialised and controlled. Cliques are cliques and people are obsessed with conforming to something.

I think Paul Joseph Watson is very entertaining. I don’t know how fun it would be to get criticised by him though! ha-ha-ha 😀


Brett Kavanaugh & The Persecution Of American Conservatives.

After watching the impassioned statement from Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh I’m seriously considering getting myself a go-pro camera & a calendar diary just in case someone jumps out of the woodwork in the future and accuse me of any wrong doing. My own CV in regards to behaviour is so squeaky clean that you would think that I’d never even been close to anything resembling rock’n’roll, yet in the light of the methods that are being used to get rid of Christians, Conservatives or anyone who opposes the culture war and political war that is currently unfolding on both sides of the Atlantic, you evidently have to be prepared for anything coming your way, whether you write/report, create, run for office or engage in charitable efforts…

In one of my unpublished entries that I’m currently working on I compare the current political drama in the U.S.A. to a circus. The behaviour is so unhinged and desperate that it becomes hard not to laugh despite all the tragedy; for a circus it certainly is when high school yearbooks and the likes are being scanned for any kind of damning evidence. The next level would be to go after people’s kindergarten records.

All I have to say is: 1 – what a mess.

And: 2 – what a fine display of human “rationality.”

In addition I’ve also received a couple of very troubling emails depicting the treatment of conservatives across the pond. (The highlights are my doing). 

“The film was crowd funded on Indiegogo by over 29,000 people, who gave over $2.3mm to make sure this story was told. It’s an uplifting story of justice and the men and women in law enforcement who helped bring Kermit Gosnell to trial. While taking a hard look at the facts, the movie is not graphic or explicit. It’s rated PG-13 and is appropriate for teenagers. If you can handle an episode of Law & Order or NCIS you can see Gosnell.

The film has faced opposition from the very beginning when Kickstarter kicked the campaign off their platform. It aced opposition in the production of the film. And recently NPR refused to run advertising describing Kermit Gosnell as an abortion. See the movie that shines a light on a story the mainstream media refused to cover.” – Taken from an email reg. a movie that has been made about an abortion Doctor in America.

“Dear Fellow Patriot,

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Facebook and Twitter’s efforts to silence conservatives, but that’s was just the tip of the iceberg.

Just last month, MasterCard colluded with the Southern Poverty Law Center and other left-wing fringe organizations to shut down my Freedom Center’s online fundraising without so much as a warning.

The Southern Poverty Law Center blacklisted my organization as a “hate group” because we dare question the Left’s agenda, and now big finance is using this bogus label to come after us.

Shortly after MasterCard launched this crippling attack, Discover Card came after us. And now, I have no choice but to take these credit card processors to court.

Because this isn’t about me. This is about you and your free speech. The Left doesn’t care if you’re a politician, a pundit or a plumber — if you don’t embrace their radical agenda, they want to destroy you.

I’ll be honest — the legal fees are steep. But a generous donor has pledged to match all donations between now and September 30th. So anything you give today will have double the impact.”Taken from an email reg. Armed Forces Connect & David Horowitz Freedom Centre.


I guess the best thing to do is to voice your support, pray, and aid people financially if you are in a position to do so.

To be honest I don’t like the visible political division and hostility, it’s sad and very much troubling. Yet after watching some short Twitter clips the other day, my bet is that things are only going to get worse. The line between ganging up on a person hurling insults vs. ganging up on a person to physically assault them is not very long; at least that’s what I’m thinking.

The aim of those on the opposite political spectrum is silly as well since you’ll always have diversity of opinion. Even if you were to go after everyone who disagrees with you, there is no guarantee that your very own child will grow up to become just like you or that your best-friend and comrade will remain in the exact same political or spiritual camp for the entirety of their lives.

The fight is futile; but I guess the other side is strong in the faith, even though they don’t know that they have one……….

The Slippery Slope Of Religious Liberty.

Where do you draw the line if you officially support “normlessness” since everything and anything is just as “valuable”?

The concept of a “non-society” without identity due to “meme-flooding” is something that I briefly touched upon in an older entry of mine where I wrote about an article concerning the LGBTQ rainbow flag.

I translated an article from Norwegian to English where a man explained that the flag symbolises that “anything goes” and that there is no “template” for what constitutes a “normal” relationship; he argued that the activists behind this flag seek to profoundly deconstruct the “nuclear family” and a “functional society” by making traditional families seem “abnormal” and/or equal in status to all other relationship configurations.

Interesting viewpoints indeed; especially since I had no idea what the rainbow flag truly represented. I thought that the activism was/is about gay couples living together without being thrown into prison or killed. I thought that the idea was that couples would be allowed to live free from persecution; funny    enough I have never read much or been properly exposed to the so-called “LGBTQ” or gay-lifestyle, so I voiced my support for something that I hadn’t really researched or knew anything about, all in the name of “being nice” and supporting “dignity of life,” “human rights,” and “respect for others.”

That is of course very interesting when looking at how the LGBTQ advocacy has played out. I never expected that we would get to a point where normal “make-believe” between children will (or can) make grown-ups wonder if the child is actually acting out “their real identity.” A child dressing up does not mean that the child is subconsciously “transgender,” I do believe that this is a very unusual and certainly abnormal configuration, yet “transgenderism” is now so “huge” that one would believe that everyone falls into this peculiar category.

