Is Christianity & Islam Compatible?


Politicians and the mainstream media are constantly telling us that the two religions are the best of friends. These days it isn’t uncommon to hear of Islamic prayers being held within the walls of Christian churches, I even attended a lecture myself about persecuted Christians where the lecturer told me that Muslims and Christians should stand more together. This was something he said after delivering a presentation where he explained that the most common persecutors of Christians are Muslims … This speaker labeled the secularists as the greatest evil. His endorsement of Islam came after he had described how Muslims didn’t want to walk past him when he was out walking his dog, as Muslims detest these animals….He also stated that Jihadis will stop with their murderous activity when given BMWs and other materialist goods here in Europe … since welfare and exposure to convenience will eradicate Militant Islam.

It seemed like the audience was slightly bewildered, as some certainly were supportive of his conclusion due to mixed grandchildren or after having attended Interfaith events; in contrast there were those speaking of how Muslims had harassed them here in England, and they did not seem very happy nor convinced. Not that long ago I attended a service where the priest highlighted at every opportunity, how unique Christianity is and how this faith is the most peaceful one. A shocking thing to hear in these politically correct times. Thou Shall Only Have One God? Really? We even prayed for the Jihadis here in England; that they may find enlightenment in Jesus Christ. So we basically prayed for their conversion so that they will stop killing Europeans. Hilarious, I couldn’t believe it. Where is the media when you need them? Another service that I attended at another church a while back was more directed towards young people, they had speakers rather than preachers, and the one we heard, spoke of how Muslims were harassing her and making fun of her Christian faith. This girl looked like she came from India and thanked her church for providing her with enough information through their Bible Study Group, so that she could defend her faith from Muslims humiliating Jesus.

So … what happens when you Google what I wrote in the title of this entry? What does Islam say about Christianity? What is the relationship between the two, since we are so similar according to our politicians and journalists?

This is what you’ll find, written by those who’ve read the Muslim & Christian texts:

Islam vs. Christianity – A very good comparison.

Islam vs. Christianity 2

Islam vs. Christianity 3

Islam vs. Christianity 4

Islam vs. Christianity 5

When you are done looking at those you can read what a Mainstream Media Outlet Thinks.


Patron Saints of Europe.


I was looking Β for a symbol that could represent Europe besides the EU flag. On my quest for this I came across the following Saints listed below … I guess I was thinking of Athena, patroness of Athens while I was searching for a “unified Europe symbol” I couldn’t really find much besides what I’ve listed ↓

  1. Saint Benedict.
  2. Saint Catherine of Siena.
  3. Saint Ansgar.Β The patron saint of Scandinavia.
  4. St. Teresa Benedicta of The Cross.
  5. Bridget of Sweden.
  6. Saint Cyril & Saint Methodius
  7. Saint Scholastica, the twin sister of Saint Benedict.
  8. Jan Hus.Β A very interesting read about one of the “predecessors” of Martin Luther.
  9. Christina, Queen of Sweden.Β An interesting read about the “tomboy Queen” who converted to Catholicism & abdicated her throne.
  10. Eternal King and Patron Saint of Norway:Β Saint Olaf.
  11. Saint Magnus Erlendsson.Β A patron Saint of Norway.
  12. Religious Retreats.
  13. Croatian Hand Tattoos.
  14. What the KKK and the & Catholic church have in common.
  15. Odin.


St.Patricks Day a Christian Holiday??????????


I had no idea that St.Patricks day was a religious holiday or had religious roots.

I guess the name should have rung a bell, but all I associate with St.Patricks are crazy outfits, people drinking and “kiss me I’m Irish”.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to celebrate your ancestry, and awesome that the Irish are proud of being Irish, I’m just puzzled by the fact that it is originally a festivity to celebrate Christianity’s arrival/rise in popularity in Ireland.

And that Saint Patrick was a……… missionary. Say Whaaaat?

Apparently, Saint Patrick died on this day, so according to tradition the Irish would go to church on the 17th of May (?) , pubs would be closed (??? No Guinness???)

American Irish Immigrants re-invented the holiday. They faced a hard reality in America and wanted to show the world they were proud of their roots ( now that’s awesome!) Β and eventually it gave way to a more commercialised celebration. Which is what we see today.

I guess that this is the way most traditional celebrations go. My little brother got a Β Disney book for Christmas with, well Christmas stories, and according to these tales, Christmas is all about gifts. I remember sitting there reading this for my brother going…ehhhmm…whaaat? Is this the new official background story for Christmas?

But I guess that this is the way that all “traditions” end up being presented in the end.

So I guess….thumbs up to all of you who are proud to be Irish \m/

……and thumbs up to St.Patrick (?) for driving out the “snakes” (translation: heathens) out of Ireland….?

How would St.Patrick have felt about this holiday turning into a huge drunken binge?

Is it cool or is it not?

Are religious holidays spent celebrating in an old-fashioned style out of date?

Has it become irrelevant or is it more important than ever to know our history? You tell me.

“may you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows your dead”–apparently an Irish saying, just loved the sound of it. Found it online somewhere πŸ˜›