Which Nations Are Searching For God?

Yesterday I decided to do something that I’ve never really done before: use Google Trends.

What I found out was interesting: Muslim women appear to be very interested in skin-care, Africans gravitate towards self-help, people who live in Wales are more concerned about terrorism and acid attacks in London than Englishmen are, and Asians care more about “Zigeunerweisen” than Westerners.

In short: everything that I found out went against “stereotypes” with the exception of a couple of things including: “bel canto”. Europeans are still on top when it comes to this interest in particular, but a lot of topics that one would assume “belongs” to Europe no longer does.

In no other topic was this more obvious than in religion. Christianity was long considered Europe’s “shared heritage” and culturally (if one cares about history) that is still the case. Christianity now appears to belong to people of African heritage since “coloured countries” are actively searching for God… (according to Google’s data).

Promoting religion in non-European countries therefore appears to be “outdated” since missionaries should direct their focus on Westerners instead…

A certain Bible quote comes to mind: “the land will vomit you up just as it vomited up the nations that preceded you.” Leviticus 18:28

We might still have beautiful churches around us but if one takes into consideration the decimation of religion in our education systems and then take into consideration an obvious lack of curiosity regarding the Christian faith, then it becomes obvious that a blogger who writes about Christianity will potentially attract an African readership rather than a European one…

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