Freedom in Europe & Tommy Robinson. Freedom in U.S.A. & Roseanne Barr.


I became greatly troubled when I heard the news of how Tommy Robinson had been sentenced to 13 months in prison for standing outside a courthouse streaming from yet another grooming case. What I found especially worrying was that no one in the press were allowed to report on it, until the ban was lifted today (Thank God). Now I do not consider myself to be a member of the press, but I’m a civilian Westerner who participate in our societies, which is what we are meant to be doing … I sign petitions that are being passed around the digital world, I’ve sent some emails to local representatives asking about MicroPlastics in our drinking water, I’m helping out in the local community and I registered myself as a voter last year and campaigned within the family to get as many votes with me as possible down to the Norwegian embassy in London. I also shared information on my blog regarding the election and promoted the whole ordeal everywhere in order to inspire my fellow Norwegians to participate in the democratic process!

I sent an email to the local Parish council wondering if I could be of help, since I knew that there was a position open and that they struggle to get new people in. I was not eligible due to the particular EU deal that my country of origin has – but if I had been eligible I would have been very happy to help! I live in a small village and feel that I’m experiencing the best of England. My experience of this country is nothing but good. That being said I am seriously considering investing in Medieval Chain Mail for my next London trip … since it is illegal for people to protect themselves in this country……

I myself don’t have to worry about “Trucks of Peace” at the local Christmas market where I live, but I also understand that there is no guarantee that this Utopia will continue….


I live in one of the safest areas in the UK and can in many ways just turn a blind eye to the suffering and fears that other people in this country have to deal with, but I have not.

Whenever a person decides to voice their opinion there is usually a turning point and for me that was the one year anniversary for the attack on Charlie Hebdo in France.

Like many troublesome things … it all started with France…..


#JeSuisCharlie #CharlieHebdo #Solidarity

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You see … I lived there for a year and attended school there, so I know that you will never get any good grades at all, if you don’t participate in the exchange of ideas. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the beauty and the essence of France’s greatness. At least in my opinion. It is all about having your say and expressing yourself, being yourself, being YOU and celebrating liberté, égalité, fraternité!

Regardless of what you might want to believe, the French are fearless. They are not interested in their rights being taken from them, they are not interested in being treated unfairly, and will march out in the streets, throw their fist in the air, and let the whole world know what they think!

Sure, I do not envy anyone working within the French Government, as that must surely be a challenging endeavour. In fact, I would probably sleep in a bunker every single night if I was Macron.

Yet it is this passion and this celebration of individualism that makes France so very fascinating, even if the French are picky when it comes to how you speak their language….

A year after the vicious attack on Charlie Hebdo I couldn’t get over it, I couldn’t let it go. Nobody else seemed to care anymore. There were no hashtags, there were no flag-filters, people were busy with their own affairs and seemed like they had forgotten.

To me it was the day that I published my very first entry about the current continental crisis that we are standing face to face with in Europe today. At the time I didn’t know as much as I know now, I’ve changed somewhat, but I knew that I had to speak my mind and speak up for our part of the world, and whether people agree with my particular values or not; that is precisely what I did.

After this I’ve expressed my opinions online continuously and can’t understand for the love of God why Britain would be interested in deconstructing itself, a phenomenon that isn’t solely English, but a cultural and political issue that can be observed all over the Western world.

In fact I’ve started to wonder if there is a biological expiration date in the “coding” and whether or not this can be credited to the self-destruction mode that apparently has been activated among people with pale complexions all over the world regardless of geography….

But that would mean giving up on The West and I’m not willing to do that. 

I myself have never participated in any protests anywhere in the world and have absolutely no crime record at all whatsoever, anywhere. In fact, if one was to dig properly, nothing can be found, besides my opinions, my sense of humour and me sending slightly (in fact very) retarded messages to people I’ve considered my friends – because yes – I do like to troll people, and yes that will sometimes result in you falling flat on your face. That being said; if I know that I’ve been acting like a fool, I will also apologise.

The idea that I could all of a sudden be some kind of an enemy due to what I’ve liked on Facebook, re-grammed on Instagram or re-Tweeted on Twitter, seems absurd. If I was to be considered a criminal due to openly supporting the US President or for opposing deconstructionism in Europe, then we’ve officially dishonoured all of those who’ve died in the past to allegedly secure us our much envied freedoms…..

