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I’ve uploaded two new videos to my Patreon today documenting my progress on the 3rd album! If you want to hear what I’m working on and what’s coming then make sure that you sign up! I’m pretty much halfway there working my way through a double album! :):):):):) Thanks a lot to those of you who support my work, if you really like what I’m doing then please check this out:ย My Patreon!

Here is a screen shot of my “secret” YouTube playlist that you’ll get access to if you sign up, there are care packages, downloads, music lessons and other exclusives available through Patreon as well!ย โ†‘

Patreon Updates So Far

I’m happy to say that my classical album is still on the American Amazon Chart after hanging around there for weeks :):):):) Thanks, thanks a lot!!!!


charting on 56 May 2018

Dragon Age Inquisition!


So, my brother is a gamer and he plays piano. I’ve gotten used to him jamming epic sounding video game themes etc, and now and then he surprises with an amazing composition.

Some weeks ago I heard some captivating music coming from the living room and I had to ask him “Have you written this?” only for him to tell me that, no this was another game soundtrack, this time from Dragon Age Inquisition.

I became obsessed with the song and thought: ” you know what, I wanna work on this”. Initially I was picturing a guitar battle but since the guy I was originally gonna do this with ended up being unavailable, I thought: why wait? I got my brother sitting here playing this awesome tune and I got my Firestudio/Studio One recording equipment….so here you go! This track is totally addictive \m/