It’s so nice when the weather is good and the sun actually provides warmth πŸ˜›

Seems to me like the sun is just for show in these parts πŸ˜€

Today I’ve been practising for the fundraising concert I’m doing for one of the local churches.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by my 3rd album, since there is so much happening musically in there. I’ve now decided to add even more to it, and I’ve also had some new ideas with more parts that I want to add on things I’ve already recorded…

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Creativity and having lots of ideas can be very overwhelming at times.

I have lots of ideas for illustrated books as well, there’s no end…

It is interesting how someone like Jordan B.Peterson is running around the world preaching to people that they need to clean up their rooms and react to things properly, I wonder what his take on creativity would be?

Creative individuals write and create when they are upset, which means that they don’t really sort out the source of what makes them upset a lot of times. Creatives are also notorious for never cleaning their room or atelier as well πŸ˜›

Apparently you should clean up your room before you can save the world or create something πŸ˜›

Reminds me of this guitar expert I tried to take lessons from ages ago who claimed that: “you can only create if you know all the theory and techniques out there;” which is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life, not to forget this one:”If someone tells you what to create, then you’ll be super productive.” Needless to say, we didn’t see eye to eye….Creativity should never be boxed in or know limitations, unless you are working on something that is “made to order” or whatever, creativity is like water, it is all over the place, and if it is dammed up it will just explode at one point or the other. You might experience tsunamis of creativity. I normally work on multiple songs simultaneously in different genres…


Here are some pictures of me doing nothing…..

I’m guessing this is awesome, since blogging about nothing makes you cool.



Keen On My 3rd Album?


I released two new video updates today regarding my upcoming release πŸ™‚ If you are missing out and want to know what’s happening then make sure that you go here:Β Lots of New Music!

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When You Decide To Not Be Polite & Troll People Back.


comments youtube.jpg

There are lots of highly incompetent “men” out there who really can’t play their instrument for shit. (Nor govern or inspire, mind you). There are also plenty of musicians regardless of gender who fall prey to “group think,” or maybe they just don’t have the “explorer” gene. Whenever I do my homework when it comes to how people handle their electric guitar in “classical” situations and whenever I see comments like the one above it serves as a reminder of how lucky women are to have a seat at the table and how dull show biz and the rest of the creative industries would be if this wasn’t the case…

Innovation and courage to introduce new concepts and ideas should always be encouraged. The creative professions will otherwise grow stale and boring.

My classical album is still in the charts πŸ™‚ This is very cool and fun to see!

charting on 20 amazon 23 may.jpg

A 30 min Guitar Lesson Video + More New Music!


Today I released a 30 min guitar lesson video for those who pay 10$ and up on my Patreon account! I also released my 2nd update for this month; so if you want to hear more music from my 3rd album then make sure that you sign up here:Β My Patreon!

Yesterday before I went to bed I saw that myΒ classical albumΒ had jumped up on the Amazon Bestseller chart after falling down. On the 22nd it was down on 44, yesterday it was up on 29, and now it had gone up to 27! That is really cool since albums usually don’t chart that long for independent artists! Earlier this year it was hanging in there for over 2 weeks on the chart, and without any new videos or anything! I clearly have to release more classical recordings! But first I’m going to put out a whole bunch of original material that I feel very strongly about! πŸ˜› Make sure that you check out my Rock’n’Roll music as well πŸ˜›

Thanks again to all these Americans who buy my music!!! The U.S.A. have always been my nr.1 country when it comes to fans, followers & buyers! ❀ Thanks a million & God Bless!!!!!

Charting position on the 19th of April.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.26.07

Charting position on the 22nd.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 15.31.12

Charting position last night around midnight.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 00.53.08

Charting position on the 30th of April.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.26.07


So Grateful! <3


Thank you so much to those of you who’ve checked out my latest YouTube video! It’s so cool to receive so many uplifting and awesome comments on my playing! I’m so grateful to finally be playing again πŸ˜€ Please check this video out and share it with your friends! Thanks again πŸ˜€

The Glorious Hustle.


A True Goal Needs To Become An Obsession” is one of many articles online glorifying the power of the mind over the bodyΒ since the corpus “always, without fail, gives up before the mind. That’s why it takes a strong will to convince your body to keep moving forward.”

