Hunting For “Ribbe” in Bedfordshire!

Norwegians demand “Ribbe” for Christmas. Which is not necessarily that easy to find when you are abroad. I will post pics from our celebrations so you guys can see how it looks like πŸ™‚ Anyway, I grew up in the South, where butchers are butchers and you see animals hanging from hooks in the backrooms. Here in the UK though, most of the local butchers are only distributors for larger farms. This means that if you want your meat cut in a specific way or you want specific pieces of the animal, you can just forget it. So today Dad and I set out to track down a “proper” butcher and this is what we found!

We couldn’t find our intended destination, but on our way back we ran into a huge Farm shop. We now know where the English find their hats!



Crocodile Dundee had been there apparently…



It reminded me of the stereotypical “redneck” shops they portray in Hollywood comedies, only that if this has been the US of A, there would have been guns & ammo in a place like this.


These guys were not real butchers either…but at least they had this:


Hmm…this guys has his own candy…


We travelled far & wide!

See that’s a real butcher. All of it is from animals who grass outside or from wild venison, jumping around in the forest.


We thought that this Estate was a Sanitarium or something, turns out it is a worship place of some sort for some bizarre Indian religion :/

Estates here and estates there….the GPS took us here:


I jumped out of the car as I thought that this guy was shot 😦 Poor thing he was suffering so much 😦 Look at that wound 😦



I might generally suck at cooking, but I know how to cook good burgers πŸ™‚

Ha-ha! These are venison burgers πŸ™‚ yum-yum!



I also saw 2 Hercules Aircrafts today, but didn’t manage to take a pic of those. Just made me think of Johnny English πŸ˜›