My Album Is Still Charting after over 2 weeks on the Amazon charts! :) Thanks!


On the 28th of January I was overjoyed when I saw that my classical album had hit the bestseller list once again, both in classical romantic and easy listening! It peaked on #2 from what I could see, but since the charts are updated every hour, it can easily be missed if it goes to #1, unless you stalk your own releases.

My album has continuously been charting since its release in December 2014, which makes me extremely happy! Usually a release will experience sales when you as an artist receive press exposure, play gigs and release new videos. So the fact that the album keeps on charting without any press buzz at the moment, gigs (I’ve been ill for a year) or new videos is crazy! In 2016 I also experienced that my music video for Paganini Cap. 24, went viral for the 2nd time, after a guitar site in Mexico posted it on their Facebook.

Whenever people come across my work and it is shared it is obvious that there is great interest for it! I’m looking forward to release new music. Right now I’m happy to be recording again! Thanks a lot to those who pay for my work and let other people know about what I do! As an independent artist I really appreciate all support! If you want to read about my Major Label experience in 2016 (the secret project) + my health (why I’ve been “gone”) you can read about that on my website right here:Β Commandermusic

Thanks again to those who support what I do! Make sure that you check out my Amazon bestseller books and previous releases on my website. Everything can be found there. ❀


2016 – The Year In Review.


2016 was a year of welcomed stability as my mother re-married and we finally regained a traditional family structure. It has been great to see the effect it has had on my younger siblings πŸ™‚ The year also brought with it an abundance of bad news health wise as pets and family members, young and old suffered from prolonged illnesses resulting in some loved ones leaving us for good 😦 My year was dominated by a secret project that I hope will result in a major announcement very soon, so keep your fingers crossed for me! Here are the highlights from the year that was:

  1. The Secret Project. Β This took up the majority of the year and resulted in some truly awesome material! I hope I get to share it with you guys soon!!!Β cicimage
  2. Senkveld Norway. This was the first time I actually rocked out on TV so that was really awesome! I’ve been on various tv-shows in my home country before but I had never done anything like this before πŸ˜‰


  3. BBC3. My first time shredding on National Radio in the UK! I had one of my original songs aired on BBC6 last year, I’ve previously been a guest on BBC Berkshire, but BBC3 is the biggest radio show I’ve done so far, so keep an eye on BBC3 & Tom Service Β on January the 15th 2017! πŸ˜‰
  4. Laney box in Argentina. The first time my face was featured on a product from a major brand! I had no idea they did this!laney-argentinalaney-box
  5. “She Rocks” commercial. I thought that this was quite cool, here I am in good company on the red carpet in L.A.
  6. “Paganini Cap.24” going viral on FB. Even though my music video for Caprice 24 was originally released in 2014 on Youtube, a site in Mexico decided to share it on their Facebook page this year, which resulted in the video piling up views quickly on the social media site πŸ˜‰ I was very happy to see the video going viral again gaining some new ground!Β m:
  7. The Metal album. In April this year I finally released my first metal album “I Am.” So far I’ve released 2 music videos from it; my re-work of “Immigrant Song” which was mentioned in Classic Rock Magazine and “If The Dead Ones Could Talk” which was re-tweeted by the author who inspired me to write the track. If you haven’t checked out the album yet make sure that you do!Β imageimg_0993
  8. I completed pre-production for album 3. During the two first months of the year I completed the arrangements and demos of a body of work that I’ve given the work title “album 3.”
  9. The album with Craig. “2 Guitars – The Classical Crossover Album” charted again this year several times which of course makes me very happy. It has continuously been in the charts since its release in December 2014!amazon-octoberimage
  10. I shared the stage with Craig again! This year I did some pretty cool private gigs in beautiful settings, this also involved playing live with Craig again which was amazing. The concept of the electric guitar vs. the classical is something that I’m really proud of.