As someone who has continuously pushed physical barriers through my work as a guitar player I can say that the opposite is certainly true in my case; and I’ve grown increasingly sick of the “40 % rule” constantly being promoted all over social media. Not to mention the “mental training” literature that I’ve been adhering to for several years. Β My obsession with reaching a specific goal resulted in my first proper injury and I’m still on sick leave from playing virtuoso material after having “crashed into the wall,” February this year. Painful? Horrendous. I experienced what it is like to be crippled for almost 2 months as my left side was a total goner; the excruciating pain eased off gradually but came back in full swing whenever I tried to exercise and “get back into shape.” Which means that I’m still off-duty guitar-wise 6 months into the “new year.” Who would have thought?

In this article entitled ”Β I Became An Inspirational Meme About Work Ethic …” the author addresses the online meme culture of constantly praising those who work themselves to death. It is a topic that I’ve never really read or thought much about, but the article is spot on. Those who keep pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing are constantly glorified, and there is certainly not a shortage of “motivational quotes” wherever one chooses to gaze, memes about injuries and/or risks to ones wellbeing are absent from the digital landscape. If you do stumble into a hurdle it is paramount to get back into the saddle as swiftly and elegantly as possible. But how healthy is this?

Probably not very much. But if you are as disciplined as myself does it matter? In a way yes. I noticed last year that I felt quite tired. There was this internal sentiment that made my subconscious self whisper about a much-needed “holiday.”

Say what? What a nasty word! There certainly is never time nor money for idleness if you are an artist. Β There is no such thing. Unless you’re lucky and can squeeze in a week with so-called repose, including travel days, in the course of a year or maybe mix work with a so-called “holiday” lasting a few days, which certainly isn’t enough to reinvigorate anyone.

Yet, last year I couldn’t help but to feel quite drained, fatigued in fact, as if though I needed two weeks of sleep. Mentally I guess I was tired, despite travelling to my home country only for leisure, something I hadn’t done for years. What did I do? I kept on going and when an opportunity presented itself I jumped at it, ready to go, ready to rock! I kept on pushing and was filled with enthusiasm, yet this creeping sense of fatigue was lurking in the background. The result? In December; while I was still working on this “new, secret project,” I fell ill with a horrible parasite called Crypto. God only knows where it came from, but it certainly had a devastating effect. I’ve never been that ill. My daily goals went from mastering crazy material and being at my best to be reduced to: “will I be able to eat today?”

The second that the parasite eased off, I got in touch with the local church. Maybe I Β could sing a little during Christmas? Why not? In retrospect the endeavour was ridiculous as I certainly was in no shape to do such things … and voilΓ ,Β what presented itself? A flu … resulting in a cancellation. Of all things. Still … an energetic mind knows that rest is for losers, so the second that January kicked in I started to worry about time. Yes that beautiful concept that all efficient people hold in such high esteem. Back in the saddle! Let’s go, go, go,go! But what happened next? Horrendous shoulder pain which made it impossible for me to play. I kept away from my guitar for as long as it was painful, had a treatment and the second that I felt better – go,go,go,go,go,go,go! “The Mind Trumps All” or so they say….yet in February the aforementioned injury kicked in and this time it became obvious that I actually had to rest. Or the left arm … not the right arm.

Which meant that I compiled two books with one hand in the early months of the year, as only no-gooders do nothing with the limited time they got left.

Yet I eventually I had to stop since it caused too much unbalance. So what then? Well I directed my absolute attention towards classical singing which worked really well and brought me lots of joy until abdominal issues become so overwhelming that I had to stop and realised that maybe it was time to see a doctor. Abdominal issues? Oh yes, ever since January, but I couldn’t be bothered to investigate further as I just dismissed it as a remnant of the horrible parasite. Do you think I like to be ill? No. Do I love to sit in a queue and wait for medical appointments? No. Do I like to potentially waste people’s time? No. So I just brushed that specific pain aside, until I physically couldn’t ignore it any longer as it was getting worse. Oh yes.

So this year has panned out radically differently than how I thought it would….Lo-and-behold we are officially in the 6th month of 2017 and I guess I can officially say that I hit the wall for the first time in my life in terms of health. It has not been fun, but I guess “denial” has only made things worse, because as we all know … nothing should get in the way of the glorious hustle, not even health. Only death is a valid excuse.


I got a SPA – treatment for my birthday last year, but due to how busy I was with my “secret project” and how unpredictable the whole thing was with dates/meetings, an entire year passed without me having cashed in “my experience.” When I finally decided to book my appointment I had to continuously post-pone until it was impossible for me to do so. My birthday gift ended up in the trash. Time to re-think my priorities?