Illuminati – Vol.2


The fun never stops in internet-land, it is constant, and it is glorious. I think it would be just if I got paidย for my time whenever I watch something utterly ridiculous on YouTube. The latest that have crossed my digital path is a fantastic rumour that music industry executives apparently are in the possession of a grand mastering machine, that they put all songs into before they are released, on the day of a full moon too, so that Demons can infest everything. All of this has to happen on top of an altar …

It turns out that Demons are polite apparently, as they will only enter your household if you let them … so by listening to music you are unknowingly unleashing spells upon your entire household. I’ve certainly described the power of The Word in this entry of mine:ย โ€œAn Angel Saved Meโ€ by Theresa Cheung., and I guess that prayers can be described as positive charms, if you pray to protect your household or get a priest over to do a blessing of your property/home.

Yet I find the accusations in this video dubious. Maybe because I used to listen to proper Satanic, extreme-Metal once upon a time. If anything can evoke spooky elements it is probably that type of dark music and/or horror movies; maybe the creators of such content are simply conduits either to another dimension or drones used by dark entities to enter this world, which is a pretty spaced out idea, but still. Anything concerning the spiritual kind of is. There is also the other idea that demons fester on people’s fear, anger and hate; whereas Angels I guess, or spirits of light, would thrive on, or promote love. Polar opposites for sure. I would also like to add that I’ve never seen a happy ย interview with a positive sounding official Satanist. All of these devil worshipping extreme-Metalers seem downright miserable. That’s not exactly good marketing for what they believe in. A regular church goer will radiate way more joy and inner peace, than Satanic rockers, angry and upset about everything under the sun.

Anyway, back to this awesome video … Music biz people are way too un-organized and flaky to manage ritualistic behaviour and keep shut, I’m sure. I cannot really picture show biz people being able to pull something this extravagant off; everything and anything leaks – all the time – constantly. So how something like this would be managed beats me; but then again – that’s probably because I’m too stooooopid to see the full picture … that being said … Even when I’ve had insight into (been part of) big scale show-biz productions, there’s been an awful lot that has been last-minute.

If the plethora of conspiracy theories that are out there, have even a grain of truth in them, I would be amazed. I’m pretty sure that some smart ass out there probably could accuse me of being guilty of whatever … I had an all-seeing eye inside the cover of my very first physical Demo ๐Ÿ˜ฎ We just thought it looked cool – but for all I know – it might be an excuse I’m telling myself since I’m probably unaware of my Satanic programming …… an all-seeing eye snuck its way unto the cover of my 1st Metal Album. I didn’t notice it until after we had printed the Album ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I’ve thrown up the devil horns countless times…..(traditionally the “devil horn” hand gesture was done to ward off evil spirits) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ And in emails I have a tendency to sign off with: \m/

I’m sure that I’ve been casting spells left, right, and centre without knowing it. Me going to church now all of a sudden is probably a cover-up, so that I can sell my Luciferian work to Christian people … Beware. You might end up feeling bewitched if you check out my work ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ



Exhibit A.


Exhibit B.


Piano keys = duality = freemason confirmed.


The number of the beast.


Exhibit C. Promoting Ave Satanus on mainstream TV.


There’s no end…..

A tool of the military industrial complex.


Black & White = duality = freemason confirmed.


A serpent’s tongue….


Black & White = Duality = Freemason confirmed.


Exhibit D.


Brainwashed by the elite.


A lost cause.


Conclusion = Illuminati confirmed.

There can surely be no doubt after all of this compelling evidence.

What Is New?


Yes, that’s what I’m wondering after reading a Wikipedia entry yesterday about conspiracies regarding “The New World Order.” It showcases how conspiracy theories have always been around, and that the only factor that seems to change are who the bad-guys are … this is an entertaining read if anything: Illuminati confirmed. ย That being said, there have been cases of creepy conspiracies being blown open for the whole world to see, yet it is quite funny what the human mind can come up with….The New American Spies…..

This is a good article criticising the art of diagnosing people from afar, a practise that appears to be reserved for lone-wolf serial killers and world leaders vilified by the mainstream press. The article is hilarious and calls out all of those mental-health professionals who came out of the wood work to give Norway’s most notorious gun-man all sorts of labels without ever having interviewed him properly. The article then concludes with some telling revelations of how Putin has been diagnosed with Aspergers based on how he moves in videos, a conclusion reached by a research group over at the US Naval War College.

