Christians in Pop-Music, Homelessness in Finland & Fake News.

After I had written a blog post about Homelessness in England I received a very interesting article in the mail about how they have tackled homelessness in Finland. Some of these methods are now being tried out over here which is a good thing! I hope that it will work!

Here is an article that I came across about the increase in Christians in pop-music! Considering how Christianity is consistently ridiculed it is quite staggering to see how many major pop and rock artists considers themselves to be of the faith! I found this to be a very uplifting read indeed! Christianity in show-biz.

I’ve taken a break from reading the news but decided to feature these two articles since they have a positive vibe to them.

The issue at the heart of the negative news-cycle is money I’m sure. I saw a TED talk with Monica Lewinsky a while back where she said that she was one of the very first internet shaming victims. She claimed that everyone threw her under the bus in the name of “click-bait-articles” without any concern for her wellbeing or her future. It was a very interesting speech that I would highly recommend. Her parents were apparently on “suicide watch” since they were so worried about how she would handle all of the negative attention. She couldn’t get hired anywhere either.

You need stories that can sell regardless of whether or not this increases tension and even create conflict. Bad news & scandals sell, and if something sells then people who are “clever” tend to promote this for all that it is worth regardless of what the cultural impact might be or how many lives that are utterly destroyed.

I’m sure that this is one of the reasons as to why there is such an abundance of “fake news.”

My WordPress Scare & How Easy It Is To Fuel Conspiracy Theories.

This is what happens when the internet landscape is filled to the brim with conspiracy theories & fake news stories find their way into any mainstream media outlet; you start seeing bogeymen lurking around every corner.

Take all of that and add in real-news stories of people who either get demonetised or have their pages blocked and of course your instant assumption will be that you’ve been internet-martyred if one of your pages disappear…

I actually have a fan base in Iran and recently received an Instagram message from a fan complaining that he couldn’t purchase my latest album due to the sanctions imposed on his territory.

PayPal, Visa cards, etc; the infrastructure that we take for granted in the Western world has been completely shut down.

I’ve mentioned it in passing before but I’ll mention it again; big companies are in theory more powerful than Nation States due to the fact that they have a global reach and influence by default. With our current digital infrastructure major companies have demonstrated how a future might look like when these type of structures have “enforcement methods.“

A heavy metal label was shut down and forced out of business since “banking“ deemed them politically incorrect,“ so this was not a Nation State or a government, but private companies making this decision.

This type of behaviour has created a great deal of outrage when public people have found themselves banned from Twitter. 

Once again not necessarily government actions, but decisions made by private companies.

With this in mind an infrastructure update or something mundane can all of a sudden turn into something monstrous or become further evidence that “big brother“ is getting ever bigger and ever nastier!

I’ve gotten so used to posting updates and writing opinion pieces on this WordPress account of mine that I was left completely perplexed when my page was down for the count last evening.

Happy I shared the awesome news that we had received Our First Movie Credit!!! but after writing the post I saw that it was impossible for the outside world to actually view and access my WordPress.

Of course I suspected that the speech-mafia had come across my wrong-think. I was in internet-mourning mood, a black band on one of my arms would have been fitting to mark the grievous occasion, because the truth is that I really quite enjoy writing.

After having blogged regularly since early 2015 it has turned into a proper habit.

The beauty of it is that you don’t have to wait to get published or go through any gate-keepers.

So I wondered … could this be linked to me contacting EU representatives? After YouTube encouraged their creators to get vocal about Article 13 I did my part & made a video about it even though I never post political content on my YouTube. 

I did what you are supposed to do in the democratic west: signed a petition & contacted political representatives.

To my great surprise I actually received replies! 

Due to this I will make a follow-up video, both to share the replies that I received from the conservative side & the labour side but also in order to show my followers that it is possible to get a reply and have some sort of conversations with politicians! 

This is a good thing! 

That being said however it hardly takes an investigative disposition to see on my blog that I’m not a huge fan of the EU, I consider myself in many ways a European and don’t disagree with continental patriotism, but disagree with some of the radical politics coming out of the EU structure. I strongly disagree with the radical changes imposed upon Europe and see only trouble looming on the horizon since we already have a great deal of troubles.

If something is not working then it would make sense to try to make things work instead of just pretending like everything is ok while going down a dangerous path where more problems are likely.

If it is correct to assume that the EU is increasingly starting to resemble the Soviet Union, which is what its staunchest critics have been saying for God knows how many years, then a natural question is: when will the gulags open?

