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I highly recommend reading this very interesting article about voting patterns and demographics! It is not too long and it is well-written. Check it out!

Welcome. Come in, take a seat. Would you like some tea? Don’t worry, we aren’t even evil–though you might not want to tell your friends you’ve been here. They might not understand. In light of the recent election craziness, it’s time for a serious discussion. First, some basic facts: Here’s some poll data on the […]

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The Heated Topic Of Immigration Wordlwide & What Sovereignty Actually Means.

There is a proposal on the table that apparently will be voted on and discussed later this month, concerning making it illegal to be a critic of mass-migration, and I guess its effects, which are notable (historically speaking). This is to be done in order to initialize and/or continue with mass migration into Europe without any criticism. I wonder if this makes it illegal to review and talk about History books and/or whether or not it will also make it illegal to write that Norway was converted by the sword, which was the case, only that it was the sword of Christianity. History gives us the key to who we are and what sort of challenges we might face as nations/individuals and how to tackle these …  Here is the video:

Ok … now over to what I was actually going to write about:

I was quite surprised when I read an article a while back about anti-immigration riots in South Africa. It was of interest since it depicted Africans demonstrating against other Africans entering into their territory. I linked to the article here on my site and here I’ve found a video about anti-immigration sentiments in Israel.

Once again it illustrates how we all tackle a lot of the same issues regardless of where we live. With our current technology it makes it increasingly easier to compare cultures and how different population groups react to the same challenges.

What is of particular interest in the video is how the two Israeli women start shouting at one another since they disagree about whether or not they should take in the migrants.

Attitudes and behaviours that Westerners seem to regard as outdated are well and alive in other parts of the world, which you quickly realise when reading about the persecution of Christians.

Enforcing certain values and a clear identity will not happened quietly as anything that falls on the outside of the spectrum has to be removed or silenced. This paints a brutal picture that feels foreign in today’s “liberated” Western world of “Thou What Thou Wilt.” It makes sense to say that “when you go to Rome you do as the Romans” and unless you do have an unhealthy fixation on, let’s say, Islam; it makes sense to say that if you live in a Muslim majority country, then once again “you do as the Romans.”

You are a guest; which is why you’ll have to pay your respects or re-locate.

When observing how “respecting other’s sovereignty” plays out in practise though it actually means that you quietly stand by as genuine minorities (such as LGBTQ characters in Russia) are treated poorly, while political dissenters are sent into camps  (China), while it also means silently supporting terrifying human-rights violations (Saudi Arabia) all in the name of respecting “sovereignty” and a claim to practise ones “identity.”

Even in Western societies that are officially trying to be “bring-your-own-beer-countries”; they do want to enforce something, which is a normless society. This means that if you actually do stand for what has traditionally been the identity of your territory, well then you must be a bad-guy. Having “no-identity” becomes the identity, in this strange, awkward case. There is no culture, there is no heritage, there is no history, there is no nothing. Only a territory that you define upon your arrival. 

Even though I’ve been writing about how important it is to respect a Nations sovereignty and identity, I have to admit that in this I’ve failed on a small-scale by sending words of comfort out to persecuted Christians who in some cases are breaking the rules of the territory that they find themselves in by possessing a Bible and/or being open about their beliefs.

I’m also failing at “bringing my own beer” into identity-less Western territories as I’ve always integrated. This though becomes an issue if you live in a territory where “a deconstruction” is taking place. It means that you are aligned with the old (what the territory used to be) rather than the new (what the territory is becoming).

This might then oddly enough transform you into a dissenter by you successfully integrating into an established identity that is being killed on purpose by whatever establishment…..

Another example of sovereignty violation is this: if environmental pollutants are to be fought against effectively it also means being “rude,” since boots on the ground will be necessary in Africa and Asia to crack down on the worst “climate-offenders;” so there goes your peace and respect for sovereignty!

I wonder sometimes if  outspoken celebrities and spokespeople truly understand the natural conclusion of what they are stating and supporting….If you are an actual eco-warrior, well then you can’t respect anyone’s Sovereignty!

Pollution is really and truly a global problem, and we in the West are not the worst offenders.

I’m mentioning this to showcase how difficult  it can be to have certain stated principles, only to realise that things might not be as easy as previously thought…

It might also be worth mentioning that global corporations can in some ways operate like “one world governments” for the simple reason that they are their own thing completely and are everywhere, regardless of Nation or Continent.

Their influence is greater than anything else I’m sure.

National Sovereignty is consistently disrespected by world leaders who initiate sanctions and/or declare war against the leadership of other Nations, who they deem unfit to rule. Hence, no respect for sovereignty, nor the enforcement of National Identity.

The reason for this is probably due to how painful it actually is to witness Nation-State enforcement of territorial identity and also (in most cases I’m guessing) how unprofitable it is if Nation States break away from unions where so-and-so is/are the decision maker/s and/or big player/s.

Back to the migration issue; people are protective of their environment because they don’t want to lose out on their resources, which is one of the reasons as to why people have trough the ages “fortified their positions.” Something that is illegal in today’s Western Europe, unless you are a member of the establishment…..