There is also a rule in place within the therapist community called the “GoldwaterRule,” after psychiatrists came out and publicly concluded during the 1964 presidential election that the Republican candidate Goldwater was mentally unfit for office. However it seems like psychiatrists and psychologists alike have thrown this rule under the bus in the wake of Trump, undermining their own credibility by throwing around the one diagnosis after the other. I shared another excellent article from Norway on Twitter not that long ago, where it was pointed out that everyone are talking about mental health disorders at the moment, even those who don’t really have an official diagnosis. Yet the real issue at hand is that people don’t talk about why they feel down or why they might suffer from a panic attack. It has become trendy to self-diagnose while avoiding the real reason as to why one might feel out-of-it. To paraphrase a popular online meme: “Before self-diagnosing yourself, make sure that you are not surrounded by assholes.”

This act of self-diagnosing and assuming all sorts of things is a worrying trend that I got caught up in myself back in 2015, when I prematurely and ridiculously came out of whatever closet. Totally ridiculous; but we are all a product of the times that we live in, regardless of how free-thinking or independent we like to fool ourselves into believing that we truly are :/ So next time you think that you are depressed, well maybe you just have a bad day, and if you feel upset about something then maybe it is time to talk with the individual who is pushing your buttons for whatever reason, if that’s the case. It is also unwise and equally ridiculous to diagnose other people with all sorts of ailments, something I think everyone is guilty of to one degree or another. “This weirdo did so and so, hence he/she has to be insane!” Really? Says who? The fact that medical health professionals also fall into this trap is very telling and does not reflect well neither on their profession nor our current culture of general confusion.

Here is an article about Jordan Peterson a clinical psychologist, with qualifications, who knows what he is talking about. I might not agree with all of his statements, but when talking about human nature, etc; he is incredible. Check him out if you dare!

I do believe that we have legitimate reasons to worry not just in our part of the world but in the US as well, yet this article is interesting and recommend some intriguing books that everyone should probably check out. (It is of interest to note that people on the right are being criticised for adopting leftist methods, it’s a never-ending battle of ideas and values and the people on the other political spectrum want to win the tug of war obviously, and are not happy to see what young conservatives are up to).

If you want to feel dizzy or you need to fall asleep but are struggling, then I can highly recommend reading about theย Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Here are some interesting videos to check out:

Microplastics, the Debt Economy, the New World Order, & Conspiracies.


Let’s take the serious material first:

Even though the internet is flooded with all sorts of funny conspiracy theories left-right-and-centre, there are enough frightening stories out there featuring “open-conspiracies” for the whole world to see. I decided to check out the Twitter profile of an American actress, a quite famous one with a huge following, after seeing one of her tweets where she wrote that she wasn’t interested in having Trump-followers as her fans.

Her Twitter was so filled with hate that it was embarrassing to gaze upon; especially when you think about how Nationalists are being treated, or branded. I guess that hate-speech is fine as long as you are on “the right side.” Among all of her putrid loathing I did however find some articles of great interest. Namely articles about Microplastics.ย 

I had no idea that drinking water all over the world is affected, the fact that bottled water isn’t any safer is terrifying. You would think that leaders regardless of race, religion, field and political alignment would find this unsettling as they have to drink this water too. It doesn’t matter how wealthy or influential you are if you don’t have access to good water. How the political establishment intends to solve this crisis will be interesting to follow, as of now I guess we all have to invest in filters, while pestering our local representatives. We had someone coming over to check our tap-water last year, since we felt that it tasted weird…it comes and goes, yet the man who came from the water-provider to take water samples did not find anything of concern. In the name of online conspiracy theories I guess I should doubt that and accuse the water company of engaging in chemical warfare against its costumers, but then again … who knows? Time to get my tin-foil hat on…or?

Plastic Pollutants in our Drinking Water!

Plastic Straws.

Norwegians are very obsessed with the environment, especially with our water. I’m guessing that this has everything to do with our geography and our main industries. I remember finding fluorescent pink, blue and green “rocks” at the shore of Lake Michigan when I lived in Chicago. At first I was amazed since I had never seen rocks like that before, my amazement swiftly changed to horror when I realised that was I was holding in my hand was literally rubbish. I wrote about British Petroleum polluting our lake shortly after. A nasty situation.

Fancy, multicoloured “rocks” on our beaches is in fact the new-deal. I also collected some green ones earlier this year when I was by the Mediterranean in southern France.

I had never really heard of Microplastics before until reading through a couple of political party programs this year, the Norwegian government also published a horrible picture some days ago on Instagram of a bird with its stomach opened displaying the damage inflicted by plastics.