My top blog entries this year:

  1. 28 Pictures of Severus Snape. This entry was my most popular this year. ❀
  2. Stop The Apocalypse.. I was surprised to see the support from my fans, I honestly thought that everyone would disagree with me.
  3. Wedding Pictures + Other Pictures Taken In June.
  4. The Presidency.Β I’m amazed at how immaturely the election was handled by many. What a circus. It cannot be easy when the chief manipulators of popular sentiment all of a sudden lose. What happened to all of those celebrities who were going to move to Canada? And why Canada? Why not Mexico?
  5. Goodbye August, Hello September!
  6. How To Have Fun – According to Moi.. Me being happy about my artistic progress πŸ™‚
  7. I LOVE to play guitar.Β In case you wondered….
  8. AND THE WINNER IS…... This competition had lots of people baffled.
  9. NATIONAL TV-SHOW IN NORWAY !!!Β I had a blast doing this!
  10. 20 PRACTISE TIPS FOR GUITARISTS!!!!!! ( Part 3/5 of my β€œ10 year Guitar Anniversary” entries ).. This blog entry from last year made this year’s list as well!Β 10494643_744867412219321_4820103340371772166_n

It’s hard to pick a personal favourite among my blog entries as I’m very happy with the direction my writing has taken. My entries were more entertaining last year, but there are plenty of people who provide “light content.” I wish that the world was a perfect place but it isn’t, if I was to have one “new year’s wish,” I would want the general western pop-culture to change fromΒ ethnomasochism & negativity to pride & positivity.Β 

  1. Opinions….
  2. Tears & Self Hate Is The Remedy.
  3. The Complexity Of Citizenship & Governance.
  4. Capitalism & Evidence Against The Myth That Only White People Are Guilty Of Colonialism.
  5. Fear.
  6. White Like Snow.
  7. The Battle That Can’t Be Won.
  8. Charlie Hebdo & Blasphemy.
  9. Minimalism.
  10. Identity.



These were my personal favourites among my Instagram photos:

#3am #3amthoughts

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I hope that 2017 will be a great year filled with beauty ❀ I wish you all a happy new year! Hugs & Love! ❀

I LOVE to play guitar.


Yes it might not come as a mega-surprise, but seriously, I really love what I do. Profoundly.

Just finished my playing routine, going thru all the tracks from my classical album and also some of my riffs. All of those riffs feel easy to play in comparison to the violin virtuoso material, funny enough.

Once upon a time these songs represented my technical limit, which I now find a bit funny. I mean, technicality aside I still like those melodies of mine, but it is certainly not challenging to play those songs anymore.

I’ve now embarked on a brand new virtuoso piece, I just couldn’t help it.

I won’t tell anyone what sort of ludicrous project I’ve embarked on now, but I can reveal that it is again quite unique.

The feeling of your fingers flying over the fretboard, knowing exactly where they are supposed to land next, always one step ahead, Β combined with the memory used to its fullest force, is literally priceless.

If you cannot find joy in the art of just playing and mastering your instrument you are seriously doing something wrong.

I know. That I Love.

That I LOVE. What I do.

Let me repeat.

I adore what I do.

Reptiles, Xmas & Video :P


Once upon a time there was a Dragon that through telepathic contact yelled ” help me, help me, get me out of here!!! Can’t you see I’m ready!!! I’ve been waiting all my life for this moment!!!”

IMG_2607The other Dragons didn’t really care much, maybe they had already resigned to their captive state…

Hmm……..there is a Boa Constrictor looking for a home, for only 45Β£ too…if you are keen on a criminal pet with underlying, fundamental, murderous instincts…..


Some invisible fairy created this……some weird individual who a friend of a friend of mine knows….apparently this weirdo was really proud of this dough….hmmm….what a tragic case.





No need to worry about the rent anymore. This odd friend of a friend of mine built this….


On a more serious note….blue is the most toxic colour in terms of candy, or artificial colourants. I don’t really know why it is so popular with candy manufacturers…could be for the simple reason that people’s number one favourite colour is blue.


Editing propaganda videos for my alter ego. Go to YouTube & subscribe toΒ thecommanderinchief1Β to see my music videos & the return of my video-blog πŸ˜› Happiness struck me today btw, when I saw my classical album in the charts again! ha-ha!Β BUY MY MUSIC!!!!


Acne problems and Image when you are a Female Artist. VERY HONEST ENTRY!


