I’ll be on BBC3 on the 31st of March!

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be Tom Service’s guest on the 31st this month discussing “Anger In Music” and playing some live music.

This is part of a festival called “Free Thinking” arranged by BBC3.

It is possible to join us! Get your FREE tickets right here: Anger In Music

I’m looking forward to it!

Make sure that you check out my previous interview with Tom Service right here: Here I Am, On BBC3!

Signed CDs + Lots of New Videos!

If you like my music and want to support it then it is possible to buy signed CDs (in all three genres) from my website right here: WWW.COMMANDERMUSIC.COM

We will soon upload some new music videos to my YouTube channel & just released a new album teaser! You can see some sneak peeks from the upcoming videos so make sure that you check it out!

We’ve done lots of live streams recently & have been very active on YouTube, make sure that you check out & share the new videos and keep an eye out for all of the new ones that are coming!