I’m asking myself why people have died for their countries if their legacy is to be overshadowed by “The People’s Democratic Republic of Europe,” and that is precisely the disgusting monstrum that we’ve degenerated into if you’ll get a SWAT team crashing through your front door at night for standing with your country of residency, rather than promoting the caliphate, burning the flag and/or demanding reparations due to some legitimate or un-legitimate offence in the past.

Am I asking the Germans for money? Am I suing them? Am I eating cake when Germans are killing themselves with their self-destructive policies? The answer to all of those questions is a resounding no. I am the last person interested in a German shouting at me, which they easily resort to it seems, but even though this is true I’m not popping the champagne when their Nation is going to shit. There are people out there who want reparations now because of the TransAtlantic slave-trade, there are people who try to play all kinds of cards due to colonisation: “Remove your flag – it is a sign of imperialistic oppression.” Do you want to import these type of attitudes into your country? Well not if you want your country to survive.

When I started sharing my concerns regarding Europe here on my blog I certainly didn’t sit here with a strategic master-plan. I’ve expressed my opinions as a European resident/citizen, and these concerns are legitimate. I do not have a go-bag underneath my bed, nor do I have 50 different fake passports in my safe, nor am I currently trying to destroy my own fingertips so as to make identification harder, nor do I have a stealth-Niqab at the ready.

If you live in a dictatorship you know that liking something on a social media platform, if you even have access to such a thing, can be the equivalence of firing a shot. There are a great number of Christians out there who live in constant fear that people will find out that they have a Bible in their household. People are afraid of speaking their minds all over the world and if one thing is to be said it is that you should never go into a fight or a battle if you are ill-prepared.

If the conclusion I reach regarding our current Europe is that you must have a grand strategy in place before you can even say something at all online, then we’ve already lost. Thankfully I read this evening that it is alright for people to share the news regarding Tommy Robinson’s arrest, and that was surely a great relief. 

Now; I’m not trying to say that Robinson is a Saint, I do not know the guy, have never met him, but I’ve seen some of his content. This man loves his country and hates what it is becoming, from what I can tell. He is also the last man who I would want to piss off, because believe me, if this man feels wronged or if he is on to something, he will not stop. I’ve seen how he has confronted those who try to bring him down and that is precisely why he is now in prison.  He displays the same drive and energy that can be witnessed when mainstream media people are running after a person they want to get hold of and/or target. He is obsessed with the future of his own country and has risked everything for his cause. By throwing him into prison he has automatically been given the martyr status that any sensible opposition should have avoided. Whether he survives his very long sentence or not; he has become a symboland symbols never die.

It was clumsy to silence the press, it drew instant attention and made the story go viral. I mean look at this:

Since I’m a Westerner, who lives in a free democratic world, with freedom of speech as one of its/our greatest virtues – I haven’t exactly prepared for a battle. I represent the very individualism that our part of the world champions, but this also means that I’m not exactly meeting in secrecy with unofficial organisations that will have my back if I’m all of a sudden considered an official threat for being pro-English, pro-Europe, pro-French, pro-Scandinavia, pro-American – in other words – pro-West.

Am I guilty for being curious? And am I guilty if I care about the well-being of this country? You see that is the impression one can easily get….

Yesterday I got pissed off when I saw a Tweet from Gad Saad. It is certainly rich to sit over in Canada and ask oneself why on earth people aren’t talking about Mr.Robinson over here in Europe when the media has officially been told to shut up about a non-ethno-Nationalist being thrown into prison, where he will probably end up getting killed! Gad Saad doesn’t even live here, and if you all of a sudden suspect that you’ve woken up in the new USSR, then it certainly isn’t risk-free to address our current challenges, especially if you officially stand alone without any firm and/or confirmed alliances. Apparently this hasn’t crossed the mind of someone like Saad … if the gag order had not been revoked I could have concluded a much shorter entry by making a point of:

“what Mr.Robinson? There never was a Mr.Robinson in Section E-42856? Welcome to The People’s Democratic Republic of Europe!”

Thankfully I’m not ending a blog entry with these words … or at least not yet.