Today I want to talk about Image. And specifically the challenges I have had to deal withΒ when it comes to acne/bad skin and my teeth.


ImageΒ is considered extremely important if you are a woman – especially if you are a female artist. TBH, I think the professional image I sport totally rocks. It’s honest and it comes from me. I design my own outfits and I come across the way I want to come across. I’ve never done a shoot where I felt uncomfortable or felt out of my zone. I like to feel empowered, I like to kick ass, I like to look and feel badass when I am “The Commander-In-Chief” – all the time. Well, before a live performance, TV interview or other important things I am usually so focused and “in the zone” when it comes to the music that I truly do not care how I look like. Do not get me wrong. Afterwards I am completely focused on how I looked like, but if it was not for my manager, I would probably be too distracted to have my hair or make up done before I perform. Luckily she usually does it for me.


If any of you guys met me behind the scenes though, there is a big probability that you wouldn’t recognise me at all.

You see, I usually wear little to no makeup, I keep my hair up most of the time and sport an androgynous style. My official image looks way cooler, I’ll admit, but it also takes way more time. Way more time if I’m gonna cover up the scaring and 3D of acne.


I have to admit that in my everyday life I don’t really care how I look like, for me the thing that matters is that I’m comfortable so I can just focus on what I need to do.

And that’s me in a nut shell, practical.


But the world doesn’t approve of practical.

As a chick you should have your hair down, as this is more appealing. It’s more sexy apparently. So, I have my hair down. (It’s also very important to have your hair down to cover up the acne if you have any).

You should smile in your pictures, as this again, makes you more appealing. Looking angry or stern is not hot ( I’ve been told off about this so many times).

And ultimately you should wear as much make up as you possibly can, to again look as appealing as possible. To cover up whatever needs to be concealed.

( I fail at all of this, really, unless I have input and help from others) And don’t get me wrong I LOVE to get my make up and hair done, by others. My mother is the one who does my makeup normally.Β In this picture it is a professional make up lady for a big TV station doing my make up before I was a guest on a Β TV Talk show.


Let me get into some specifics here now. I’ve gotten some excellent comments regarding my teeth over the years, online. Which makes me wonder: Why do male admirers believe that a girl will actually listen to their insults or remarks about what she should improve about her looks? When someone writes on my YouTube channel “has she been eating rocks?” Β it makes me wanna counter attack and ask: Ahhh…are you gonna lose weightΒ Mister? Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately Dude? What makes you think any opinion from you is worth shit SeΓ±or? Why should I care about what you are saying, you look awful!

Mark my words though, the guys that are the loudest when it comes to how chick looks like, usually look terrible themselves. Makes me think of something my mother told me ” cheaters are always possessive and envious, because they cheat so much themselves, they overreact in a paranoid way when it comes to their partner”.


I’m a person who confronts people, in the real world this is easy but online..hmm… In the name of diplomacy and online etiquette you have to be clever about these things. Still, I ask myself..why would any guy come with a nasty comment about my teeth or my looks? What is he hoping to achieve? That I’m gonna be sad? That I’m gonna say : ok…I’ll go and sort it out now. I mean…what? I don’t think so Mister Anonymous. Have you looked at yourself lately? If you are going to criticise a chicks appearance and be a bully, then you better look perfect and stunning yourself. (But even if you do…bullying is never cool).

I’ve gone to many dentists to talk about adjusting my “Picasso” smile, but not out of vanity. You see, if your teeth are tight together they can cause problems. And mine has, many times.Β This is very annoying since it can get in the way of my singing. Which it has done. I struggled with recurring throat problems back in 2010 and 2011 and nobody understood why, until a dentist found the root of the problem – literally.Β Ironically enough, if the dentist was to sort out my problem, they would have to pull some teeth that are located right on the nerve. As any dentist would know this can be risky. It can affect your speech permanently, which is not cool. Β Is looking perfect, just because society wants it, worth it?


I don’t think so, really.

This brings me back to the next issue:Β terrible skin.

Life works in funny ways. It really does. If you condemn someone for doing something silly, how often don’t you find yourself doing the same thing later on? If you truly dislike something, isn’t it ironic if you all of a sudden find yourself liking that very same thing? And ultimately, if there is something you find to be disgusting, how terrible wouldn’t it be if it should happen to you.


