Police separate Pro-Muslim Extremists Group & Anti-Muslim Extremists Groups … & More Racism News.


Before I start today’s entry I would like to add that the parents at my sibling’s school are apparently freaking out since their children are about to embark on a London trip. Worried parents are telling their kids to carry objects that they can defend themselves with and to be vigilant. Quite funny, considering how outspokenly non-conservative a lot of these people are. Doesn’t this “completely unjustified fear” make them “bigoted” and “xenophobic?” Over in the USA some parents experienced a change of hearts as well, once one of “their own” was raped by two illegal immigrants at a local high school. Interesting how people normally become worried once something happens close to them or to someone they know…isn’t enough to hear about other people’s suffering?ย Maryland School Rape Case,ย another take on the same case.

Here is an interesting article that explains how “hate crimes” are categorised/defined in the UK. Here is an excerpt:ย “The policeโ€™s โ€˜Hate Crime Operational Guidanceโ€™ now stresses that the victimโ€™s perception is the deciding factor in whether something is measured as a hate crime. No evidence is required. โ€˜Evidence ofโ€ฆ hostility is not required for an incident or crime to be recorded as a hate crime or hate incident,โ€™ the guidance says. โ€˜[The] perception of the victim, or any other person, is the defining factorโ€ฆ the victim does not have to justify or provide evidence of their belief, and police officers or staff should not directly challenge this perception.โ€™ So you donโ€™t need actual evidence to prove hate crime, just a feeling.”ย Read full article HERE.

Today’s News.

“Anti-fascists,” (which could read: “fascists who don’t really realise that they are the actual fascists”) lost the plot when two right-wing groups decided to protest Islamic Extremism in London. The event was highly guarded by police as the authorities feared violent confrontations. It seemed like the police were doing a great job from the footage I’ve seen. Must be strange though to be a cop of immigrant background having to protect “Britain First” and/or “English Defence League” or maybe they agree with their concerns regarding Muslim Extremism…..one can hope….

The “Anti-Fascists” were fronted by a hijab wearing woman ( at least in one video clip I’ve seen) and they were all shouting about how the right-wingers were nazis and islamophobes as one does the second anyone is against muslim supremacists and islamic terror and/or pro-borders and/or pro-strict immigration. “Off-our-streets-Nazi-Scum” they yelled.

The mainstream media tried to spin a story about how the two groups “Britain First” and ” English Defence League” had teamed up together for the protest, this was denounced by the groups themselves on FB…….

Protest in London

Both right wing groups apparently expected lots of people to join them but according to the mainstream media their attendance was rather poor. People used footage of the masked “anti-fascists” as evidence of the right-wingers violent nature if one is to believe social media commentators…. A great number of people online pointed out that these masked people were in fact the “anti-fascists” who are called “Unite Against Fascism” btw. As you can see people were just as divided online as they were in the protest in London.

protests in London 2protest london 3london protest 4

The masked “anti-fascists” decided to attack the “nazis” (for all I know some of them might be :/ )…according to the alternative narrative…..this is the typical scenario though on both sides of the pond…. Anyone who disagrees with “refugees welcome” or “no borders-no nation-fuck deportation” is a nazi and literally Hitler, even when protesting peacefully. Tommy Robinsonย had to be escorted by the police to avoid attacks by the “peace-loving” “anti-fascists” in the footage I’ve seen. I also took the time to read about Robinson some days ago and even though his criminal record is dodgy I have to say that his concerns about radical Islam seems to be spot on, from what I could see/tell. He also abandoned the group he had started as he felt that it was being infiltrated by actual, real, nazis, apparently. Who knows if this is true or not, or what has happened, but he certainly was out protesting today….

I’m not a supporter of racism, but you cannot give up your country either, I have no idea where this assumption comes from that any person should be allowed to go wherever they may like. Any welfare system/tax system will collapse as a result. We all have our systems and have to operate within these matrixes. You can destroy one, but this will only lead to the uprising of another. I have no idea why you are evil if you want to defend and protect what is yours either, but apparently you are….Maybe these “anti-fascists” who actually are fascists should go and protest over in the middle east or something and see how much tolerance they get over there….One can only assume that these individuals can’t get enough terrorism and senseless violence in Europe. There is so much information about Muslim Supremacists behaving badly all over our continent it is quite frankly alarming…..in a weak moment when I thought to myself that “maybe it is right that it is Russian propaganda…..maybe it is all a hoax” I came across a Podesta email I’ve linked to further down in this entry….and well yeah…let me just say that no….none of these stories of Europe going to shits are exaggerated or false.

Calling this “islamophobia” or “targeting of muslims” is ridiculous, they keep on highlighting their own group through incompatible, unacceptable behaviour in any western territory where they have a significant presence….. Of course not all are, but you get the point. (In fact I’m getting tired of writing about this. Maybe I should stop. There is just too much information out there and whenever you think you’re done, there’s always something new popping up).

