“An Angel Saved Me” by Theresa Cheung.

This is an eye-opening and potentially unsettling/spooky book, I really enjoyed Cheung’s work as it featured countless stories from people describing supernatural experiences. A common thread can be seen when reading these type of stories. The book stand out though due to its many witness accounts; I really enjoyed its style, I would also recommend:ย The Map of Heaven โ€“ by Dr. Eben Alexander & Ptolemy Tompkins.

I’m guessing that spiritual skeptics wouldn’t have much interest in a book such as “An Angel Saved Me,” but if you’ve heard of or experienced anything that resembles what’s within these pages you’ll certainly find it fascinating, like a confirmation of sorts.

I really had no idea that there were people out there communicating with Angels, until I heard that the Norwegian royal princess engages in this sort of activity; I thought it sounded a bit spaced-out at the time, but now I’m not so sure.

I do find it interesting however that all of the Angel encounters described in this work are so positive in nature, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are some vicious celestial beings at work as well; if you believe in the “otherworldly” it could explain the battle between good and evil in our world.

Cheung’s work brings up some points that I’ve certainly come to see as self-evident, something that many alternative doctors also believe in, namely: that we are all connected to a super force and that there is meaning hiding in everything. Some refer to this as “synchronicity.”

Cheung points out the importance of the word and how we can all be angels/helpers to others. I thought a bit about this after reading and my own thoughts about the matter is that: Being the helper of some might make you the enemy of others, but being the helper of some is probably better than being the helper of none.

Let’s say that I pass a homeless person as I’m on my way home. I give this individual whatever change I have and a smile might spread across the person’s face, followed by a “Bless You” or a “Thank You.” It is even better if I then look at the rough sleeper, acknowledging his/her presence, rather than avoiding eye-contact, which is the most comfortable thing to do, as homeless people both remind us of the fragility of existence while maybe giving us a slight sense of “survivors guilt.”

Yet after I’ve done this small act of charity, I walk past another rough-sleeper, and this time I have no change to give. To this individual I represent nothing but another walker-by. Just another one blending into the city-landscape, almost highlighting the beggar’s loneliness and social isolation. Everybody just walk on by lost in their own thoughts about what they need to do, where they ought to be, where they are heading, etc; while ignoring those that they encounter on their way, not even saying “hello,” an act that can only really be seen in villages/hamlets where any human you encounter is automatically special.

This type of scenario or dilemma can be transposed to all political issues as well; I’ll help group A, but then I cannot really help group B, I’ll stand with these people over here, but that will automatically put me in opposition to those guys over there, these people will benefit and a positive change will happen in their lives, but just as this act of good spreads like a ripple effect, there will be a negative one spreading elsewhere within the group that has been ignored or wilfully sidelined.

The power of the word is truly overwhelming if people awaken to it and think about it. This might illustrate why it is complicated: ย “I just had a negative encounter/experience and will now share this with another person.”

  1. I will create a negative atmosphere, because something of a negative nature is being discussed, and since human nature is the way it is; then I’ll probably spend an awful lot of time talking about that which annoys me with my friend/relative.
  2. I will potentially create some sort of conflict, if action is to be taken in order to “get justice” and settle the issue with the other individual who has offended me.
  3. A lot of people let bad individuals get away with their misdeeds, for the simple reason that they don’t want to deal with the negative emotions stemming from a potential argument or conflict, hence the bad guy has a tendency of getting away with whatever.
  4. If you ever try to fix a proper issue, there will be a lot of pain generated in the process, which then makes me wonder if it is best to not address issues; there will of course be no solution to whatever problem, in fact matters might get worse, but at least you’ll post-pone confrontations with troublemakers, or hand the issue at hand over to someone else….It is in fact very common to see this.
  5. If you are to walk in Love and deal with all problems like some guru, then what on earth do you do when encountering real evil and individuals who are rude and mean to everyone around them, without ever improving or showing any signs of genuine remorse? Is a loving nature more likely to get you killed, injured, devastated and/or emotionally drained, or can you actually improve the world by spreading kindness? And how far can this ripple effect potentially go, if you think about the dilemma described above?

