Censorship, Freedom & Sovereignty In “Europe.”

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, like a lightening bolt out of the blue, I couldn’t read certain news sites anymore since they had been “blocked by the EU.”

This literally happened over-night.

I took some screenshots of it, since I was planning to write about how the European territory is becoming increasingly like some “Soviet-spin-off.”

living in the EU

It is an interesting thing to experience since nobody really refers to themselves as “European” nor do anyone refer to their own territory as part of “Europe.”

“This is the U.K., Europe equals everyone else.”

“This is Scandinavia, Europe (again) equals everyone else.”

Yet the E.U. has the power to decide what ought to be accessed and read by everyone who lives under their jurisdiction, which certainly raises the question of national sovereignty….

It is also of interest since we learn about the Soviet Union in school and how horrible it was that “people were spied on,” that there was “limited freedom of speech,” that “information was being controlled,” etc;

In our “Western territories” we have “freedom of speech” as one of our “golden values,” which is of interest when considering that there are other territories on this planet who have no freedom of speech at all officially, which sounds horrid, but at least give people clearer guide-lines. Maybe “freedom of speech” is an illusion to crack down on dissenters? It can certainly be used that way I’m sure … you think you have freedom of speech, but oooops, apparently you do not.

In the same spirit I was going to write about the social media site GAB, that was all of a sudden shut down and mysteriously removed. Just like the E.U. censorship, that too happened remarkably quickly. The reason given was that the Synagogue-shooter over in the U.S.A. had a profile on their site. For some strange unexplainable reason though, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube still stand, despite being linked to Islamic terrorists, drug cartels, ethnic cleansing and major data leaks. The list of extremist (and unethical) behaviour goes on, which naturally will make one wonder: what sort of extremism is considered less extreme or more acceptable than others? A good question indeed….


I myself, have been trying to watch some of Donald J. Trump’s rally speeches via YouTube, but whenever I’ve tried to check out what he is actually doing and saying at his events, “the spinning wheel of doom” appears out of nowhere and I’m literally prevented from watching. If I manage to stream a speech, it doesn’t take long before everything “hangs” which means that I have to refresh my window indefinitely, since the problem doesn’t go away … mysteriously enough….

Yesterday I finally managed to watch my first rally, courtesy of my mother.

The energy level and the optimism could be felt all the way from America. It was a patriotic, enthusiastic speech that energised the huge crowd present.

There was nothing divisive, nothing hateful, nothing loathsome.

Since I’ve lived in the U.S. on several occasions I’ve seen for myself the derelict state of their country, it makes me happy to see that there is an effort in place to get America back on its feet. We need the same drive and optimism over here in “Europe” for sure; a country that looses faith in itself is a country that will cease to exist.


Lyric Book – Signed Physical Copies!

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blog book cover

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Lame, Lame, Lame, Shit.

So now my video got demonetized, like what the hell? A ¬†song I wrote for the victims of all of this extreme weather? I say that we should leave our political differences behind and come together to help the victims? I say that it is nice to see all of these people who are different coming together helping each other and that this is the best of America? Hello? Ridiculous. Beyond annoying too. I’ve never experienced anything like this. Defamation that is exactly what it is. Pricks.


The Latest Social Media Purge.

So while I was sitting here working on some pretty long opinion pieces I was informed by a family member that conservative artists and political YouTubers are having their YouTube videos demonetized. Huh? I have to admit I was surprised to hear this even though, yes, I’ve written about how reactionaries/alt-righters/alt-liters etc; have lost their Patreon and/or PayPal; but Trump supporters losing their income? Are you kidding me?

I feel like a little kid going: “I know you are the big bad wolf” and then going “Holy shit!” when the big bad wolf confesses: “Yes it is me! I am the big bad horrible wolf, you were right!”

Funny. I can’t believe I was surprised by the news, yet I have to admit that I was. I hate to be right :/ Anyway, grim news indeed. I guess it is now official that any person who isn’t part of the modern left have been lumped into the Nazi/extremist category. Yet, things are not always like they seem and according to this article I came across there’s also been people on the left experiencing their share of censorship from YouTube. Now that’s an interesting detail to note. Even though I’m not particularly keen on conspiracy theories it’s an idea to read and watch this!

Here is a screenshot from another site complaining about the same:

war on indie media

Obviously it fits into the air of this blog that the cultural marxists¬†are escalating their witch-hunt after everything that has happened as of late, such as this:¬†The Triumph Of Reason.When you read the article I first pasted in and see that a duo like Diamond & Silk¬†are experiencing ¬†censorship it should not be hard to agree with that sentiment. The modern left is strong, merciless, unwavering, with politicians and artists alike endorsing violence in the streets … and¬†in the middle of this there are¬†neo-conservatives¬†like Mitt Romney endorsing ANTIFA, a communist group … Uh? So I guess that these republicans are closet-modern-leftists or something… or?¬†American conservatives.