Previous enforcement of ones right to be in a territory is also why we have distinct population groups, because group such and such was not erased by being absorbed into someone else’s “thing.” Hence in order to have a Nation and secure the continuation of said Nation you actually have to exclude, which a lot of people instinctively do; but this is never going to look pretty, especially not on a large-scale, which is what I’m talking about in this entry.

This of course makes an “open world” scary since it is a dangerous illusion; nobody is really interested in being squeezed out, not even those who are initially “open and inclusive,” when all of a sudden they wake up to find out that they have become a minority and that their claim to whatever territory and influence is null and void.

Their definition of their territory that they once upon a time wanted to generously share with others, have slipped and doesn’t include them any more. They simply lost it.

(It might be an idea to note that citizenship also becomes bizarre in “an open world” since citizenship is merely a piece of paper in this case. You territory belongs to everyone, and anyone can be of your territory. The same can be said of legislation tackling digital abuse and scams online. What you get is digital-global-anarchy since a criminal operation from one Nation abusing the member of another cannot really be prosecuted. Which governing body is supposed to police human interactions over the global internet?)

There are those who clearly do not see the arrivals of large hordes of other population groups as problematic. This is precisely why the arguing becomes so ugly, because those who end up being exposed to these transformations have a tendency of being very loud and extremely upset when their home-areas change suddenly. Especially if trust breaks down and inter-racial and/or inter-ethnic violence (the targeting of those who are not part of your in-group) becomes a thing.

The same can be noted now with anti-immigration sentiments here on the continent, that would appear to be reserved for Africans and Arabs primarily, but are also extended to other European Nationalities as well, in addition to heated arguments between individuals who look just the same (due to being members of the same Nation), because of disagreements over whether or not EurAbia or EurAfrica ought to be forcefully created, regardless of the human cost in the process.

I think it can be argued with certainty that trying to unite Europeans was a challenge great enough, just like trying to unite Africa is a monumental challenge due to inter-Racial diversity.

Now it can be witnessed that it is all falling apart here in “Europe,” since it was simply “too much, too quickly, too soon.” Rather than admitting that this has all been a spectacular political failure (unless you want chaos) the political establishment in Brussels appear hellbent on forcing their vision on everyone else, regardless of whether or not people actually want this in great numbers…

Things are already getting ugly since the survival of one “ideological vision” in this case, means the destruction of the other.

The good news is: that this is how humans behave, regardless of where they might be….

Here is one case of internal dissent in Germany and a proposed solution by a French academic:

Migrants Aim For Norway Via Arctic Route Along Russia-Border….

With all of this focus on the Southern and South-Eastern borders in Europe, it is remarkable that border crossings in the North are completely left out of the picture.

I had no idea that people travel via Russia to get asylum in Norway. I have to admit that this was completely new to me.

Good to see that the country is protected.

Norway’s Arctic Border Problem.

It is of interest that population groups that are non-European are doing everything in their power to get into this continent, whether by improvised “boats” on the Mediterranean or by walking in the arctic…

Are Western territories really the only territories on this planet worth living in? You would certainly think so when reading about this massive influx of asylum seekers pouring in all over the “continent.”

Norway’s geography apparently makes it hard to besiege, yet there’s been so much writing about lack of personnel and funding when it comes to our defence, that you would think that the end is nigh.

I guess all Norway needs is more involvement and then we are probably sorted. The nature and terrain itself is violent; which is what these articles describe in part…

Some Norwegian politicians want the border closed down immediately, the prime minister states that it is not that easy.


The Poisonous Nature of Plastics, DNA, Conversion-Therapy and other interesting articles.

Preview of an important article, linked to further down in my entry:

“Overall, the researchers found that about 76 percent of the effect of ethnicity on DNA methylation could be accounted for by controlling for genetic ancestry”

“But the new data showing that a large fraction of epigenetic signatures of ethnicity reflect something other than ancestry suggests that abandoning the idea of race and ethnicity altogether could sacrifice a lot of valuable information about the drivers of differences in health and disease between different communities.

Like a standard family history, ethnicity is association with disease for both genetic and environmental reasons,” Zaitlen said. “If your dad or mom had a heart attack, that tells doctors a lot about your risk for a heart attack. Part of that is genetic, but part of it is that your lifestyle is influenced heavily by your parents’ lifestyle. Your ethnic group is like a much bigger family — it’s partly a matter of genetics, but it also reflects the environment of your broader community.”

Denmark’s integration and immigration minister declares that “we’ve lost to Islam,” due to the violence that always ensues whenever the religion is criticised or made fun of. She points out how making a theatre play mocking “the Mormons” can happen without violent protests and agitation, while few dare to print the Mohammad cartoons in Europe today. This obviously results in Islam getting special treatment in the West, not because we respect it or see it as true, but due to the violence perpetrated by its most feverish practitioners. This happens in our part of the world, where we constantly praise the importance of “freedom of speech,” and our liberal values … Our continent also has a history of standing up to Islamic expansionism, so the current situation can at best be described as remarkable. Political, expansionist Islam, and Holy Islamic Warriors are not supposed to be our problem.

Social Media is addictive and can ruin your kids. Former Apple, Google and Facebook employees are sounding the alarm, stating that apps are designed “to get people hooked,” to paraphrase.

I’ve previously expressed my concern regarding micro plastics, and I’m doing what I can to help where I live. I’ve come across some new information about the topic, some good news and some really bad.