These are interesting matters to contemplate indeed, since it deals with our own spiritual footprint here on earth. It is also an interesting thing to note how hate can be born out of absolutely nothing, which is something that can really be experienced by artists receiving hate-mail for no obvious reason or bully victims chosen and picked on by other children, without anyone really knowing why.

There doesn’t have to be any reason for hate to take its hold, and regardless of how well-intended and strong the love that meets it might be, it can’t be denied that a gun might be love’s greatest protector when dealing with deep-seated, blind rage, caused by infernal, putrid, hatred. Why some fall victims to such strong negative emotions, is peculiar indeed, as others can live through inhuman challenges and still find love and a light within, helping them to forgive while ascending to new spiritual heights.

Ours is a strange world.

Quotes from Cheung’s “An Angel Saved Me.”

“But every morning when we wake up we have no idea whether we have years, days or hours left to live. In the midst of life we are in death, whether we like it or not, and we may never know when our time is up.”

“… but when you think about the idea that we are all connected and nothing we do or say is trivial,…”

“Perhaps the genius of artists, musicians and writers, or the joy experienced by lovers or first-time parents, or the explorer soaring to new heights, come close to the inspiration of feeling ‘not of this world.’

“So the next time you experience a ‘coincidence’, rather than dismissing it, ask yourself what it means.”

“…remember that coincidence is the language that angels speak.”

“Remember, if you don’t think you have encountered angels, many of the people here didn’t actually see angels. Something as simple as a feather, a song, a book, a flash of intuition or a remarkable coincidence was the catalyst for their spiritual transformation. If you look at the world with ‘angel eyes’, every moment is a chance for you to glimpse the mystery and to marvel at the sheer magic of it all.”

“…everything we say and do, however tiny or insignificant it may feel at the time, really has the potential to make others feel as if they have been touched by an angel.”

Some books recommended by Theresa Cheung:

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

The Road Less Travelled by M.Scott Peck.

A couple of books about roughly the same topic:

Britain’s X-Traordinary Files by David Clarke.

Haunted! Scariest Stories from the UK’s no.1 Psychic by Derek Acorah

Getting Active! :)

Written on the 12th of September.

Yesterday I released a new song on YouTube dedicated to the victims of Hurricanes Irma & Harvey + the earthquake in Mexico. A few days prior a follower on Instagram asked me if I could shred some metal for my fans in the affected areas in the U.S.A. but I decided to write something on the acoustic instead since I’m currently in “shoulder rehab.” I’ve just started doing strengthening exercises as I’m recovering from my shoulder injury. I thought it was really exciting to publish this video in particular as it is my first “charity-video,” it feels really good to help out by trying to raise money for those affected! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s cool to help!

The same can be said of voting! As I wrote about in my “Voting For The First Time!” entry I decided to partake in our parliamentary democracy this year and it felt really cool to get down to London and cast my vote! I read quite a lot of material to prepare so that I would know what to align myself with and how Norway is really doing. For example, how many Norwegians in their 20’s have read our constitution? It is also impressive to figure out what political parties have to know as every single aspect of your nation’s economy for example has to be addressed in the programs of your various political parties. The conclusions I reached when reading through everything from taxation, to health-care, education, infrastructure, immigration and industry can be read here:ย An Insight Into The State of A European Nation โ€“ Election in Norway/Valg i Norge 2017.

It was exciting to follow the democratic process yesterday night and to see how well documented our voting patterns are from counties to towns and even city parts. The breakdown was really fascinating. It was also good to see that not even the wife of the president of the Worker’s Party was allowed to vote without an I.D. The election results were also in favour of the conservatives so as a patriot this made me happy to see of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ May Norway Inc. prosper and benefit the Norwegian people!

I now intend to go through a long list of petitions to sign, there are those of course who would roll their eyes at this, as cynics might see this activity as pointless. It isn’t always. If a petition catches fire it might receive national attention and end up on the table of those with executive power. As I’ve said before: we can vote, sign petitions, raise awareness and then there is protesting or marching in the streets. The latter is trickier in our society, because if you want to walk in an Anti-Terrorism march you might get assaulted by far-left ideologues who apparently seem to think that an Anti-Islamist march is a cover-up for white-supremacist activity. There are people who have been badly damaged out there for simply protesting the removal of statues, so even though it would be the right thing – to get away from the keyboard – and march against Islamic terrorism, it would not be a risk-free activity I’m afraid.