Not to forget that UK’s conservative prime minister Theresa May officially bent the knee to Islam during her “Eid Mubarak speech” ¬†… and Norway’s female conservative prime minister is not much to talk about either. Is she conservative or what? Honestly it is hard to have heroes in today’s world. Theresa May certainly looked like a total pro during her visit to Washington but she also sounded outdated next to Trump, not to forget that she apparently is on a ¬†“crusade” against *drumroll* Breitbart readers … of all things. I also enjoy watching videos with US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, but he also sounds slightly outdated when it comes to certain things.

Who do you look up to if you’ve decided to side with “The West?”

Anyway … It honestly seems like those on the left want to provocate the right for all that it’s worth, since they keep on poking, poking, poking, poking,poking. It is easy to laugh at it too though when you read hilarious articles like this: Bronze Lives Matter, but the laughter cease when you realise that Jesus, fucking hell these wackos have no boundaries/brakes. Not to forget that there are self-professed patriots out there who would then actually side with militant left-wing radicals who believe in toppling statues…. ¬†¬†*Enter confused face*

This is the woman who believes a statue of Admiral Nelson should be removed. She authored the article I just linked to.


Even though I see the modern left as a giant,totalitarian mega-threat that I truly don’t agree with, I’m not quite sure what I think of this spin to the story of those on the left being demonetized too. After all it does seem like any person to the right of “leftist-revolutionary” is being targeted. Regardless of what the full truth may be the modern left are in a strong position and fully display their intolerance and true colours everyday. ¬†Funny enough I hoped that socialist Marine Le Pen would win in France since she is a patriot and wasn’t championing globalism. And what about my own country? I’ve been posting favourably about the right-wing political party currently in our government¬†since they are opposed to the Islamification of Norway. At least they are willing to say that Norway is a country whose culture/identity deserves to be defended. Yet they are in my opinion capitalist extremists after having read their entire party-program, but I can’t support anyone who is centrists or leftists or moderately conservative as they all champion replacement migration :l ¬†… the times are weird to say the least… :/ Why can’t we have Nationalist Capitalism in Europe? That would make things easy. Pro-Norwegian culture, pro-Norwegian business, anti-globalist, anti-mass-migration, pro-the-Norwegian-people without being racist. Strong European Nations standing together because of trade and a military alliance. Europe first. Sounds great to me. Maybe I should start my own party ūüėõ I’m sure that would be an easy task ūüėõ

In my opinion you don’t need anti-left propaganda when they themselves actually create and/or endorse videos like these:¬†No thanks! You can keep your nastiness to yourself.I wouldn’t want to be associated with something like that. Thanks for convincing me not to vote for your party! You’ve certainly scared me away as if thought the politics weren’t enough! I’m just waiting for Norwegian feminists to vote naked as we saw American celebrities doing over there, or some chubby Norwegian soap-opera star making a horrible rap, or Norwegians threatening to leave the country if those on the right win. Hey, I actually live abroad! Ha! I don’t live in Norway. Yet I’ll use my vote and I’ll vote for the right!!!!!!¬†Mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!



I googled a little and came across this article concerning¬†pro-Trump musicians targeted by YouTube. When I first looked at it I wasn’t quite sure what to think. In general I don’t really trust musicians as a great number seem to be uniquely narcissistic taking any opportunity whether it is charity, politics, relationships or whatever to promote themselves. Of course the music biz is competitive, I’m also ecstatic whenever my music gets exposure as you need that as a musician! I disagree with the politics often preached by The BBC and The Guardian, yet I thought it was awesome that they featured my music! Anyway – ¬†I cannot really see myself run around and support and endorse whatever just to get attention; so when I first read the article above I was wondering if the “story” was genuine or I guess what I’m trying to say is: that I hope that the artists in question are sincere. Seeing that others have reported on the story as well I trust that they are. In fact here I’ve found some cool tracks you can check out by said artists:

Funny enough I’ve also experienced social media censorship. I had to deal with that in 2013 when I released “I Am The Commander In Chief” as a single with a video. Super stoked about my military-themed video I was shattered when my Facebook posts with the video literally got 0 views after the first time I posted it, something I’ve never experienced neither before nor after. None of the rock’n’roll sites posted it on their YouTube channels either so it was disappointing to say the least. Followers tried to be clever by notifying me that Facebook wants people to pay for visibility but for me this was really not the case as other music videos and all other content didn’t experience the same thing. Even though I was pissed off about my video I guess I forgot about the whole thing when my next video went viral on social media, but then again it was a performance video so I guess it didn’t offend anyone ūüėõ And for those thinking that maybe nobody liked it, well yes people actually did like it. Somehow that particular release was flagged ¬†which made it impossible to promote as an independent artist.

