Steve Nichol for getting it almost right! Please inbox me your address on FB Steve, so I can send you the reward. Each line = 40 min. I have a break after that, then I have an extended break after 2 hours when I stretch etc; The first lines I posted = 8 hours of playing guitar. Which is always my aim. Obviously if I start feeling fatigued in my wrist, finger tips etc; I will have to stop which is always annoying. I think it’s natural though that you would work on perfecting your practise routine, if you play really extreme material like I do and always push yourself to new heights ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks a lot to all of you who participated on FB & Instagram!!! I could of course pretend to be sending out codes to a secret society on social media like one person suggested, but this is not what these lines mean I’m afraid! Thanks for making me laugh though!!!