These are the things we can do as civilian citizens in a western society. We can elect our representatives and keep an eye on whether those in power are acting in our interests or not and we can voice our dissent and share information with others if we feel that our people are wronged. We can donate money and goods to those that are in need or roll up our sleeves and get active locally.

A horror story about allergies – sign this petition to ban nuts on flights. A must read.

Please sign this petition to Stop the glorification of animal abuse.

Ban All Export of Lead in Petrol.

Denmark Street in London is being fundamentally changed regardless of its history to give way for gentrification.

Trying to fight plastics in our oceans…

Trying to save the Sumatran Elephants…

Ensure fire safety in London apartment tower blocks.

If a parent loses his/her child do you think that they should receive 2 weeks off, paid by their employer?

The infamousย Tampon Tax in Englandย that I’ve mentioned before. This is a fabulous example of over-taxation and as it is mentioned below – a tax that cannot be buried until after Brexit – which I’ve also written about before. Mad. Please sign the petitions as only supermarkets have the authority to re-organise their prices to combat the tax.

“For the last three years the team here at Change.org has watched Laura build a powerful movement that has battled tirelessly against the tampon tax.

To begin with, people said that it couldnโ€™t happen. But last year we saw the Chancellor George Osborne announce that the Government would finally produce a plan to axe the tax-ย – thanks to Laura’s 360,000 strong petition.

Brexit negotiations mean the Government canโ€™t enact their plans until 2019, which is why Laura thinks it is so important supermarkets step in to bridge the gap.

People power is working to make the tampon tax a thing of the past. Will you join Laura in the latest stage of her campaign byย calling on supermarkets, Sainsburyโ€™s and Asda, to support the fight against the Tampon Tax?”
Wow. This is exactly the kind of junk you can easily get caught up with in showbiz. I’ve even experienced people in the past keeping my video footage or gear “hostage” in order to get more money. In fact there is no end to how much weird I’ve run into as a musician:

Those are just some examples, I even published a long entry I later deleted when I was under a lot of stress back in 2015:ย https://thecommanderinchief.blog/2015/06/15/i-have-a-tiny-problem-dont-we-all-read-my-confession/ So what these guys over at Rebel Media experienced is basically everyday occurrences in the awkward business that is show biz:ย The Rebel Media Blackmailed by previous co-workers. This might prove an interesting read to those pursuing the life of an artist:ย https://thecommanderinchief.blog/2016/12/22/show-biz-literature/

This is a petition I signed a while back about mental heath in UK schools,ย it seems pretty innocent enough – until you get to the very bottom – where the author is writing about how the government has to flood the NHS with spending. I don’t think that caught my attention previously, because it does seem quite strange that you would demand something like that as something else will have to lose priority if the “NHS should be flooded.” The idea of including education about mental health in our schools seem ok – as long as people don’t start believing that they are ill when they are actually not – I still support this petition, but not the idealist idea preached in the bottom half as I don’t think it is likely to happen, it would have been nice as well if the author of the initiative could have addressed what ought to be marginalised in order to further enrich our public healthcare. (Our public healthcare that I actually ditched by the way, since I couldn’t bother to stand in a queue anymore waiting for help….)

I’ve signed some Greenpeace petitions both in the past and also now as I’ve put together this entry. Yet I have to admit that their behaviour can certainly be “interesting” at times when you look at this email I received. This gives people an insight into how ย “public outrage” can easily be “manufactured” and organised. The link took me straight to a specific FB post on BP’s page and this was full of dissenting comments – the other entries I’ve seen on their page have little interaction. So if you or your company ever experience the “angry mob” then keep in mind that it can on certain occasions be “bots” or it can be an organised effort initiated by an organisation with a vast online network, rather than the conscious reactions of individuals acting impulsively on their own.