Back in 2015 I had another weird experience when my blog had its reach decreased over night. That really disappointed me as I’ve written before, since I was stoked over the power of social media! The whole idea that you as an artist can build your own fan base and bypass the gatekeepers of the industry is magnificent, yet I literally experienced having my shares reduced, AND that was before I posted any political content. Now how about that? I have no idea why this post changed everything:¬†21 Reasons I Suck!

Yet it did (?) Awkward.

I’ve also blogged about my bizarre experience later in 2015, when I for 5 months experienced all of my social media accounts being messed with by God knows who. At a certain point it stopped.

This year I’ve been experiencing some hiccups with my Instagram which I thought was a bug, but as of late I’ve started to have my doubts since updating and restarting the App hasn’t changed anything. Basically what happens is that my Instagram goes black and then I’m all of a sudden out of the App. Not logged out just “out” – like when you just x out of an App on your phone. When does this happen? Well is the same scenario every time – it happens whenever I’m liking conservative posts … go figure… every single time. I’m not joking. I’m serious. It has been going on for a while.

Hmm … anything else weird? Well last year both my brother and I noticed that certain posts we had made on our private Facebooks had been deleted or just looked blank. We had not done this ourselves. There was a petition I signed some years ago calling for FB to change certain aspects of its terms of service I think and this had also been removed – and I didn’t just share someone else’s post, it was mine. Censorship is alive and well it seems.

…and for those who would wonder if I’m lying then let me ask you this: what would I gain by fabricating this information? Answer: Nothing.

I certainly won’t be posting any political content on my YouTube, not that I ever did, besides a little history lesson. In light of how things are now I guess that this is hate speech too?

The Potential Tyranny/Vulnerability Of Facebook.

This was an entry that I wrote right after the “FB Trending Scandal”.

Last year I started this blog after people had been suggesting for years that I should keep one. I had no idea what to expect number wise or view wise and couldn’t believe it when I shared one of my first entries on my professional Facebook page and got lots of shares and comments on my entry.

Fats forward a bit and the time had come for my birthday and instead of posting something flattering, I decided to have some fun and posted a post titled ” 21 Reasons I suck!” a pretty innocent entry where I described my mistakes and things I could work on to improve myself. To my big surprise it became my most shared entry at the time, getting close to a 1000 shares on FB. I thought to myself, “wow, I can be my own “broadcaster”, these posts have more reach and shares than most professional music industry sites ” and that made me quite happy and proud.

I thought to myself ” if things keeps on increasing like this…”. Some days later though, my love for the power of social media died a bit. I was truly hurt when I logged into my WordPress and saw that ALL my shares on every single post had been reduced. Posts that had 500 shares on FB now had under a 100, posts close to a 1000 shares now had maybe 100 or 200, I think my most shared entry had been reduced to 400 or 500 shares. I looked at it incredulous and refreshed my tab over and over again.

But no, there was nothing I could do, all my FB shares had been reduced.

I was extremely sad and disappointed, I felt wronged and I felt “screwed over” my blog was getting increasingly popular on social media, why would I get a setback in shares and visibility?

I was wondering “is this FB or is this some tech savvy psychopathic hater?” why would someone reduce my visibility and try to reduce my popularity?

I had experienced something remotely similar in 2013 when I released a music video that I thought was hilarious. It was a video to my song “I Am The Commander In Chief” a song written from the perspective of a dictator, meant as satire I guess you could say. The video was exaggerated and funny and had a great amount of reach the first time I posted a post on FB. But after the popularity of that post something happened, and whenever I tried to promote the video on FB, my reach was literally 0, something I had never seen before. When I spoke about how I thought that I was being censored by FB, people just came with the explanation that NO, FB wants people to pay for ads etc, etc, but here’s the problem though….no other posts were suffering the same fate and how would you explain my experience some years later, with my shares actually being reduced on all articles on my blog over night?

Who truly runs social media is a tricky question, you don’t know if it’s a machine or a person running things, you don’t know if FB is working against you (which they’ve been accused of for years btw ) or if it’s a person with no connection to the social media platform who is trolling you.

They have the power to delete posts, suspend accounts and shut down sites if they find content that they want to hush down. This is something that they’ve done as FB obviously don’t respect freedom of speech if it is against their political agenda.

I’m glad that the cat is out of the bag when it comes to FB’s trending section. I have to admit that it is not surprising, but before you always had people defending FB screaming for evidence whenever anyone accused FB of censorship. :/ :0