There was nothing I thought of as more repelling than Acne or EczemaΒ skin. The more you try to cover it up, the more it shows in many ways, due to the 3D. It’s even worse trying to get rid of it. Something I came to experience to my great horror, after I moved to the UK in late 2008. (UK water is notoriously bad, get a waterΒ softenerΒ if you move here).

I had never had any skin problems before that, and it came as a big shock to me, when it just got worse and worse. I think I tried every product I could come across, nothing worked. I would try all of them at once, just empty bottle after bottle.

On my first professional photoshoot, it was emphasised Β that the spots had to be photoshopped as it was undesirable to look that way ( I couldn’t agree more) and every photo we put out on Social Media for years were carefully chosen.


In late 2011, I even went for some chemical peels, something I would recommend. But the thing to keep in mind with chemical peels though is that it renders you dependent on certain products so that your skin doesn’t start to peel in big chunks on its own, making you look like some sort of horror movie. This happened to me when I was in a recording studio. It was impossible to cover it up. I looked totally disgusting.

ALSO an important thing to keep in mind. I was very keen on trying the “Dermaroller” but apparently, if you use this it can make it impossible to do things with your skin at a later stage. Your skin also has to be free from infections before you try it. ALWAYS think twice about everything you do when it comes to cosmetics! You don’t want to do something you’ll later regret!


I tried some interesting products over in South London that made my face totally red. I looked hilarious. I tried “old-fashioned-tricks” that made my skin feelΒ un-flexible ( Like putting egg on your skin, try it, it’s awful). I tried some other food products that I’m not gonna mention, but lets say that…there is a reason so much effort gets invested into the “skin industry’.

I got Β prescription drugs from NHS. ( In order to live up to the perfect image), but quit when I saw the side effects you could get.

I eventually stumbled over something called “Dermalogica” and an amazing polish Beauty Therapist over in Reading. She was the first person to be able to turn things around for me, but still Acne is a bit of a mystery, you get better, then you get worse, it goes up and down. Still, what she did yielded results and I can absolutely say, that their products work.


Still though, I have to say that I think it’s silly that appearance is so important. Not just when it comes to female artists, but in general. Is it really that important? Is it worth all the stress, costs and worries about looking perfect?

IMG_0213 IMG_0581

I appreciate my mothers feminine touch and eye for details. In retrospect I always thank her for her input. But unless I have someone helping me out with these things….I’ll look different thanΒ the official image.

So, that’s it. From now on I will look more natural and real than I have previously done. I will continue to have the same image, since that is the image I have always wanted to have, as an artist. But I don’t care too much anymore about my Acne problem. There isn’t anything I can do about it. Sadly. I wish I looked the way I do at my photo shoots when I wake up in the morning, but I don’t. I guess most chicks would spend an hour or two in the bathroom to keep up the appearances, but I’m not one of them. I spend 6-8 Β hours a day playing guitar. I have daily singing lessons and I work out every day. If I am going to have any life outside of music, I am not going to spend time worrying about my looks any more.

I’ll just be myself from now on, which means smaller tits, uglier skin, teeth in all directions. Take it or leave it.


Life Update.


I’ve been very quiet lately.

Why? I guess I just don’t feel like saying anything. Which is unusual.

If you have been keeping an eye on my Social Media profiles, you should know that I have some time off.

Contrary to what people might think, my life has just evolved around my music and my family for many years.

It has now though, become very clear to me, that it cannot keep on being this way and that I have to re-think my priorities in life, not necessarily because I feel like it has to be that way, but as a pre-emptive measure.

Which basically means that I should do, what people already think I’m doing.

Anyway, I’m gonna go back to my reading. And hopefully my mood and spark will be back again soon.

I was sent a very cool video yesterday from my shoot over in NY πŸ™‚ That made me quite excited.

I just wanted to add that my first album ” 2 Guitars: The Classical Crossover Album” just went back up on the US Amazon chart again πŸ™‚ I saw it right now! Please check it out if you like classical music, guitar music and/or soundtracks :

IMG_2985 IMG_2926 IMG_3001