Lent for the 1st time.

Sometime after lent had commenced I decided that maybe I ought to try it, not that I was aware of when it started exactly, as the local church is somewhat neglected by the church authorities and don’t even have a service every Sunday; but that’s ok, the most important thing is that the church hasn’t been closed and is still standing strong, open at all times, after all these years. (It’s Norman and an absolute beauty).

Lent was interesting as it functions like a habit-breaker, I was not entirely successful but at least I gave it a go and tried my best. The biblical reason for this strange “celebration” is that Jesus was wandering around in the desert for a while and withstood temptation from the Devil ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I personally have not reached this section of the Bible as I’m still working my way through the Old Testament; I’ve largely been a protestant-in-name-only, (or secular protestant) my entire life, gradually turning to Christianity over the last few years. So lent was pretty new to me (just like attending Holy Communion), but a valuable lesson nonetheless.

The Church of England is struggling greatly; they don’t have enough funds to look after England’s numerous and beautiful places of worship, and most people who I’ve run into complain about dwindling numbers when it comes to attendance.

It is rather sad since England is an Anglican country and so far I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed whatever services I’ve come to; I also heard complaints about general low attendance over in Norway last time I was there. There also seem to be many women who take it upon themselves to keep the faith alive by becoming priests.

The Old Testament is proving a very interesting read as it illustrates how various tribes interact with one another; how everyone travels to Israel to shower the Jews with gifts and praise when they are strong and under tough leadership, while everyone tries to take advantage, looting and conquering the Jews once they are seen as weak! The work is repetitive, as I’ve also written in the very looooong review that I’m writing about it; it is hard to read due to the fact that it was not written to be a page turner. Names of entire Jewish families are listed over and over and over again, which certainly makes for tiresome reading. I therefore decided to check out “The Lion Encyclopaedia of Jesus.,” just to get a more “in-depth” introduction to Jesus; in comparison to what little I already knew.

If you feel like helping persecuted Christians then please read this: “Persecuted Christians around the World.”ย If you live in England then maybe this will be of interest: “The Vulnerability of the Poor & Our Shared Cultural Heritage.” Here are some interesting petitions to check out:ย Petitions To Sign & Share.

Here are more books on spirituality & self-help:

โ€œAn Angel Saved Meโ€ by Theresa Cheung.

\m/ Spiritus Gladius \m/

The Map of Heaven โ€“ by Dr. Eben Alexander & Ptolemy Tompkins.

Spooky Cults, Online Shaming and Alcoholism.

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St.Patricks Day a Christian Holiday??????????

A History Magazine from Norway.

Ancient Greek Myths โ€“ The Universe, The Gods, And Mortals told by Jean-Pierre Vernant.

The Odyssey โ€“ for children.

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How To Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

Willing To Win.

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Bli Best Med Mental Trening by Erik Bertrand Larssen.

The Chimp Paradox.

Live Better & Longer by Michel Cymes.

Lโ€™ Art De La Simplicitรฉ By Dominique Loreau.

The Clever Guts Diet by Dr. Michael Mosley.

St.Patricks Day a Christian Holiday??????????

I had no idea that St.Patricks day was a religious holiday or had religious roots.

I guess the name should have rung a bell, but all I associate with St.Patricks are crazy outfits, people drinking and “kiss me I’m Irish”.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to celebrate your ancestry, and awesome that the Irish are proud of being Irish, I’m just puzzled by the fact that it is originally a festivity to celebrate Christianity’s arrival/rise in popularity in Ireland.

And that Saint Patrick was a……… missionary. Say Whaaaat?

Apparently, Saint Patrick died on this day, so according to tradition the Irish would go to church on the 17th of May (?) , pubs would be closed (??? No Guinness???)

American Irish Immigrants re-invented the holiday. They faced a hard reality in America and wanted to show the world they were proud of their roots ( now that’s awesome!) ย and eventually it gave way to a more commercialised celebration. Which is what we see today.

I guess that this is the way most traditional celebrations go. My little brother got a ย Disney book for Christmas with, well Christmas stories, and according to these tales, Christmas is all about gifts. I remember sitting there reading this for my brother going…ehhhmm…whaaat? Is this the new official background story for Christmas?

But I guess that this is the way that all “traditions” end up being presented in the end.

So I guess….thumbs up to all of you who are proud to be Irish \m/

……and thumbs up to St.Patrick (?) for driving out the “snakes” (translation: heathens) out of Ireland….?

How would St.Patrick have felt about this holiday turning into a huge drunken binge?

Is it cool or is it not?

Are religious holidays spent celebrating in an old-fashioned style out of date?

Has it become irrelevant or is it more important than ever to know our history? You tell me.

“may you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows your dead”–apparently an Irish saying, just loved the sound of it. Found it online somewhere ๐Ÿ˜›