To keep up the good spirit:ย Here you can read about the Next Mass Extinction.

A Mass Extinction doesn’t of course mean a Total Extinction, but a quite substantial one. I was very surprised when I heard about the previous ones while visiting a museum many years ago. I couldn’t understand for the love of God why this hadn’t been taught to us in school?

I’m wondering if celebrities and Eco-Leaders actually think that they can stop Climate Change? Sure we can try to not pollute ourselves to death, but the “temperaments” of the planet cannot be fought against. I think the best thing would be for people to prepare for extreme weather and move out in the countryside where there is food right outside your door.

What on earth is Austerity? And what does it mean?

That was the question I finally asked myself after mentioning Anarchists in my last entry. I knew that it had to deal with government cuts, but how it ties into our debt-based economy, well this, I did not know.

A must read.

After reading the article above I have to say that I’m not much of a fan of Debt-Based Economy. You’ll either have huge differences between the economic classes or everyone united in poverty. Of course there is an element of upward mobility in capitalism, but there is also downward mobility if you are unfortunate or reckless. When you ย look at the leftist approach there is only stagnation, and some might argue that this is better for the majority, even though it has failed wherever it has been applied. The ruling elite of course always draw the longest straw in an egalitarian Utopia, so we are all equal, with the exception of those who are more equal than others….

After realising what debt-economy actually is, both by reading the explanation above and having it confirmed by someone else, I have to say that I’m not amused. Then again I have never been a fan of the extreme capitalists, likewise I’m not a massive fan of communism either. Not only is it a shitty system that always fails, it also attacks your culture and identity. Which makes it even worse. Yet the idea of being just a number, while the political establishment prioritize a good-looking facade for their creditors, is appalling.

Looking at our environmental challenges and our current vulnerability when it comes to several potential problematic situations, there is no doubt in my mind that “man” isn’t intended for city-living. Yet what Anarchists want to establish seem pretty far-fetched, unless you have a tremendous faith in humanity.

Who are “they?”

Yes, the mysterious “others,” who are never named and exist in some invisible place while making decisions. In fact the common “othering” of those with influence is so profoundly bad, that when members of the general public had the opportunity to meet some of the residents of Oslo’s affluent Aker Brygge, they apparently said: “Oh, is this how the people on Aker Brygge look like?” Such is the mythos of the “they,” that our old family friend laughingly told us of how “they” were obviously perceived as being some strange otherworldly exotic breed, worthy of a zoo.

To those who’ve been good with their money, to those who’ve been running corporations or whatever, there is nothing strange, or odd, with “they.” To those of us without memberships in whatnot or invitations to whatever, it might sound like insufferable boasting when someone we know speak of “they,” or if you are like me, you’ll just find the stories interesting, while wondering “how do I get access to these massive networking opportunities?”

To a great number of people though “they” is the equivalence of horned, evil creatures, who might look human but are in reality possessed by reptilians, the horned God, aliens, you name it. I have crossed paths with some interesting individuals through my life, but I’ve never seen any signs of “reptilianism” or maybe I didn’t pay enough attention. In fact I’m going to visit a Norwegian ‘they” next month, so maybe I should go through his personal papers in search of any Illuminati evidence…I’m sure that would be much appreciated and not make me look like an utter psycho. In addition to this “dubious” family contact, I also have a member of my extended family who apparently is a Freemason of all things. I never saw any weird signs of alien or demonic possession, but then again, maybe I was deceived by his mind-control powers. Maybe I should seek him out even though his health is deteriorating so that I can pester him with questions, like: “Do you know if Breivik was an inside job? Do you know what happened on 9/11?” I’m sure he will tell me everything if I do, so that I can spread the gospel and enlighten the rest of the world, or my followers……stay tuned….

I guess that my readers can guess where this is going… I’ve come across an interesting article about the globalist “they,” you know those Englishmen and Americans running things? I bet that those “they” are the true reptilians, maybe Norwegians aren’t important or influential enough. Probably not. They being “they” it isn’t strange that “they” tried/try to consolidate power or protect the interests of “they,” of course this can seem discouraging as nothing is more ugly than complete worship of the Money God, especially when Nationalism and Human Health is thrown overboard. Then again it is said that:” it is better to be rich and healthy than to be poor and ill,” and there will be many arguing that you can remove one self-centred bastard only to see him be replaced just as quickly. It’s a Game Of Thrones and if you don’t want to play, you’ll be thrown back and forth, from here till there and back again. It’s a never-ending Tug of War between various interests, and regardless of who you are you’ll be affected. Decisions are being made over our heads all the time, every single day, throughout our lives. Which is why some become activists to fight the machine and those who run it. ย The Evil Elite out to get you.