In other news this evening I saw that Roseanne Barr was thrown under the bus today by everyone; even Breitbart, after she Tweeted something insulting to Valerie Jarrett using the word “ape.” Now I’ve actually referred to myself as an ape in one of my older entries. I do believe it was “pale nordic ape” … but then again I do think that all humans think too greatly of themselves … we are all silly little apes caught up in silly little arguments, wasting away, consumed with petty disagreements, but I guess this thinking of mine is worthless in an age where any comment, and especially any insult, can become lethal ammunition if used right.

Roseanne Barr’s comment was clumsy and I think the reason as to why I didn’t get really, really, angry is because I’ve referred to myself as an ape in the past. Then again I cannot really see myself calling a brown-skinned individual, or a minority person, for ape, because why on earth would I? It was a really silly or thoughtless move in an age where people are looking for racism and anything they can use anywhere!

Roseanne Barr gave the left what they wanted and what they are always on the look out for … I’m guessing that it would be catastrophic if President Trump now went out and defended Mrs. Barr, because the President has to deal with his own accusations of racism, something that he seems to be battling daily. (Record Low Unemployment Rates for Minorities in the U.S.A.)

This means that Roseanne has been disavowed by everyone which is a pity, because her show was much-needed. The opposition won, or at least this time around. Roseanne’s show has to come back because it was important, and people loved it. The fact that the left dictates what is allowed or not has to come to and end, because they insult and behave badly yet somehow manage to portray themselves as having the moral high-ground time after time. As of now there are lots of politicians all over the Western world who live in fear over what the media might write about them and this results in them having no balls, quite frankly.

The deconstructionists will win if they are allowed to dictate the rules of what one ought to talk about and what one ought not to even think about. 

Written by a pale, elusive Nordic ape in desperate need of sunshine.

The Commander In Chief-Russia Collusion!


So … while I’m downloading all of my Facebook data to see the staggering, horrible, evidence, showcasing my horrendous wrong-think on the “so-called private/but actually public space/but really STASI database,” I thought that I would share the final piece of evidence regarding The Russia Collusion and The Commander-In-Chief. Fate would have it, that I, a troubadour, would sit on the final piece of evidence that could potentially rewrite history and shake things up! Who would have thought? Yes here it is people, the final piece in the complex puzzle – behold! Shake in fright! The link between The Commander In Chief and Russia is finally here! I’m expecting to hear from the CNN shortly. Call me now!

In other news … you might want to spread this video about social media censorship when it comes to conservative online activity. You better agree with the propaganda! There is no such thing as various degrees of left and right, oh no, only “popular opinion” which funny enough ends up in the liberal camp. Hmmm … how very strange? I wonder why!?

Lame, Lame, Lame, Shit.


So now my video got demonetized, like what the hell? A  song I wrote for the victims of all of this extreme weather? I say that we should leave our political differences behind and come together to help the victims? I say that it is nice to see all of these people who are different coming together helping each other and that this is the best of America? Hello? Ridiculous. Beyond annoying too. I’ve never experienced anything like this. Defamation that is exactly what it is. Pricks.


The Latest Social Media Purge.


So while I was sitting here working on some pretty long opinion pieces I was informed by a family member that conservative artists and political YouTubers are having their YouTube videos demonetized. Huh? I have to admit I was surprised to hear this even though, yes, I’ve written about how reactionaries/alt-righters/alt-liters etc; have lost their Patreon and/or PayPal; but Trump supporters losing their income? Are you kidding me?

I feel like a little kid going: “I know you are the big bad wolf” and then going “Holy shit!” when the big bad wolf confesses: “Yes it is me! I am the big bad horrible wolf, you were right!”

Funny. I can’t believe I was surprised by the news, yet I have to admit that I was. I hate to be right :/ Anyway, grim news indeed. I guess it is now official that any person who isn’t part of the modern left have been lumped into the Nazi/extremist category. Yet, things are not always like they seem and according to this article I came across there’s also been people on the left experiencing their share of censorship from YouTube. Now that’s an interesting detail to note. Even though I’m not particularly keen on conspiracy theories it’s an idea to read and watch this!