What’s uplifting to know is that there is an initiative in the works to clean up the oceans, thanks to an invention by a young-punk originally from Croatia, but with Dutch citizenship, who has taken matters into his own hands starting this company. Funny enough I noticed yesterday that some of my online contacts have already been sharing material about “The Ocean Cleanup” so I guess I’m late in hearing about this. Nevertheless this is precisely the sort of “individualism” and “innovation” our societies need, not only does it inspire hope, it also brings people together to solve one of the greatest threats we stand face to face with in our age. On their site they are looking for people to join their team and to contribute, check them out or share their posts! This is cool stuff!

On the other hand; it is equally important to spread the news that plastics/emballage is even more dangerous than a lot of us have probably known. The chemicals contained within our packaging leaks into our food! The health consequences are astonishing and contribute to the “fertility” problem we are currently facing among males in Europe, the side effects are equally alarming for women. Plastic bottles, tin cans, receipts from the store, it is everywhere…If you are concerned about what you put on your skin as well, then check out this entry of mine: “Skin Care. Red Flag Alert.

Quote from original article:

“Children and pregnant women are particularly susceptible to damage from ingesting the BPA chemical because they have vast amounts of growth and developmental hormones coursing through their bodies.

Worryingly, researchers have made strong associations between exposure to BPA when we are young and changes in behaviour, including disrupted brain development in children, along with increased probability of childhood asthma.

That said, the impact of early exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals like BPA may not become apparent until much later in life. It can even affect future generations because it can have a damaging effect on female reproduction, and has the potential to affect male reproductive systems. A large number of scientific studies have associated BPA with numerous health problems including early puberty, obesity, infertility, the inhibition of insulin, hyperactivity and learning disabilities. It has also been connected to a possible increased risk of breast and prostate cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Normally, if we were aware something could pose such a threat to our health, we would go to great lengths to avoid it. But BPA is so ubiquitous that that’s virtually impossible.

Researchers surmise that people all over the world of all ages are likely to have a measurable amount of BPA in their blood, urine or body tissue. Several government studies have detected BPA in large portions of the population, including 93 per cent of the US population aged six and older, and 99 per cent of the population in Germany aged 3-14. This new study into the high number of teenagers with BPA in their digestive system serves only to underscore that concern.”

Read more:
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An astonishing admission published by a mainstream media outlet. One can only hope that truth will cease to be seen as inappropriate in our part of the world, as this mentality is not helping us in any kind of way. I’ve been guilty of sharing articles on this blog from one Asian scientist in particular, who unapologetically research the various frequencies in traits among different populations. A very interesting topic indeed, unless you’re in denial over genuine diversity. After all it is the plethora and variance of life that makes this planet so very intriguing, but alas. Hopefully there will be more articles published like this. *Applause* Applause* A sigh of relief *

“three-quarters of the epigenetic difference between the two ethnic subgroups could be accounted for by differences in the children’s genetic ancestry. The rest of the epigenetic differences, the authors suggest, may reflect a biological stamp made by the different experiences, practices, and environmental exposures distinct to the two ethnic subgroups.”

“Researchers and clinicians have known for many years that different racial and ethnic populations get diseases at different rates, respond differently to medications, and show very different results on standard clinical tests: “For a whole range of medical tests, whether your physician is told that your lab result is normal or abnormal depends entirely on the race/ethnicity box that you tick on an intake form,” Zaitlen said.”

ABC News covering the same story.

Another astonishing article from a mainstream media outlet. What on earth is happening?

A tweet from an expert on population groups trying to put the record straight.

survive the jive

This is a well-written article about current elitism and how it backfires and fails.

The U.S. shuts down spooky cyber crime ring.

More cyber crime. Watch out for online advertisers if you own a business.

Freemasons call for end to “discrimination” of members. (Maybe they are tired of being depicted as shapeshifting reptilians … I wonder why…..)

My deepest sympathies goes out to Lana Del Rey. Not cool.

The author of this article completely forgets to credit Christian values and influence when alluding to the philanthropy of the past. It is a funny read nonetheless.

I’m spiritual yes, but this article is nothing short of disturbing in my opinion. Of all the kids I was exposed to as little and out of all of the various individuals I’ve run into, there have been very few who’ve ever fallen into the category of being genuinely gay/differently oriented. There was never any doubt in my mind however that these few individuals “were born this way,” this is especially noticeable when encountering a kid who obviously has the “wrong” gender. This is a rarity to run into. It is also crucial to note, that chemicals can potentially alter our preferences and identities to a certain extent, which I’ve mentioned previously. If you mess around with a person’s hormones before/during puberty you are playing with fire and run the risk of someone “becoming another gender,” or in other words: becoming confused and “ruined” from a traditional (and probably also medical) perspective. So regardless of how you look at it, it is obvious that once the change has happened, whether in the womb or outside, there is no going back. (I base this opinion on individuals who were injected with hormones and all of a sudden started “identifying” as something else, even in one case having a gender-altering-operation, from what I’ve gathered).