If someone in Scotland gets prison time for making a silly video of their dog doing a Nazi-salute then where do Europeans stand in terms of freedom of speech & especially on the act of information-sharing so crucial within a so-called democracy?

If only the establishment-press are allowed to have their say then how can you know that they are not just peddling propaganda? Isn’t diversity a good thing? I’m a big supporter of citizen-journalism which sometimes manifest itself as lone individuals with an internet connection just sharing their observations or information they’ve gathered with whomever is interested in listening.

No money is usually involved when a concerned father living in a forgotten territory within Europe decides to upload video footage of some sort of wrong-doing. Concerned people starting petitions and writing about their experiences create something real, something unfiltered, something more relatable.

There is nothing to be gained because these people are not running for office and have other occupations. You therefore feel like you are being warned by a friend or maybe someone who could be your friend or at least; your neighbour.

Whenever a political establishment seek to stomp out civilian voices or pretend that they do not exist one naturally have to ask the question: why?

Humour and comedy meanwhile toggles between the accepted and unaccepted, handing comedians the “privilege“ of exclaiming that the Emperor is without any clothes indeed while still getting away with their heads firmly planted on their shoulders since it was all just a joke after all.

When comedians are cracked down on then there is time to be very concerned.

What can be said of a society that doesn’t laugh? Or is not allowed to laugh? Or a society that is only allowed to laugh on command?

As it turns out though my WordPress-predicament was easily solved by simply contacting the very helpful WordPress-team using their chat box. I was sent a link to my email and now I’m sitting here writing this funny update with everything on my site operational.

So much for the thought-police! Big brother certainly did not come for me today but for all that I know they might do tomorrow depending on whether or not the European continent will stand as a beacon of freedom and human rights or whether it will descend into totalitarianism and the monstrosity that its fiercest critics believe it is becoming. The same can sadly be said of the internet that offers economic opportunities and liberty in plenty as long as it remains free!

To be continued….


Online Magic….

Hey check this out Toby Keith is following me on Twitter!

following me

Oh, hang on … all the accounts are fake. Never mind!

Hey I got a new follower on Twitter!


Hmmmm…….”Fake News” follows me…..

How cool.



Hey check this out “Ramen Records” just contacted me on Soundcloud!

*Googles Ramen Records*

Finds This:

“This weekend (November 4th) Glitch Records have set up a new account with the name Ramen Records. We’ve confirmed they are the same people by submitting a dummy track which was immediately given fake plays and the email we got is from the same John Dallagher at the same email address as when we tried this same technique with a Glitch Records link, and a Glorify Records link before that. It’s the same fake activity company.
What’s bad here is that there are some legitimate labels called Ramen Records.”

Hey check this out I got “groupie mail.”

groupie mail


I’m going to be signed to Ramen Records while collaborating with my best pal Toby Keith; I have a hot sexy blonde babe waiting for me, who is … well hang on … a woman? I also have the entire mainstream media following my blog to learn what real news are!

I knew it.

I’m like…. soooooo smart.

A Very Important Announcement!

I’m happy to inform my readership (and whoever else who might bump into this blog) that I’m about to change career due to an incredible job offer that I’ve received over Instagram!

Not only have I been approached by the “Illuminati Outreach Organisation” I’ve also received a promising message from “the military unit” in Afghanistan, who wants me to be a courier and transport money for them!

As we all know there is only one military unit down there and it makes perfect sense that they are looking for someone who they can trust on Instagram!

Sounds legit.

My close friend the Major (who’ve I’ve only received one message from) also provided me with his personal email; and I have to say that I feel greatly honoured.

I don’t know what I’m the most excited about but I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my life!

Of course I’m not doing this because I’m short of cash since I’m actually filthy rich!

You guys might remember that I announced my new-found riches in 2015 (READ HERE) after I received an uplifting email from Africa letting me know that a vast inheritance was due to me!

It is great when life bestow us with great luck and fortune and I’m thrilled that I’m not only a millionaire, but also part of the U.S.A. Military, in addition to literally being “illuminati confirmed.”

Sounds like the times ahead will be exciting!

I shall now give thanks to humanity (since praying to God belongs to antiquity according to the PC-brigade in the current year).

So I shall say that I feel blessed by man; which would probably be the best way to frame it regardless…..



Moderation Is A Luxury Afforded By Peace.

Some days ago I opened up my comment section on YouTube to see if I had received any new fan mail as of late; what caught my attention was an extremely long comment written by a Christian guy who was basically preaching his viewpoints. I actually decided to check out his Twitter accounts and saw that he is spamming the world with his opinions and the teachings of Christ. I made the decision to delete his comment since it was enormously long and completely irrelevant to my guitar video and music. Today I saw that he had chosen to spam me basically, here he is:

crazy spammer

What was his message?

