NEW Patreon Videos!

So far this year I’ve released 19 Patreon-only videos on my Patreon page!

For only 1$ you can see 18 of them, the other one is a 30 minute guitar lesson that can be accessed for 10$!

My Patrons heard sneak peeks from “Berit-Vol.1” while I worked my way through it and received downloads before anyone else did! They followed the process like no one else of my followers, getting regular written updates as well. They also saw the album art before it was released anywhere and are now getting sneak peeks from my upcoming illustrated Lyric book & will soon get previews from “Berit-Vol.2”

My 1st “Lyric & Art Book” can only be purchased trough my Patreon page, it also possible to unlock singing lessons, guitar lessons and Skype one-on-ones!Β If you like my work and enjoy my creative output then this is the best way to follow me and support what I do!

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New Interview Out Now!

Read my latest interview right here:Β Interview.

Make sure that you check out my NEW album “Berit-Vol.1” – you can order physical copies through my website right here:Β BUY MY ALBUM!

You can get access to downloads before anyone else if you sign up to myΒ Patreon….

….or you can wait for the release date which is on the 22nd of November!

The album will be available through all digital music platforms on the 22nd!

Music Update!

It was great fun doing my 1st live stream yesterday on my YouTube channel! I will do another one next week on the 23rd of November!

Yesterday I kept it going for an hour answering questions from followers and/or fans, it was a great experience which reminded me of how things used to be on Facebook, when it was possible to actually reach fans and have an interaction going!

I’m glad that people enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to bringing my acoustic guitar next Friday! You can watch the Q&A right here:

This is the last day of the pre-order campaign for my upcoming release, so make sure that you get your signed, physical copy!

Yesterday I sent out downloads to my Patrons on Patreon, so if you want to receive songs before anyone else, then this is the best place to go!

The only “top-tier”exclusive that I have left to make, besides a birthday greeting, is to make an in-depth vocal lesson. I imagine that I will make that either at the end of this month or early next month!

Today we sent out lots of CDs to 14 different countries! I made a pretty cool list last night Β over the various territories, from the most popular to the least! It’s quite cool! Now I’m done marking all the CDs as sent on PayPal, so whoever has ordered will have received a notification!

It’s 1 year and 8 months since last time I/we had a rendezvous with the Post Office, so it was good to finally send something physical out! I’m very appreciative of all of those people who’ve bought my digital releases while I’ve been sick and to those who have signed up to my Patreon!

I’m happy to be back in business!


Q&A on my YouTube tomorrow + Downloads for my Patrons!

Make sure that you PRE-ORDER your signed copy of my NEW album before/on the 16th of November! Tomorrow I’ll be sending out the 1st batch of pre-orders. I’ll also send out downloads to Patrons on my Patreon page, so if you want to hear some of my new songs before anyone else then you can go and sign up here:Β My Patreon!

Tomorrow I’ll go LIVE on my YouTube channel so make sure that you join me on there if you have any questions!

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