I find it astonishing that there would be people out there believing that so-called conversion therapy can have any effect at all whatsoever. It seems clear that it only ruins people, much like messing around with hormones. It is also obvious that a blank-slate theory has to be in place for people to believe in this. Nobody who understands heritability or genetics, even if only scratching the surface of it, would ever believe in the absurdity of a blank slate. It is so out-of-date that is beggars belief that this myth is still around. If people are so concerned with fighting gayness, they would have to do that on a genetic level, and of course in that case you’ll always have the question of ethics. There are people who will not abort babies with downs because they value all life. I’ve seen a video of a man with Downs protecting his right to life. It is heartbreaking hearing people protecting their right to existence, arguing against those who want to permanently remove them from our midst.

Last time I checked eugenics as practised by the Nazis is seen as a dark chapter in our history, ironically enough it can be argued that it never went out of practise, but that it rather changed “character.” I heard a heart-breaking story of how a woman was advised to abort her pregnancy by her doctor, due to the genes of her offspring; the doctor claimed that the baby had certain traits commonly found within the prison population and that the child would probably become problematic in the future, posing a potential threat. Due to the mother’s old age, she was advised to get rid of the child, since he would have been “too much to handle for her.” These type of practises happens in this day and age, in our “tolerant” and “loving” societies, full of “acceptance” and “equality.”

Apparently there shouldn’t be equality for all when it comes to the right to life. An interesting thing to think about … especially when taking into consideration that people displaying psychopathic traits don’t necessarily end up being a menace to society. There are functional individuals out there with internal and external dysfunctions, in fact, I wonder how many individuals we are potentially looking at removing prematurely, when considering how widespread minor and major quirks are. The amount of individuals suffering from mental health issues, as I’ve also written about before, is predicted to increase. The older you get the more you increase the risk of a hitting the wall mentally as well due to negative life-experiences. So I wonder if modern eugenicists are thinking much about all of this? You’ll have no people left in the end…Unless we are to finalize the ubermensch fantasy with our new tech….and how will that play out?

The latest from the political correctness brigade & our post-modern culture:

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation are receiving complaints after an online show was aired where participants drank their own urine and made omelettes out of vomit which they then ate. (I couldn’t even watch the footage in this article). Ironically enough the NRK stated that “their aim is to create content that can appeal to the YouTube generation,” to paraphrase. So I guess that says an awful lot about what people think of young people and their interests … Many years ago I sounded the alarm after hearing from peers in Norway that they had baked cakes with vomit and served it to their teachers and principal… My warning was not listened to, as I guess it was uncomfortable to hear this. In fact I don’t think my complaint ever reached the principal. So maybe it isn’t strange that NRK would broadcast what they did……

More political correctness coming from Sweden. Swedish Males to contemplate their own white privilege….

Sweden appoints Pakistani Muslim Head of National Heritage Board.  Norwegians have always made jokes about Swedes being stupid, I always took this for friendly bantering … now I’m not so sure anymore … Scandinavian countries are constantly depicted as bastions of well-functioning liberalism … enough said.

Political correctness working retroactively … if you ever wanted a reason for not creating then check out these party-poopers. Makes me think of Tim Burton coming under fire due to his casting preferences. Lame.

A high school in America cancelled the screening of the legendary movie “Cool Runnings” since it was deemed politically incorrect …  I’ve seen it several times in the past and it depicts a Jamaican Bobsled Team kicking ass. I guess this is offensive….

Why is Liberal California the poverty capital of America?

These are some really bad undercover videos revealing a high school teacher’s absolute contempt for the U.S. Military. This is not good at all. One thing is to disagree with what the civilian leadership might be up to, but this portrayal of Military men as idiots is not only inaccurate it is also incredibly ungrateful. I feel for the young man who was singled out and made fun of in front of his entire class. If this is how the future of the U.S. Military is to be treated by the civilian population; picked on and singled out for mockery, then don’t expect much of a future. It is also important to add, that the UK Army are apparently experiencing a recruitment crisis….It is quite obvious that our Western Civilisation is struggling, on both sides of the Atlantic. 

The latest public hate-mail written to the Trump Administration: 

Silly argument, but a very funny acronym: “Preventing Allocation of Resources for Absurd Defense Expenditures

Vice President Mike Pence apparently needs to learn what American values are : I wonder if I’m a hero for coming out as straight?

More people hating on retired Marine General, now White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly. Quote from the author: “White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has just about shed his previous identity of presidential babysitter and taken on his final form, “just another bigoted Trump Administration loose cannon.” With his comments earlier this week calling Dreamers “lazy,” Kelly finally alienated the last remaining supporters he may have had amongst functional, literate Americans.

Some interesting videos to watch about tech giants potentially spying on you, excessive individualism and the rewriting of history…..


Me: I’m going to take a break from writing about the state of affairs in Europe, it’s not like everybody cares about what’s happening over here, those who know keep an eye on things anyway, and after all, I’ve said enough.

Just some days later: Shit a homemade “bomb” went off! Watch out!

Me: I’ve written enough about this. It’s probably only going to get me into trouble. I’m done.

Some days later: Oh my God look at this!

Me: Totally done now. I’m making my blog private.

Some hours later: Nah…can’t really do that. Maybe I’ll  save someone’s life if I don’t.

Me: It’s boring to sound like a broken record, there are more things in this world to write about, like srsly.

Sun 19. Nov. 2017 – Oh whatever, here we go again….