In one of these articles there is a picture of a man holding a “fuck you ISIS” flag…this was apparently very offensive….as if though the very existence of ISIS is not offensive…I’m starting to wonder if people’s shock at Trump’s inauguration speech had to deal with the fact that he said that ISIS should be eradicated/annihilated. I fail to see why this would be a loss…..

Protest in London as reported by The Independent.

Protest in London as reported by Metro.

Protest in London as reported by RT.

Protest in London as reported by Daily Star Sunday.

In another example of racial/cultural/political tension… Aย young man was almost killed in Croydon on Saturday. He was standing on a bus stop with a couple of friends when a group of people in their 20s approached him asking him where he came from. He revealed that he was an asylum seeker from the middle east and this resulted in him being “viciously attacked,” the ethnicity of his attackers have so far not been revealed. I’ve kept an eye on the story all day and not much has beenย revealed besides the age of the perpetrators…

Croydon Hate crime as reported by The Independent.

Croydon Hate Crime as reported by The Telegraph.

Funny enough…people are trying to highlight what a diverse and safe neighbourhood Croydon is….I didn’t live far from that place when the riots broke out……I’m just saying….it doesn’t seem like a very diverse area to me after having lived right by it….nor is it a place where I would walk around alone after dark to put it that way…

Whether the attackers were muslims, hating on another muslim, which happens all the time in the middle east and now also in Europe, or whether they were white, hating on a foreigner doesn’t change the fact that these are the type of situations you get with diversity. Especially if one group is tired of being attacked and bullied by the other or if one group is becoming worried as they start to see their territory as “lost” or “changed.”

Of course there are those who try to place the blame on right-wing politicians and xenophobia. I suspect that this will be the narrative that people will keep on promoting and spinning rather than revealing the fact that our continent has been slipping gradually and that a lot of hate has been fuelled by how immigrants have actually behaved, ย not to mention the political elite and the mainstream media who have created this situation in many ways…by bringing in incompatible cultures, then justifying it, hating on any criticism, throwing whistle blowers under the bus ( Bombshell. A must read for anyone who cares about Europe.)ย constantly preferring and prioritising other people than their own….and so on and so on…..this obscene article for example that dares to claim that there is “institutionalised islamophobia” in Europe, as if though muslims are our continent’s “afro-Americans” a group that was transported in chains to America, is an insult to all of those who have felt abandoned by their representatives while their neighbourhoods have gradually been destroyed and an insult to any minority that actually have been victims of institutionalised racism. The politically correct narrative has been ethno-masochism for so long, you are basicallyย considered a racist unless you willingly wear a hijab “in solidarity” at this point (a bit exaggerated, but I guess you see the picture).ย Obscene bullshit article from Huffington Post.

Of course I’m not justifying an attack on an innocent person, I’m just trying to get my point across that innocent people end up getting hurt, when “the system” creates a foundation upon which internal conflicts can/will emerge. This creates a situation where “the people” end up fighting each other in the streets, while those behind the mess are left alone….. Or it creates support for a “big brother” government as everyone is feeling unsafe…. or it creates so much instability the whole structure of your nation just falls apart….eventually….also making you vulnerable toย foreign meddlingย and interests…

On a different note; the authorities warned embassies in the UK that they feared an increase in “hate crimes” after the “triggering” of article 50. The police have spoken about an increase in racism towards “other Europeans” as well. ย All in all though it does seem as if though this “increase in racism” is greatly exaggerated if one is to read the article I linked to above concerning “hate-crimes.” Who knows. I hope that Europe will be Europe and not Europe-stan in the future. If I wanted to live in Algerie or Saudia Arabia I wouldn’t be here…. I also hope that we can move forward without our continent falling apart. If it does then don’t forget who is responsible. Don’t forget who created this mess in the first place.



1984 vs. Brave New World


Whenever people speak about how we are turning into a 1984 dystopia, I cannot help but to think about Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World. I have to admit that our society resembles Huxley’s dystopian vision even more in my opinion. In fact it is as if thought we are living in a strange mix of the two, where our secular, uber consumer, self centred, greed infested, appearance obsessed Brave New World is becoming more and more like 1984 in terms of surveillance etc. I find it strange that the Huxley comparison doesn’t come up more often, but I wonder if the reason for this is that if your prison is made of gold, or is invisible, as to create the illusion of freedom, then why would you complain?

A culture of irresponsibility, centred around personal pleasure is again way more true to the “Fordship” than the stark, spartan nature of big brother. But then I suppose one might feel this way as only people who are considered “an enemy of the state” has any dealings with said Big Brother. An interesting thing to note is how everyone has a screen in their homes and how you are being watched at all times in Orwell’s dystopia. We are being watched at all times in our free society today, but we are being watched voluntarily within our four walls. Meaning that we all share information with the world of our whereabouts without being pressured into it. Which means that normal people, who are not artists and/or entrepreneurs selling something, cannot wait to share their preferences in all things with whomever that is willing to listen. Submitting all this information to a modern STASI database in the form of Facebook and/or any other social media site. A wet dream for business, an even wetter one for Big Brother. Another interesting thing to note, is the contineous war effort in Orwell’s dystopia, how the fighting is happening far away and how it never seems to end. The editing of news can resemble our mainstream media, the contineous work on their “news speak” how our language is constantly altered. Altered ย to make it increasingly political correct, as if thought the end destination of political correctness is a homogenous mass in terms of opinions, where individualism is mercilessly crushed at a young age and any critical thinking towards the government eradicated.The constant official change of terms also make older people come across as outdated as to mark a shift between generations. You are an old outdated model. Out with you and your irrelevant non-sense. The changing of the way people speak is actually what fascinated me the most I believe in 1984 as you gotta ask yourself what the intended long term goal is in watering down everything with political correctness and new improved ways to describe and adress old concept, ideas and objects.

