Me: I’m going to take a break from writing about the state of affairs in Europe, it’s not like everybody cares about what’s happening over here, those who know keep an eye on things anyway, and after all, I’ve said enough. Just some days later: Shit a homemade “bomb” went off! Watch out! Me: I’veContinue reading “The European Utopia Vol. MMCCCLLVVVIIIIIIIIIII”

– Jeg hater Sylvi Listhaug!

Yes I don’t know why our immigration minister is hated so deeply by those on the left, a great tragedy to see accusations of racism being directed towards those who voted for the centrists and those on the right. It is the same reaction as the one we saw over in America during their election,Continue reading “– Jeg hater Sylvi Listhaug!”

A Crash Course In Politics. (What It Is And What It Is Not).

Translated by me from the Norwegian article: ” The Paradox of the lifeboat – a crash course in politics” by Kent Andersen. Originally published on the 4th of April 2017┬áright here. I love discussing politics – especially with people who I completely disagree with. As there is something deliciously civilised in fundamentally disagreeing about aContinue reading “A Crash Course In Politics. (What It Is And What It Is Not).”