So … I was in Norway last week and guess what I just found out? More violence and fragmentation in Europe, and this time it happened right in the area where I was. How glorious….as I’ve already described there were visible changes to the environment which I observed and wrote about, but I had no idea that the area had upgraded to racial/ethnic violence. This hits just as close to home as the attack down in Nice. If things escalate like this I guess it will be highly likely that at least one of your relatives will be affected in the coming years, if your family and acquaintances are spread around the continent and/or live in culturally enriched areas. Keep in mind that these territories are expanding, and that “safe zones” aren’t safe, unless gated and/or guarded. *Don’t forget*

So as the geeky person I am. Why not translate this article into English? Yes, here we go:

Around 30 immigrant boys attacked handball boys.

Around 30 youths of immigrant background attacked boys from the handball team from Kolbotn without any motive. The police have received several complaints. 

It was on a Saturday a week ago, 11. November, that a youth gang numbering around 30 provoked to create trouble on Kolbotn Market. There they allegedly hit and kicked several other boys without any motive.

The media kept their silence. Until now, probably because the police have received several complaints after the incident. But even though (ØB) reported on the case on the 17th of November – behind a subscription wall, just so you know – the newspaper seem unwilling to share concrete information and none of those involved, or their parents, have been interviewed.

“Brawl between youths in Kolbotn and Ski”

ØB quotes John-Erik Veseth, the leader of the pre-emptive unit East Police department Follo, as saying “From what we’ve unravelled from the investigation so far, we’re getting closer to these people.”

The timeline of events is described as follows: A gang of around 30 youngsters have allegedly been behind several attacks on other youths around the centre of Kolbotn. The first complaint about trouble came from a private residence, where some youths were gathered for a party, right outside the town centre right before seven o’clock on Saturday evening. There were also two adults in the home, and they reported on the uninvited guests who interrupted the gathering, but said that they had control over the situation.

After this the youth-gang allegedly moved towards the centre of Kolbotn. “Here they just started physically attacking other youngsters who happened to be in town, among them the members of a young sports team who were out to celebrate with their fellow handball players.”

It is further said that ” the Follo-Police have received 5 reports about violence after the gang ran amok in the town centre. All of the reports concern boys under 18 of age. One of the reports concern a 16 year old from Ski who was punched.” It is also said that the police were first told that “the gang took the train from Kolbotn to Ski after the raucous in Kolbotn centre, but this has proven to be false.”

But several things seem to suggest that the situation is way worse than what ØB are reporting.

High immigrant youths who kicked, punched and threatened. 

After the handball-boys in the age group 14-16 had eaten pizza and been to the cinema over in Kolbotn, which finished around 8 o’clock, they were greeted by a boy-gang of around 30 individuals, also in the age group 14-16, who were looking for trouble.

It is told that the boys were dark-skinned, were wearing hoodies and had covered their faces. The boys were perceived as being intoxicated. Some of the handball boys were trying to get away, but some were caught by the attackers. 

The boys who were kept behind were in the receiving end of direct violence such as kicks and punches. In addition there were several others who were threatened and ran after. 

Those of the handball boys who managed to escape called their parents, who in their turn contacted the police.

The police are looking for more information, according to ØB. That is interesting, considering that the media first reported on the incident a week after it happened. And then as if tough we are just talking about a simple “brawl” between teens.

Hmmm….sounds like Chicago or L.A. to me. I seem to recall young boys who I knew back then were plotting to start a “UN gang” to protect themselves against unprovoked attacks from a certain demographic. Hmm … how peculiar. Why on earth would people want to protect themselves against racist assaults? I have no clue….these handball boys were probably fascists. It’s all a conspiracy I bet…..


An Insight Into The State of A European Nation – Election in Norway/Valg i Norge 2017.

This read will probably be of great interest to Americans – it certainly offers a substantial amount of information about the state of affairs on the other side of the Atlantic – as a great number of Norway’s current issues can be seen all over the European continent. It is of crucial importance to understand how global organisations such as The UN view the current “Western & Asian situation.”  They have been discussing openly since 2000 that the welfare issues posed by “the ageing population” in our part of the world can be sorted out by “replacement migration.” It doesn’t require much imagination nor intelligence to understand what sort of severe implications this will have for our cultures, ethnic groups and cultural heritage. The UN’s Plan For Europe, Russia & Japan.Here is another article: Africans are becoming greater in numbers…Women in the West freeze their eggs as they struggle to find a partnerThe plight of educated women.

the end of europe1

This year we are facing National elections in my country of origin – Norway. Which is what this entry is about.  I’ve actually taken the time to read the entire “plan of action” of two of our political parties in addition to our constitution.

Our constitution was written in 1814 and is the oldest one in Europe and the second oldest constitution in the world still in use today. 

Reading the constitution poses several critical questions in a post-modern time. Especially in an environment where “tolerance” & “openness” are touted as our “modern values.” The issue with these “politically correct” battle cries is that they are neither defining nor unifying principles for a nation or an ethnicity. At best they offer confusion and enable subversion from other competing cultures in a globalised reality. Modern values don’t really offer anything definite in terms of a framework and therein lays the catalyst of a mass existential crisis and the genuine risk of your history, heritage and identity being erased and/or replaced by something new. (This is an interesting project.)

marginalising fathers by law

The father role was marginalised by law in 2008: ” a child cannot have a father and a lesbian father figure.” In short this law has been put into effect to accommodate “modern family structures” where there has to be a clear right for a woman to inhabit the role of the “father” without any interference from “the biological father.” As being a “father” has nothing to do with biological gender … nor genetic contribution.

