Globalism vs. Localism & The Rise of Nationalism.

A clear advantage that you’ll have if you’ve been raised internationally is that it gives you the ability to compare different population groups and Nation State Systems. If there is one thing that is clear to me whenever I look at old entries that I’ve written it is that the challenges faced all over theContinue reading “Globalism vs. Localism & The Rise of Nationalism.”

Creation Myths From The Whole World.

This is a collection of creation myths from throughout the world translated to Norwegian. It was lent to me by a relative who clearly wants me to engage in comparative-religion. This is understandable since we used to be Pagan in Norway before we were Christened by the sword; if you are a believer in universalismContinue reading “Creation Myths From The Whole World.”

The UN Declares Genocide Plans For Europe, Russia & Japan.

Nations naturally increase & decrease in size. There is nothing wrong or unnatural about this, however if you experience a decrease and then decide to flood your territory with the members of other Nations you’ll make yourself: vulnerable, destabilise your territory, create an unnecessary “minority situation” for yourself, and delegitimise your claim to whatever territoryContinue reading “The UN Declares Genocide Plans For Europe, Russia & Japan.”