The whole idea that bathrooms shouldn’t be divided either and that men can all of a sudden appear out of nowhere in a “Ladies room,” is bizarre and in my opinion an “infringement” upon women’s rights. Yet here we are.

I’ve read stories about children being taken away from their parents by the authorities, only to be placed in the care of gay-couples or Muslim couples, something that has obviously enraged the biological parents not interested in their children being exposed to an “alternative lifestyle” or the Muslim faith.

Yet in a society where anything goes, and everything is just as worthy; how can you argue that it is wrong?

Isn’t that your “subjective” opinion?

Because that is precisely the argument that will be used against you if you disagree or question any of this, and if you are lucky, the argument will be supported by cleverly (or foolishly) worded legislation.

Slippery slopes when it comes to “laws & rules” is another topic that I’ve also mentioned; since everything can go over-board in a spectacular fashion if no specifics are given! This “obscure” communication-method where abstraction is used to such an extent that the wording can be perceived in a myriad of ways is a ticking bomb that can be abused without measure.

This “fog-talk” and “normlessness” truly places a Nation in an awkward situation since:

  1. shared ancestry as a defining feature of your identity is fought against by flooding your territory with other population groups; eventually creating a situation of a “No-Nation” or basically a “Multi-Nation-Without-Any-Framework-Nation,” since multiple cultures will all be pulling in separate directions.
  2. religion as a unifying factor will be obliterated since any belief system is just as valuable as all others, setting the stage for never-ending competition and countless arguments, further dismantling internal unity and identity.
  3. relationships resulting in children is discouraged, meaning that there will be no future for your Nation and/or that your demographics will become so bad that your children will be forced into a situation where they’ll be surrounded by other tribes and will have to fight themselves out of this compromised situation to ensure their own survival.
  4. women and men are just the same; if women don’t “grow a pair” they are crap and if men aren’t “effeminate” they are crap too.
  5. you cannot have an operational and functional defence since you can never truly name your enemy; nor can you launch an efficient criminal investigation, since having an official suspect would be very offensive to anybody else who would belong to that specific group. How can you say that demographic such and such is a greater threat or pose a greater problem than population group this and that?
  6. the war on terror will be eternal, since the meaning of the word “terrorist” can constantly be altered. Your friend today is your enemy tomorrow and there is no end in sight when it comes to the fight.
  7. you cannot be honest in any field of research, which means that you’ll be bypassed by all of your competitors.

In other words: your Nation will be crushed.

Here is the video that inspired me to write these words:

Spirituality & Archangels.

An interesting article to read:

More on spirituality:

And some interesting videos to watch:

Good People vs. Bad People.

I came across this terrible article regarding pedophilia the other day:

And just watched this disturbing documentary, that I found as part of this article (I just need to add that I don’t agree with the conspiracy-theories described in some of these very oddly written articles, but the video below is a very interesting watch indeed):

I’ve mentioned Pedophilia and abuse of children in previous entries here on my blog. The disturbing aspect of it is that it can be rather difficult to report on these type of incidents due to lack of proper evidence. In a previous entry I wrote about the organised infringement on children enrolled in a public school I attended down in Italy. I did not experience anything strange myself, but I had friends who did.

It would seem rather mental if I phoned up old friends that I haven’t seen or spoken to in 16-17 years, asking “Hey what’s up? Want to talk about that time you were molested? Feel like going public? Feel like reporting this? I hope I haven’t traumatized you by bringing up these uncomfortable experiences again after all this time! Have a nice evening!” I’m sure an approach like that would be very much welcomed……

The issue is that kids don’t feel like they will be believed. So children speak amongst themselves, and then it stops there. I’m also suspecting that children are even less likely to speak up if trust has been broken with adults/superiors at an early stage, due to abuse.

It is very sad and troubling indeed. 😦

I watched a horrendous documentary some time ago where Europeans were travelling to Asia in order to take advantage of impoverished Asian kids. A nasty business where a vigilante group of former investigators from Australia were on the case, aided by a priest, who had opened up a school/orphanage for previously trafficked children. (One can certainly wonder why such evil exists in the first place…)

Trust is the issue when it comes to reporting, especially if trust is eroded  when it comes to those who are supposed to deliver justice. When those who are supposed to uphold the truth and nothing but the truth, go against their moral obligation, then don’t expect much collaboration from potential witnesses and/or the general population. Nor can it be expected that such institutions will stand for ever. It will all eventually eat itself just like an unhealthy culture.

Corruption is disgusting, and yet so prevalent. Where on earth do you find people honest enough to do internal affairs properly?

People of faith are very much troubled in our part of the world by low attendance numbers and the crumbling state of spiritual-affairs. I on the other hand have become very much optimistic as of late, because as I said above – true dysfunction devours itself. It cannot be avoided. The more decrepit and obscene our culture becomes, the greater is the chance that people will just reject the whole package all together, and seek out true, solid values.

I fail to see how justice can be restored unless such a change occurs … why would you be honest and do and produce honest work if the opposite constantly gets rewarded? Especially if you feel like a God yourself and have no fear for supernatural forces.

If you are spiritual and believe in God, then you will believe that your soul has been profoundly scanned by a superior celestial being, who can access your memory and whereabouts at any given moment. That will certainly function like a shield towards whatever awkward myths mere mortals might want to believe in when it comes to you, because ultimately you will know that you have truth on your side if you speak truthfully and that God will know.

We humans are not as impressive as we like to think; I guess that might come as a shock to some.