As an actual example of what I mentioned above regarding the fragility of our modern-values you can read about Norway’s “flag debate.” There are those who would like to wave the UN-flag or foreign flags on our National Day – the 17th of May. This is precisely the sort of dilemma you will face if your National values are “openness” and “tolerance.” At worst it can create a constitutional crisis at best an awkward and ridiculous debate. Integration will look like a failure if foreigners are allowed to wave the flag from their country of origin, it can be seen as an act of disrespect, dishonour, confident defiance, and/or royal offence or it can highlight the pitfalls of multiculturalism due to the inherent importance of identity, ethnicity and roots. The Norwegian Flag Debate.

A parallel can also be drawn to the USA where there are those who support the idea of America officially being bilingual, funny enough this request does not come from Native or Afro-Americans but rather from Hispanics. Again I ask the question: How can this request be rejected in a post-modern society where “openness” and “tolerance” are celebrated and enforced values?

Another parallel can also be drawn towards an increasingly politically correct Christian church; where accusations of “heresy” are not far-fetched as the religion has to be “sterilised” in order for it to be compatible with “our shared values.” The Capsizing of The Church. An extremely interesting read!!!

This is also relevant; read about how people on the left treat science when it contradicts their ideology: Feminist Science.The LGBTQP community attack scientific findings from a liberal institution.

It is particularly eye-opening to see how many times our Norwegian constitution has been amended … it has been amended over 300 times! Our founding document can only be amended by “The Ting,” and nothing can be changed without a 2/3 majority. In 2014 an entire new chapter was added about “human rights,” courtesy of “The Ting.” Civil rights according to our founding fathers were: 

  1. Protection under the law, right to a just sentence and a total ban on torture.
  2. Laws will not be applied retroactively.
  3. Freedom of speech and access to public information.
  4. Protection of private property.

What I’ve pasted in below illustrates a radical modification to one of our constitutional paragraphs. In the first variation it is written that it is the responsibility of the government to create favourable circumstances so that people who are capable can work and earn a living. In other words; it is not the responsibility of the government to outsource jobs or to engage in irresponsible management that would create massive unemployment. BUT an amendment has taken place giving the people of Norway  A RIGHT to receive benefits from the state if they cannot sustain themselves financially. This is fatal IF a nation is heading for bankruptcy or if Norway Inc; can’t afford government schemes such as benefit payments. This addition to the constitution makes it now – unconstitutional to cut benefit schemes if it is proven that they are needed – something that does not look good as the welfare state is NOT sustainable. This looks more like FDR’s New Deal (that I haven’t read in full) rather than a responsible method of governance. Your nation has to have a sound economy to sustain this amendment, and there is no way that you can salvage a rotten economy with this new addition as you would be breaching civil-rights if cutting benefit payments. Norway has to re-prioritise in order to rebuild our military for example, we simply have to cut benefit payouts – how on earth can you do that now, with this type of constitutional “legislation?” Another addition to this paragraph – an older one I might add –  is that your amount of influence in your workplace as a worker has to be determined by law. But not constitutional law. 


In our constitution it is also canon that all men should serve in the military to protect the fatherland – regardless of their socioeconomic background. It could therefore be argued that “downsizing” the military is unconstitutional – if you think about it – as it is specifically said that all should be able/prepared to protect the nation. When you are done with your mandatory service to the realm – you simply join the reserves. But you will always be at the ready if someone attacks the fatherland – the ancestral land as specified in the old “Soldier’s Handbook.”

It is also of interest that our founding document begins with The Holy King (who has to be a Protestant ) and his executive powers. According to an article I found you are supposed to read this in an abstract way as the King in large just serves as decoration. (More info here.) But it says right here in what I’ve pasted in below that when The King delivers his oath upon taking The Throne the oath goes as follows: “I promise and swear that I will rule the kingdom of Norway in accordance with its constitution and laws, so help me God the almighty and all-knowing.”

  1. I will rule the kingdom
  2. so help me God the almighty and all-knowing


Who manages/employ the administration today is determined by the election results in The Ting. When people vote they either vote for local representatives into the local government or they vote to influence the distribution of ministers in The Ting. The various political parties then have to form a coalition and decide who will occupy various roles within the administration (these individuals can also be civilians, they don’t have to be party members, but the prime minister certainly will) – The Monarch (regardless of gender) will then formally “appoint” the administration, even though there is no interference from The Monarch at all.