Here is a screenshot from another site complaining about the same:

war on indie media

Obviously it fits into the air of this blog that the cultural marxists are escalating their witch-hunt after everything that has happened as of late, such as this: The Triumph Of Reason.When you read the article I first pasted in and see that a duo like Diamond & Silk are experiencing  censorship it should not be hard to agree with that sentiment. The modern left is strong, merciless, unwavering, with politicians and artists alike endorsing violence in the streets … and in the middle of this there are neo-conservatives like Mitt Romney endorsing ANTIFA, a communist group … Uh? So I guess that these republicans are closet-modern-leftists or something… or? American conservatives.

Not to forget that UK’s conservative prime minister Theresa May officially bent the knee to Islam during her “Eid Mubarak speech”  … and Norway’s female conservative prime minister is not much to talk about either. Is she conservative or what? Honestly it is hard to have heroes in today’s world. Theresa May certainly looked like a total pro during her visit to Washington but she also sounded outdated next to Trump, not to forget that she apparently is on a  “crusade” against *drumroll* Breitbart readers … of all things. I also enjoy watching videos with US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, but he also sounds slightly outdated when it comes to certain things.

Who do you look up to if you’ve decided to side with “The West?”

Anyway … It honestly seems like those on the left want to provocate the right for all that it’s worth, since they keep on poking, poking, poking, poking,poking. It is easy to laugh at it too though when you read hilarious articles like this: Bronze Lives Matter, but the laughter cease when you realise that Jesus, fucking hell these wackos have no boundaries/brakes. Not to forget that there are self-professed patriots out there who would then actually side with militant left-wing radicals who believe in toppling statues….   *Enter confused face*

This is the woman who believes a statue of Admiral Nelson should be removed. She authored the article I just linked to.


Even though I see the modern left as a giant,totalitarian mega-threat that I truly don’t agree with, I’m not quite sure what I think of this spin to the story of those on the left being demonetized too. After all it does seem like any person to the right of “leftist-revolutionary” is being targeted. Regardless of what the full truth may be the modern left are in a strong position and fully display their intolerance and true colours everyday.  Funny enough I hoped that socialist Marine Le Pen would win in France since she is a patriot and wasn’t championing globalism. And what about my own country? I’ve been posting favourably about the right-wing political party currently in our government since they are opposed to the Islamification of Norway. At least they are willing to say that Norway is a country whose culture/identity deserves to be defended. Yet they are in my opinion capitalist extremists after having read their entire party-program, but I can’t support anyone who is centrists or leftists or moderately conservative as they all champion replacement migration :l  … the times are weird to say the least… :/ Why can’t we have Nationalist Capitalism in Europe? That would make things easy. Pro-Norwegian culture, pro-Norwegian business, anti-globalist, anti-mass-migration, pro-the-Norwegian-people without being racist. Strong European Nations standing together because of trade and a military alliance. Europe first. Sounds great to me. Maybe I should start my own party 😛 I’m sure that would be an easy task 😛

In my opinion you don’t need anti-left propaganda when they themselves actually create and/or endorse videos like these: No thanks! You can keep your nastiness to yourself.I wouldn’t want to be associated with something like that. Thanks for convincing me not to vote for your party! You’ve certainly scared me away as if thought the politics weren’t enough! I’m just waiting for Norwegian feminists to vote naked as we saw American celebrities doing over there, or some chubby Norwegian soap-opera star making a horrible rap, or Norwegians threatening to leave the country if those on the right win. Hey, I actually live abroad! Ha! I don’t live in Norway. Yet I’ll use my vote and I’ll vote for the right!!!!!! Mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!



I googled a little and came across this article concerning pro-Trump musicians targeted by YouTube. When I first looked at it I wasn’t quite sure what to think. In general I don’t really trust musicians as a great number seem to be uniquely narcissistic taking any opportunity whether it is charity, politics, relationships or whatever to promote themselves. Of course the music biz is competitive, I’m also ecstatic whenever my music gets exposure as you need that as a musician! I disagree with the politics often preached by The BBC and The Guardian, yet I thought it was awesome that they featured my music! Anyway –  I cannot really see myself run around and support and endorse whatever just to get attention; so when I first read the article above I was wondering if the “story” was genuine or I guess what I’m trying to say is: that I hope that the artists in question are sincere. Seeing that others have reported on the story as well I trust that they are. In fact here I’ve found some cool tracks you can check out by said artists:

Funny enough I’ve also experienced social media censorship. I had to deal with that in 2013 when I released “I Am The Commander In Chief” as a single with a video. Super stoked about my military-themed video I was shattered when my Facebook posts with the video literally got 0 views after the first time I posted it, something I’ve never experienced neither before nor after. None of the rock’n’roll sites posted it on their YouTube channels either so it was disappointing to say the least. Followers tried to be clever by notifying me that Facebook wants people to pay for visibility but for me this was really not the case as other music videos and all other content didn’t experience the same thing. Even though I was pissed off about my video I guess I forgot about the whole thing when my next video went viral on social media, but then again it was a performance video so I guess it didn’t offend anyone 😛 And for those thinking that maybe nobody liked it, well yes people actually did like it. Somehow that particular release was flagged  which made it impossible to promote as an independent artist.

Back in 2015 I had another weird experience when my blog had its reach decreased over night. That really disappointed me as I’ve written before, since I was stoked over the power of social media! The whole idea that you as an artist can build your own fan base and bypass the gatekeepers of the industry is magnificent, yet I literally experienced having my shares reduced, AND that was before I posted any political content. Now how about that? I have no idea why this post changed everything: 21 Reasons I Suck!

Yet it did (?) Awkward.

I’ve also blogged about my bizarre experience later in 2015, when I for 5 months experienced all of my social media accounts being messed with by God knows who. At a certain point it stopped.

This year I’ve been experiencing some hiccups with my Instagram which I thought was a bug, but as of late I’ve started to have my doubts since updating and restarting the App hasn’t changed anything. Basically what happens is that my Instagram goes black and then I’m all of a sudden out of the App. Not logged out just “out” – like when you just x out of an App on your phone. When does this happen? Well is the same scenario every time – it happens whenever I’m liking conservative posts … go figure… every single time. I’m not joking. I’m serious. It has been going on for a while.

Hmm … anything else weird? Well last year both my brother and I noticed that certain posts we had made on our private Facebooks had been deleted or just looked blank. We had not done this ourselves. There was a petition I signed some years ago calling for FB to change certain aspects of its terms of service I think and this had also been removed – and I didn’t just share someone else’s post, it was mine. Censorship is alive and well it seems.

…and for those who would wonder if I’m lying then let me ask you this: what would I gain by fabricating this information? Answer: Nothing.

I certainly won’t be posting any political content on my YouTube, not that I ever did, besides a little history lesson. In light of how things are now I guess that this is hate speech too?

The Tolerant Left.


If you want to know MY thoughts concerning the US Presidency CLICK HERE

If you want to read another good blog entry about the election READ HERE

Alright… it seems like people are just not able to stop whining about  the outcome of the US election. Just like Remainers who went ballistic all over social media after the Brexit vote, threatening to leave England as Brexiters surely must be a bunch of un-informed “right-wing extremist.”People getting  sick and tired of the arrogance and dictatorship of Brussels is of course not a valid point at all or well….Mainland Europe turning into the NEW Sweden…or… (is it the other way around?) is of course a completely irrational fear, probably based on – you guessed right- RACISM! I honestly hate that word at this point, because racism is literally our age’s witch hunting.

People who were critical of Obama = Racists.                                                                             People sceptical of the EU = Racists. People opposed to Islamists & Jihadists = Racists. People discussing the failure of Merkel in Germany = Racists. People discussing Sweden losing control over Muslim territories in Sweden = Super Racists. People who believe in borders = Mega Racists. People who want to defend their country = Super Racist. People who actually know a bit about history = Super, Mega, Giga Racists. Those who speak the truth = milder racists, but still racists. People who have realised the failures of globalism = literally Hitler ( even though he invaded a whole bunch of countries). 

People critical of a female leader = misogynists. If a woman can’t get the job she wants = misogyny. If a woman is rightfully called incompetent =  misogyny. A man looking at a woman for too long = rapist. A man complementing a woman on her looks = creepy,misogynist rapist, unless he is not white. (See that’s important! Accusing a coloured man of rape makes you – yes you got it right – RACIST). A conservative man  married to a hot woman = super misogynist . Woman who wishes to be a home-maker = Gender-traitor with internalised misogyny. A female voter, voting for a conservative male politician = super misogynist. A woman critical of militant feminism = absolute misogynist. A woman looking good, who is not a progressive = stupid slut, probably misogynist. A woman who is opposed to abortion = literally Hitler (even though she is opposed to killing).