Farage & Europe’s Mess.

I will admit that I’ve been wondering as of late who truly are behind all of the destabilizationย over here in Europe. First of all we have a situation that has been created, built, manufactured, by our political leadership and now we are experiencing escalated ethnic dissonance as a result, which should have been easy to predict. When I watched a documentary about right-wing extremists in Germany, it is of interest to keep in mind, that the German Surveillance Agency were keeping some of these individuals as informers. Because of this they backed them with money in return for information. These funds could then be used for right-wing activity and when other “inferior” police officers tried to look into crimes connected to the right-wingers, they were told to back down. This is exactly the behaviour that we see with some Islamists guilty of rape, for example, they commit a crime but do not suffer the consequences, why? Well maybe they are snitching on other Islamists.

When I was readingย “Plan of Attack” by Bob Woodward., I thought much about their desire to create “an urgency within the population to remove Saddam.” While reading through the planning stages of the Iraq war I couldn’t help but wonder if the same tactics are currently being used against us. Peace was established after WW2, everything seemed ok, then the EU kept expanding, the first blow of confidence being the removal of border patrol, then in came the Alien populations great in numbers, carrying with them supremacists. Apparently integration was a failure from the get-go, yet more and more and more were taken in, and now we hear of attacks directed towards Ethnic-Europeans constantly. They are real, it is genuine, it’s a real transformation. My question is why? And who?

Breivik – the CIA operative………..

The fun never stops when it comes to strange and awkward theories circulating within our digital landscape; after having watched and written about Right-wing extremists in my last entry I decided to actually watch some videos of Norway’s Deus-Vult-Vigilante. What I watched/listened to included the phone call where Breivik announced to the police officer taking his call that he would surrender; he presented himself as such, to paraphrase: ” This is Commander Breivik, part of the Norwegian Anti-Communist Resistance.” No wonder that the man on the other end sounded slightly amused; this can also explain why the police officers who came to the island knew his name. He had told them so himself. But not according to the wonders of the internet. Yup that’s right, the only thing more bizarre than Breivik’s real-life-acoustic “shit posting, meming & trolling” in court, are all of the various conspiracy theories circulating online. I’ve included a couple of videos at the bottom of this entry, if you understand Norwegian you can read aboutย Breivik being a clone, an illuminati puppet, the attack not even being real or aliens being behind it all….ย I’m also including a Wikipedia article aboutย Operation Gladioย since Alex Jones mentions this below; I’ve never heard of this before and will read that particular article later as it is huge. Enjoy!

Just remember …


for future reference…..This is how vulnerable a democracy isย โ†“

*Question everything. Always.* ย 

To Fraudย ย or not to Fraud

Satanism & The Clinton Camp.


Unless you’ve been hiding under the biggest moss drenched rock ever, there is no way in hell that you can have escaped the latest wikileaks revelations and the various theories that these have caused. Severe allegations of Hillary Clinton being indirectly or directly involved in everything from a Satanic cult to child trafficking are flying left right and centre. These suspicions have their basis in a series of bizarre emails stemming from John Podesta (not Hillary) that appear to contain coded messages. The emails make absolutely 0 sense unless you are able to decipher them. John Podesta spends a great deal of email space discussing and talking about various food recipes, where to find ingredients etc; portraying himself as a bit of a food snob. The problem is that no wine connoisseur with a taste for the culinary arts would ever fawn over a Valpolicella and no high-flying power player with a fine tuned culinary palate would ever be excited over mundane pizza or hotdogs… and why would someone who is considered to be relatively intelligent receive and send communication like thisย โ†“โ†“

“Do you think Iโ€™ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?”ย 

“Hi John, The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yours? They can send it if you want. I know youโ€™re busy, so feel free not to respond if itโ€™s not yours or you donโ€™t want it.”ย 

“The next three months are going to be rougher internally than in Beijing. Between 7th and 1600, no fun. Hope you’re doing ok. I’m dreaming about your hotdog stand in Hawaii…”

Weird Shit1

Weird Shit 2

Weird Shit3

Weird Shit4

Weird Shit5

Marina email

(I’ve also been reading on Wikileak’s page so you can go there to get it all obviously)

Some strange photos have also been found in these emails. Photos that of course would bear no meaning and could easily be overlooked. This is of course the brilliance of communicating through codes that are preferably ever-changing and evolving as to avoid scrutiny. They can be placed in plain view for all to see only bearing meaning to its intended recipient. In fact it could be done visibly on a large-scale and still come across as meaningless to 99.99999% of those who see it. It could be that Podesta poses as a foodie to completely mask his lingo.