HOWEVER Norway was not 100% parliamentary from the start, it functioned like a hereditary monarchy with restricted powers; with the government being divided into three branches.  Reading the constitution in a straightforward manner will therefore tell you this:

The King – who cannot be a ruler if born out-of-wedlock – is supposed to staff/employ ministers (the administration) and is the executive branch of the government. He is the commander-in-chief of the military and can be “out in the field” in which case the prime minister takes his place as manager of “the realm.” The King is in other words the CEO of Norway Inc; it is his job to staff the various positions within “his company” to run his nation. If any of his ministers fail to warn him or oppose him in the case of a “royal mistake” the minister who failed to warn the King of his transgression will face legal consequences – as silence from the ministers is translated as a yes … The  King can pardon a person; Norway used to have the death penalty. You also have “The Ting” as its own entity which consists of members voted forth by “the people.” The Ting has the power to write laws, laws that can be vetoed by The King and they are also responsible for the state-budget. A minister in “the administration” cannot occupy a “double role” by being active in “The Ting;”  in addition there is also a Supreme Court, separate from the other branches of government that has the final say on any legal matters where its judgment is required. These judges cannot be fired if they pass judgement that is unpopular with the administration or The Ting. Everyone is equal before the law. But The King will pass judgement on other Royals of importance and has to approve the marriage of his children! The King is holy and has immunity from earth-bound judges. More about the division of power can be found here. The article is in Norwegian.


The constitution is remarkably small and can be found in various Norwegian forms online; whether in new-Norwegian, official book-Norwegian or the old-fashioned Danish-Norwegian.

Needless to say our country has changed dramatically and The King (and in modern times Queen) holds no real executive power anymore. Rather than having a hereditary CEO of Norway Inc; with the power to “employ” capable ministers to run all of the various institutions within the corporate entity; we now have elections. The party who holds the power through positive election results become the executive branch by providing a prime minister who employ ministers for the administration. The Supreme Court maintains their role as before. The monarch is left behind marginalised and only really holds the power of “veto.” Something The King used against the Nazis when he rejected them. But this power to say “no” hasn’t been put into effect since.

An interesting thing to note is also the ever-expanding size of “Norway’s Laws.”


(Here I had a picture comparing the size of the Holy Bible, the quran and Norway’s laws. Funny enough I just received a warning from this guy to remove the photo containing the quran. Hilarious. The description of the photo that was here previously said that “here we have three of Norway’s most prominent works, photo suitable for topics regarding laws and religion” – which is false – the Muslim faith has nothing to do with Norway. But alas. Here I’ve taken a screenshot so you can see for yourself) L-O-L. 16/09/2017


Norway is marred in bureaucracy from A-Z which I will address further down in this entry. I find it interesting after having read the constitution how far we have departed from our founding principles but also how legal “barbed wire” is being erected continuously – something that you will become aware of when reading various “party programs” and/or if your parents inform you that “the law-book” has expanded dramatically. I haven’t read “Norway’s Laws” as of yet – but both my mom and my aunt had to know it by heart. Any well-stocked personal-Norwegian library will include “Norway’s Laws” in addition to “Skikk og Bruk” a huge book about Etiquette and how one ought to behave …

It is obvious that progressivism and deconstructionism and the politics that these ideas inspire move us into a direction where our founding documents are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

In fact; it can be suggested that we are so far removed from our starting point that we can might as well create a new constitution by starting from scratch. An idea that would probably appeal enormously to those on the left and suit our contemporary times better. Or we can remove amendments so as to go back to “the purity” of the founding of our nation, which would throw us back in time to start afresh – but from a traditional starting point – rather than a neo-contemporary one. This would starkly contradict “openness,” “tolerance,” “inclusion,” or “diversity” as there would be very strict guidelines – even the death penalty.

Much like bureaucracy clouds and muffles the principles of the US Constitution – ours suffers the same fate. In fact lessening the powers of the monarch in this case can be viewed as unconstitutional – the same can be said of taxes and regulations intruding upon a person’s property rights; but what does constitutional or unconstitutional mean when you can amend said document repeatedly which the last paragraph of our Constitution grants The Ting the authority to do?

Regardless of my realisation of Norway’s “unconstitutional” nature; or at least “radical departure from founding principles,” there is still an election coming up … and on that occasion I’ve picked two political parties that I’ll present to you below.

The reason as to why I’ve picked these two political parties is because they are the only ones that are strict on immigration and openly believe in enforcing Norwegian culture rather than working against our national identity and heritage. It is a shame that the options are so few if one chooses to let immigration from historically incompatible cultures, political subversion and crime levels be decisive factors in the casting of ones vote. To give you a sneak peek at our problems before I continue my entry below I’ve pasted in some interesting information … a translation is offered underneath each screenshot – they have a light grey background if you struggle to distinguish them. I would also like to add that a lot of the screenshots pasted throughout this entry offer a shocking insight into a Nation that has been grossly mismanaged over decades. Just if you look at the current lack of respect for the teaching profession this symbolises a massive culture change that can best be described as pre-1968 and post-1968.

Welcome to a post-1968 Europe … it is not a pleasant sight:

Prison sentences in Norway.

“Fremskrittspartiet ønsker strengere straffer for alle typer kriminalitet. Vi mener at maksimumsstraffen skal opp fra 21 år til 30 år. Strafferabatten som innebærer at folk som begår ti lovbrudd blir kun dømt for to lovbrudd skal vekk. De som begår kriminalitet skal straffes for den, og ikke få kvantumsrabatt for å begå enda mer kriminalitet.”


The Progress Party wants stricter prison sentences for any type of crime. It is our opinion that the maximum prison sentence should be increased from 21 years to 30. The Prison Sentence Rebate which entails that persons who break the law ten times will only be sentenced for two should be removed. Those who commit criminal actions should be punished for it, not get a discount for committing even more crime.”

mat lager

Norway doesn’t have much of a food-storage for national crisis situations – This is from The Democrats in Norway.