If anyone is to make any references to theย ย democratic west turning into the police state of Orwell’s 1984 you have to include Huxle’s Brave New World and vica versa.

Maybe The Hunger Games triology is more accurate in its depiction of society as it is right now, globally speaking. With the capital enjoying mindless entertainment, fashion and wealth, while everything is being manufactured in the districts by invisible hands that no one sees.

It makes you think about all this manufacturing re-located to distant places none of us can relate to or our mass killing culture in industrialised agriculture. A reality nobody has to deal with or face as we carelessly drop by the local shop or mall, buying products packed in carefully designed embalage, that sells us glamour or a cosy cow grazing in an idyllic setting. We know nothing about where the things we consume come from. I believe most kids today probably don’t even know, that once upon a time you could only get certain fruits and/or vegetables when each had its season. Now we live in a society where everything should be accessible to all, at all times as long as they can pay.

A communist dystopia is equally nightmarish as a capitalist dystopia. They are equally alarming in their most extreme form. Big government equal big business. Cynicism in big business equal cynicism in big government.

Yet most seem to feel that big government is cosier than big buisiness, that cynics only find their way into the private sector.

This seems to be the general sentiment, while people worship his “Fordship”living out Huxley’s dystopia, with only a handful showing concern towards the sneaky, slow, shadowy move towards 1984 through clever legislation, that in the wrong hands could incriminate most people.

But why care if you have the freedom to spend, consume and party within a golden cage you are bred to believe you eventually can escape from?


Big Brother is coming to get ya & other horrid articles worth a read.


If you’ve been sitting all day staring into a screen…what better way to spend your free time than…staring into a screen ๐Ÿ˜›

Feel like reading something crazy and upsetting?

Then you can check out some of the articles that I’ve been reading today….and as I speak of ” reading what I’ve been reading’…LMAO…

The UK government will from now on store ALL your web browsing history for a year……ahhh…privacy, what’s that again? Let’s face it folks, it’s the age of Big Brother…..Can’t wait till the day when the authorities can arrest you for “thought-crime”… Seriously…I don’t care what their reasons are…this is insane…and I don’t think it will stop at this…I remember reading an article a while back that the Government in the UK wanted to have the right to walk into people’s homes with the ridiculous excuse that they were going to check that family homes had enough “child-security”. This caused an outrage in the UK and the legislation was stopped….yet…after reading the news today…I guess it’s a never-ending battle….Big Brother is here to get ya!

If you didn’t feel paranoid enough…don’t despair!

If you have seen the news lately thousands of refugees coming into Europe ย have just disappears from the refugees camps…hmm…


According to word of mouth, or basically what I’ve heard….the UN has been using this “disappearance” of immigrants to promote their, ” oh so jolly” Biometric ID Plan…apparently this ID would be an internal device or something and would track wherever these refugees might go…and apparently the UN wants to do the same to us ALL….

I don’t know if it’s true or not…for now I’ll go with the Ancient Aliens Meme…or maybe this awesome vid…

Yesterday evening I mentioned Essena O’Neill’s video. I found it to be very touching, in fact I loved it. The whole story has ย been taking the internet by storm and some of Essena’s friends have now joined the debate ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I think some of their points are quite spot on to be fair….if you think of it… O’Neill has pretty much declared war on her fellow bloggers and those who keep on doing what she herself has abandoned! According to herself she was posting pictures, trying to look pretty, to feel “valued”. Don’t forget that there are people who blog & post pics just because they love to share what they are passionate about! Anyway, I like this Essena chick, I think she did something mature and brave! ย Here are some her former friends though and THEIR reaction to her video…I saw this over at The Independent, btw:

To end my short entry on a positive note….

VH1 decided to post an article about Norwegian Black Metal today! How interesting I thought to myself, only to find out that it was an article about the criminal actions of some of Norway’s most notorious characters. The author is clearly disgusted about the fact that Faust, who murdered a gay man, just because he was gay, gets celebrated as a “metal-hero”… I have to say that I too find this strange…what this drummer did was outrageous…but please bear in mind that it is NOT representative of the average Norwegian. We are an extremely tolerant society.ย More Madness From Norway….

Oh…and also…

Are you recording something ? I found this article the other day which I thought was interesting….if you are a musician…check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

Recording tips \m/ Check it out!

Goodnight folks \m/