That the media lies. That division between the left and the right is bad, that we are taken for a ride and that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be tricked and misguided by vain celebrities, etc;

It was the sort of thing that one would write when initially realising that reality is grim and that cynicism sucks. A sentiment that can easily be conjured by simply watching CCTV footage of accidents and observing human’s destiny of operating within specific loops. Change the scenery and change the situation and people will re-create habits or simply form new ones. So can true freedom ever be obtained? I sincerely doubt it. When looking at the text that was sent to me a second time around I couldn’t help but feel that the person behind it must be deeply depressed or just sad and is probably feeling isolated.

That’s not good of course. I remember years ago that I also felt that “the world” was fake. Or is it? The illusion of our world is I guess, but only because this “illusion” is about selling products and turning a profit whatever it takes. But advertisements, articles, the news, whatever, aren’t really reality as such; they can reflect and preach what they want it to be, they can try to move “the people” from one side to the other, or they can simply reflect what is actually happening; which can also be observed sometimes when major corporations are late to the party and try to reflect trends that are literally on their way out by the time they pick up on them.

Feeling that the world is fake has more to deal with feeling like one is falling in-between all chairs. It might be more common that most think since so many are feeling down in spirits. There are obviously many who feel an internal dissonance when it comes to our times and how we live when depressions and even suicidal tendencies are according to articles becoming increasingly common. There is apparently a mental health epidemic. Of course I have my doubts as I suspect that many who are healthy are misdiagnosed, or maybe not?

Once upon a time there was a certain natural selection process going on with us humans,  while many children would be born many would also die and not survive their infancy, many women would die while giving birth. With our scientific breakthroughs we can now salvage those meant for the brutal premature grave of nature. Add to the picture the claim and theory that autoimmune diseases have sky rocketed after mandatory mass-vaccinations and you certainly gaze upon a pretty distorted landscape, where young people constantly complain about their own wellbeing and health. Maybe not because they are seeking attention or believe they are ill, but because it may be true that we are becoming an increasingly unhealthy bunch, passing dysfunctional genes on to the next generation.

Are we highlighting our dysfunctions because we have nothing else to focus our attention on or is there truth to it?

I’ve written before that it is a bad idea to believe in the reality of social media, as people share their good moments, their best moments, much like a photo album functioned back in the day. There is no reason to believe that old statues and portraits weren’t “photoshopped” either. Reality is what you see and experience here in the actual world; what you’ve experienced, what you’ve witnessed. There is probably more truth in “word of mouth” than anything else, but does this mean that it will be pleasing to hear? Many a child story also teaches us of how one feather turns to ten chickens, if you doubt what you hear on the street why wouldn’t you doubt what you hear from the media? And if what you hear from the media vs. what you hear from other people is widely different then who do you trust? If what you see aligns with what other people experience, then that is your truth and the media is lying for whatever reason. The best way to distill facts is for example to read many different books about the same topic. If several people with different backgrounds agree about certain facts, then you can draw the conclusion that they probably are indeed facts.

Living by our current mantra Do What Thou Wilt will create a sense of emptiness within a great number of people, as individuals will feel like they are fragmenting internally when going against their personal values, even if they aren’t sure what those values might be. An individual might feel a great sting of subconscious unhappiness when simply purchasing lots of material goods, as these empty things won’t pacify a longing for love or a hunger for adventure. With too much comfort individuals grow frustrated and might seek out danger in order to survive numbing boredom and natural restlessness. Or a feeling of nothingness. That nothing matters, that life is pointless or whatever.

But these aren’t really “new discoveries,” they are old truths contemplated by many, who lived, wondered and eventually died. The one destination and fate that we all share.

The other day I saw a horrible collection of pictures from WW2 and how the Jewish people were hounded by hateful mobs, stripping them nude, beating them, unleashing their animalistic aggression upon them. Grizzly pictures to look at but even more alarmingly to be confronted with, when bearing in mind that this type of behaviour is not something that will ever perish from our species. We – here in Europe, are terrified of repeating the mistakes of former generations, but does that mean that other tribes will be? No. And that knowledge makes it even creepier to see the evidence of our inherent brutality.

There are people who will claim that there is no left or right, no Christian or Muslim, no Nations, nothing, only people – humans. One planet, one humanity, that there only exists one thing – existence, etc;.  That there are forces constantly trying to divide us so that those who manipulates can stand by and reap the fruits of their mischief. There are those who only see power in everything; you have those on the top – an eternal enemy of the downtrodden people or those who are rich squeezing whatever life that there is within those who are wage slaves. Or tax cattle. You name it.