Now, John Podesta’s brother Tony has previously been featured in mainstream publications speaking of his eccentric art collection…which involves pictures of naked under age tweens, torture, etc; ย His brother John has a picture portraying cannibalism in his office. Add to the picture that both brothers were planning on attending a private “Spirit Cooking” dinner at the place of the bizarre Satanic performing artist Marina Abramovic who has officially stated that:ย “Everything depends on which context you are doing what you are doing. If you are doing the occult magic in the context of art or in a gallery, then it is the art. If you are doing it in different context, in spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art. The intention, the context for what is made, and where it is made defines what art is or notโ€ and you certainly have something that will set the conspiracy theorists on fire.

Add to the picture that the Clinton Foundation financed one of Marina’s art endeavours ( I’ve read the email and it was quite dull), Hillary Clinton’s link to convicted child stealer Laura Silsby READ HERE, Bill Clinton’s connection to Epstein + the numerous rape allegations eternally circulating Bill Clinton See hereย and you have one fine mess. Oh and I forgot Clinton’s good friend serial-sexter-with-underage -girls-Weiner look hereย and Bill Clinton’s official interest in voodoo look hereย and Hillary Clinton speaking to the deadย CNN. All of this paints a rather dodgy picture that beggars belief and can easily be dismissed as absurd comical allegations bordering on delusional were it not for a certain White-haired Australian…..READ HERE….his revelations can make one wonder……

Conspiracy theorist have been obsessed for years with the notion that the world is ruled by a Satanic elite…..This Satanic cult mocks the general public by making their symbolism clearly visible for all to see inserting it in everything from the fashion industry, music industry, to commercials on TV, Olympic events, etc; etc; the list goes on for ever. I myself have ridiculed such conspiracies here on my blogย previously as I’ve argued that it can hardly be called elitist nor be seen as a very selective “cult” if any person who is remotely affiliated with the music industry gets a membership card….

All of these Satanic rumours of course led me to google here and there, last year, and this is what I found out: if you are to join a Satanic cult, you pledge allegiance to the other members as these people are now your new family. The pledge is forever and cannot be revoked, you have literally sold your soul to the devil. The best way to convince Satan of your new loyalties is to “sacrifice” a blood relative, to showcase your commitment…(sounds an awful lot like gang initiations)….

I read a number of “The-Satanist-Are-Coming-To-Get-Us” articles and these involved allegations that the elite arrange “human hunting parties”, black masses where children are killed and tortured, that the Queen of England apparently abducted a number of Native American children with her husband at one occasion, and that these children were never seen again. The only evidence is some witness accounts by people claiming that they escaped these “child-sacrificing-parties” as children….. No serious media outlets reports on any of this. No member of the establishment even bother to give it a mention. The only people who keep these myths alive are conspiracy theorists who see Satanists hiding around every corner…. The vast majority of these online sites are run by Christians who are on a crusade against Lucifer’s agents…….and they see these agents everywhere…

Years ago ย I also came across an author who alleged that the reason why so many people disappear every year is that they are used for Satanic rituals…

What do you believe?

Illuminati zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Ok…..If you want to see the source of my inspiration regarding this entry you can go hereย โ†’ย lol

I remember reading about the MKUltra, years ago. In fact, that whole embarrassing chapter in US history along with other experiments conducted on the mind, became the inspiration for not only my track “Battle For The Mind” but countless other tracks as well.

However, I find all this “Illuminati” conspiracy material online concerning the music industry slightly annoying. Has it ever struck any of these conspiracy theorist that originality is actually quite rare in the music industry and that people have a tendency to just copy-cat what works? And that “numbers”/”how many people who are talking about an artist” is how success is measured by a number-obsessed industry?

I seem to remember that Gaga’s vomit stunt was praised by the industry, as “everyone was talking about it.”

I find it hard to believe that all sorts of pop-artist should be engaged in some sort of “secret-society-cover-up”. Sure Beethoven was actually a member of the actual German Illuminati Society, and I do believe that several respected composers/virtuosos were members of such groups in the past, but there is a big difference between common pop stars and serious composers/virtuoso players.