I find it extraordinary how the “Tolerant Left” are the only ones who “should be allowed to share their viewpoints”… you see … it’s too painful to be confronted with opposing views, so freedom of speech is only valid if you agree with the “tolerant left.”

AND THEY WILL LET THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW THEIR FEELINGS! They will shout it out loudly, THEY WILL SCREAM, they will name call, THEY WILL HARASS and even physically attack. They will campaign, CALL ALL THOSE WHO DISAGREE IGNORANT, stupid, INTOLERANT, miss informed, THEY of course are the only bearers of truth and light, and just like religious and cultist extremists – they will be pardoned if they attack you – because YOU, filthy YOU, are unworthy of having a viewpoint – attacking YOU, filthy YOU, doesn’t count, as YOU filhty YOU, must be EVIL. (All you need to do is to label those who disagree with you as evil and voila – they are free bait!) YOU deserve to be physically assaulted, YOU deserve to be mugged, YOU deserve to be silenced, YOU deserve to DIIIIIIEEEEEEE! … you see …

… the only way that you can ever get along with the “tolerant left” is to agree with EVERYTHING that they are saying. I’ve seen several posts on my private social media these last days suggesting that ” you should either shut up or comfort” those traumatised by “Adolf Trump” winning the US election. Peace loving lefties have also gone to the extreme of attacking Trump supporters, and there is no reason to believe that this level of hatred will calm down … as the “Tolerant left” ARE the totalitarian, authoritarian, racist ones. Yes that is right. There is no acceptance and tolerance from these type of people at all whatsoever. Shit…I guess me being critical and writing this entry makes me a fucking racist 😮 WTF! 

Below there used to be a video of a little afro-American boy, who was thrown out on the street by his mother since he had voted for Trump in a school election. A tiny little child with fear written all over his face. The twitter account that shared the video was deleted by twitter. They do have a tendency to purge anyone who post political posts they dislike.


The New STASI app, sorry FB.


So as I’m laying here preparing to fall asleep, something that I’m miserably failing at, I just realised something. Merkel got it all wrong when she asked FB for help in sniffing out dissenters. What she needs is a brand new app, in fact my newly thought out app, my #MakeStasiGreatAgain app. Yes. Imagine how great if you could just hit the app, direct your camera towards the face of a person who “thinks wrong”, only for the app to use facial recognition to store the face of the offender, so that the person in question can instantly be detained by the authorities. It would be the ultimate snitch app, perfectly designed for people who just can’t handle those who disagree with them. It would be an instant hit worldwide, especially with social justice warriors. It would be like Pokemon go, #CatchAllDissenters #CatchThemAll maybe it could get synced up to a fancy drone or something, so that the think-criminals could instantly be neutralised. I think that this is the best idea I’ve ever had. This idea came to me btw, after listening to my brother sharing his political views. I realised that he would be the first victim of such an app, and then I guess I would be next. Whenever this app gets launched by anyone, remember to give me credit. #IThoughtItFirst #MyIdeaFirst #MakeStasiGreatAgainApp

Political Correctness Is Dead.


So while I’m sitting here having my doubts whenever I post something slightly political, fearing that some potential fans might get offended by me having an opinion at all, you got someone like this guy ruling the internet ↓


Literally. I’ve only read a couple of his entries, but he has clearly become an internet legend and he is hilarious. I just laugh to myself a bit, since “political correctness” has been forced down our throats for so long. I can’t believe that this guy actually is for real.

The Kanye West Of Journalism

Super Villain Of The Inter-webs

With the uprising of so-called “controversial characters” that couldn’t care less about what people might think of them, the suffocating short-lived trend of the over-sensitive, easily triggered political-correctness police seems to be coming to a timely end. Or at least they aren’t able to silence everyone who might question them.

Like seriously. LOL.

I had never heard of “micro-aggressions” or “social-warriors” until recently. I was planning on dedicating a whole blog entry to these fine rebels with absolutely no cause at all whatsoever. But hey. I kinda have to play that guitar of mine.

On a different note, can anyone actually believe that Anarchists are protesting the Brexit vote? That is honestly the most comical thing ever. Super ROFL.