At the end of the day what you want is balance. Equilibrium. That the scale isn’t skewed too much in any direction, but balance is always challenged. Call it the battle between good or evil, chaos vs. order, freedom vs. totalitarianism, independence vs. enslavement,etc; Each generation has its foe, and one can of course wonder why that is?

At one point or the other when the scale is out of position it has to be put back into place, but which side does that manoeuvring shapes and dictates the future, and also the definition of what makes the scale unbalanced. That future, whatever it may be, is never solid and never guaranteed as it will be challenged at one point or another.

You are not uncertain about yourself if you decide to oppose someone who you perceive to be an enemy, and who is the enemy? Those who want you dead obviously or it could be those who want to tear down what you want to uphold or those who stand in the way of what you want to build.

Being politically moderate is a luxury you can afford during peacetime. When our democratic playpen is guarded by volunteers willing to die for their civilians,            deterring foreign enemies, we can discuss and quarrel amongst ourselves from dusk till dawn, we can endorse sentiments such as ” great minds don’t think alike they compromise.” And all of this is intriguing, interesting, fascinating, you name it, but the second that your society’s equilibrium ceases, everything changes because you will be forced to pick a side.

I had an interesting conversation some days ago when political parties were being discussed. A point was made that a political party should actually cease to be once it has reached its objective and fulfilled its mission. It was argued that the workers party in Norway should have dissolved after securing workers their rights as they had fulfilled their duty and promise. Their reason for existing had ceased but rather than doing this though they had to create a new raison d’être and this is when democracy and politics become dangerous. When politicians refuse to let go even if it means selling out their nation financially, which extreme capitalists might do in their hopeless worship of unrestrained free-market capitalism or the left might do by letting in refugees ensuring lots of new voters and potential loyal foot soldiers – totally disregarding the inevitable cultural change. It’s obvious that there are plenty without any sense of honour who would sell away anything as long as they themselves profits and that there are those who wouldn’t really care who they govern or what they govern as long as they do.

Human beings will naturally clash, it is our destiny to disagree, just as anger is a very natural and real emotion. It is disturbing to hear of people who believe in unleashing this fury based upon information that might be false as one should be careful to let oneselves be used as weapons.

It would be good if everyone could be made aware of the fact that a social media giant conducted a psychological experiment proving that they could influence their user’s emotions. This is a piece of magic that was uncovered ages ago by press people and propaganda ministers alike. I guess it is a temptation too hard to resist, the idea of herding “the people.” The good news is that whenever scientist tried in the pasts to categorise human beings they always failed as there is too much diversity between individuals and their traits. Maybe they failed because the undertaking was too massive for the equipment that they had available at the time or maybe it is an impossible mission, which would truly mean that here is no such thing as “we the people.”

Still, even though this might be the case and the “not all” argument always seems to be applicable, it doesn’t minimise the fact that many base their political alignment on one survey, limited real-life experiences and/or headlines from well-respected, influential media outlets.

It is interesting that such little insight can yield such strong convictions. It is puzzling that everyone seems united in the belief that those who disagree with them are the uninformed party.

That may be; but at the end of the day does it really matter?

What are you aligning yourself with? What do you support? Who do you stand with?

Globalists and Nationalists hold values that are irreconcilable. It is true. The victory of one means the death of the other, there is no middle ground.

Expansionism and Isolationism are also polar opposites and there should be little doubt to anyone which one of the two you can have as a neighbour and which one you cannot.

Making statements like these doesn’t mean that you feel miserable about yourself or want to make yourself feel better by putting others down, it simply means picking a side. Based on what then? Idealism and fantasy vs. Reality and truth. Or more bluntly the demise of your tribe vs. the survival of your tribe. Who your allies are when facing an existential threat will differ from who your friends are when you are not.

Is reality pleasant, no. This is why we escape, myself included.

But that doesn’t make anyone fake or a worshipper of fakeness, or stupid or genuinely lost.

The guy who sent me the long comment on YouTube has made his first step towards seeing things for what they are: a basic division between your individual real-life experience of life and the assembly of selected information accompanied by carefully selected pictures presenting a one-dimensional vision or a partial or completely manufactured one of reality. It is called a facade or simply: marketing. Whether he progresses in his quest or remains stagnant remains to be seen, at the end of the day you might have to wake up to the world in order to return full circle to where you initially were, not necessarily because you want to but because it might be needed.