If this “secret-music-industry-cult” exist it can neither be particularly selective nor exclusive and therefore not particularly interesting to be part of. I find the idea that mainstream pop artist should be subjected to abuse all in the name of creating a “so-called puppet” is absolutely hilarious.

What use would their servitude be really? Am I supposed to be seduced by “Satan” just because I see a triangle in a music video?

If this so-called “illuminati” thing is real, it sounds lame and un-original. And if this so-called “Monarch” deal is supposed to be real it sounds more like some sick sadomasochistic-thingย practised by some weird-delusional-power-trippingย people who belong behind bars, in an orange outfit.

In fact if you have to “sacrifice” a family member etc, to join this so-called “elitist” cult for people with no apparent special abilities, I wouldn’t expect there to be so many “members”, as the whole mainstream music industry is supposedly engaged in this “Satanic-Activity”. ( ha-ha-ha-ha ).

Honestly. I refuse to believe it. I fail to see the purpose of it. I fail to see the intrigue of it. And I fail to see why such wide-spread symbols would classify as “elitist”. If “elitist” is what it is, then I suggest the symbolism gets a make-over to offer some variety and to confuse the conspiracy theorist who don’t have anything better to do with their free time.

Here is a less mainstream conspiracy, this one concerning Russia’s President Putin:ย Severe Allegations Concerning Putin

Wanna be famous? Let me show you the path to Satan:ย Satan’s Ways

Pussy riot, conspiracy theories & Erdogan.


Soooo I have this new theme on my blog called “Things To Read” that you guys could check out. Todayย I started out reading about the annoying Turkey situation and for some bizarre reason ended up reading about Pussy Riot. A “group” I had heard about but never really paidย much attention to.

It turns out that some people in Russia actually believes that “Pussy Riot” were “western-propaganda” backed by the BBC and other western media. Which is probably one of the most amusing conspiracy theories I’ve ever heard. For anyone to think that “Pussy Riot’s” behaviour is representative of “western” behaviour is absolutely absurd. The way they behave is in accordance with “radical” people all over the globe, such as the “anti-austerity” protesters who vandalised the “Cereal Killer” cafe down in London. The fact that the Russian girls were given so much press exposure in the Western media is probably due to Western media’s love of anything that is “anti-authoritarian” and especially “anti-christian”. Russian conspiracy theories have to keep in mind that both Asange & Snowden are considered heroes by the western media, besides the conservative branch who brands them as terrorists, so anti-Putin, anti-authority, pro-feminist, pro-abortion, Pussy Riot is of course something that makes a good story.

I have to admit that they make for a good laugh to be fair and if they had not been arrested it is probable that they would never really have made global news, but been ignored, which is normally the case which such groups. People forget them easily, but when you start imprisoning people for blasphemous, hooligan behaviour, you actually make their point by doing so. In my opinion I think their punishment was too severe.

Also an interesting thing to note is the dubious background of these Pussy Riot protesters. They might have some points about “freedom of speech” being violated, but I don’t really think that they will gain much support from their fellow country men and if you see their “chicken-stunt” or “orgy-in-the-museum-stunt” it is hard to take these chicks seriously.

If you wanna read a Russian conspiracy theory about the evil west, read here:ย Russian Conspiracy Theory

In more relevant news, Russia asked the UK to help them with the black box for their aircraft that was shot down by Turkey. But the UK government said no to this as they do not wish to potentially incriminate another NATO country. The UK and Russia agreed to work together on the Syria problem though.ย UK and Russia together against Islamic State, not together when it comes to Erdogan.

News from 2 hours ago!ย Russian Black Box Un-readable

More about Russia in Syria:ย Putin prepared to increase military presence in Syria.

Did a Chinese worker really send out a SOS in a Primark sock? I don’t think it can be dismissed entirely as a hoax. Why should we believe Primark? If sweat shops where people are abused provide socks to Primark, isn’t it more natural to believe that the company would be more interested in saving face rather than to admit the truth? What are they suggesting really? That it is sabotage from another company? And why would we trust the Chinese to investigate this anyway? If it is true, it is highly likely that the man has been neutralised. Which in a less politically correct way means, disposed of.ย SOS from the invisible hands of China

60% of all Christmas decorations come from China.ย More from China.

Hitchens was the real Scrooge ๐Ÿ˜›

Awkward dating story.

Show biz- Stunt woman severely injured, lucky to be alive.ย Stunt woman horror

Show biz- New teeth for Pogues Singer.ย New teeth