Norwegians vulnerable because of debt

Norwegian households are extremely vulnerable because of debt.


univereties some of the worst in Europe

Norway’s Universities – some of the worst in Europe and in the World.


no more farmers in Norway

“Only 10% of farmers are under 40 years of age, the average age being 54 years.” Many have closed down production at their farms because of government fees and red tape.


cheap prices on food on Norway

“… the increased pressure of cheaper food has resulted in reduced quality and cheating with the content.”


50% of crew should be norwegian

The Democrats in Norway demands that at least 50% of the crew on fishing boats have to be Norwegian Citizens. They are afraid that our oldest industry will die out unless measures are taken.


The Norwegian Police-Force.

“Gjennom tiår har en snillistisk kriminalpolitikk ført til at den kriminelle har blitt satt i fokus, og at man skal skåne den kriminelle – fremfor å fokusere på offeret. I møte med virkeligheten har dette vært feilslått. Organisert kriminalitet blir stadig tøffere, og politiet møter en helt ny hverdag.
Parallelt med dette har det blitt ført en asyl- og innvandringspolitikk som ikke har tatt tryggheten til folk flest på alvor. Asylsøkere man ikke har oversikt over, som kan være drapsmenn, voldtektsmenn, krigsforbrytere og terrorister har fått gå fritt rundt i landet. Fremskrittspartiet har lenge satt ned foten og sagt at disse må på lukkede mottak inntil deres identitet er avdekket. Vi kan ikke føre en innvandringspolitikk som går på bekostning av en trygg hverdag for folk flest.


“Through decades we’ve let kindness dictate our crime-politics which has prioritized the wellbeing of criminals – rather than focusing on the victims. This has been a failure when faced with reality. Organised crime is becoming increasingly tougher, and our police force encounters a completely new everyday-reality. Parallel to this we’ve engaged in an asylum and immigration policy where the safety of the common man wasn’t taken seriously. Asylum seekers that nobody could account for, who could be murderers, rapists, war criminals and terrorists have been moving around freely in our country. The Progress Party have long fought for that these asylum seekers should be kept in closed environments until the authorities are aware of their true identity. We cannot engage in an immigration policy that endangers the local population.”




The Norwegian Democrats oppose that our national interests should be compromised on the altar of the EU – and oppose anti-democratic globalist trade deals such as TISA, TTIP & CETA.




“It has proven difficult to discuss, critique, or challenge the content or practises of Islam without being met with anger and threats. In a free and democratic society there has to be space to express both skepticism and critique of other’s faith without being frightened into silence.” The Democrats in Norway want to fight against Islamism and ban Islam in Norway as they see it as an extremist-religion that is threatening Norway, our heritage and our way of life.


increase in people living alone

More and more people are living all alone – this isn’t reflected in the Tax levels.


some of the worst roads in Europe

Norway has some of the worst roads in Europe.

The Progress Party are openly and vocally against Islamification and have been so for years. They are currently in Government and much more established than the other political party I’ve mentioned. I like our current immigration and integration Minister, she is absolutely fantastic and a keeper.

She is trying to do her job and protect Norway and Norwegian interests and has acquired a vast fan base across the nation because of her commitment to her people. Those on the left hate her as they seem to be more concerned with protecting the rights of Jihadis and sub-Saharan Africans rather than Norwegians… Kidding you not. So she is perceived as being “controversial” by the traditionally-left-dominated Norwegian-political-scene and the left-dominated-mainstream media.

She is calling a spade a spade in other words.

genital mutilation

The Progress Party want to ban all genital mutilation in Norway.

The Progress Party – as they are hilariously called – is not as the name of the party might suggest a “politically progressive” party. Quite on the contrary they are a globalist extreme-capitalist party that believes in smashing Norwegian socialist-bureaucracy by making the government smaller and more efficient. It is shocking to read their program as it makes you realise how overly taxed the Norwegian population is. There isn’t exactly a lot of freedom in Norway as the amount of taxes and the general tax level, not to forget how costly products and services are, can in many ways be compared to a hostage situation, blackmailing or a financial prison.

  • Norwegian left-wing-politicians are so dictatorial that they want to decide not only where and how you build your house, but also what you do on your boat.
  • The elderly at care homes  can be placed into shared rooms without their consent and have no influence over their everyday activity, you are not allowed to own a house in Norway unless you pay your taxes there and live there, you are obliged to live in your house for so and so many days a year, your tax return is published for everyone to see and you are taxed on your property regardless of what your income level is which can potentially put you in a rather sticky situation. It is also the duty of politicians to design the school curriculum rather than the teachers … I’ve pasted in more screenshots of these matters further down in my entry.
elderly couples separated in care homes

Elderly couples are separated in care homes. This is from The Democrats in Norway.


political death panels at hospitals

Politicians run the healthcare system rather than doctors. This is from The Democrats in Norway.


council tax based on size of house

The Democrats in Norway want to amend the council tax so that people are taxed on actual usage rather than estimates based on the size of their house.


child services abusing their power 2

It is way too easy for the child services to remove a child from their biological parents. The unjustified break up of families in Norway has become a tragic problem of government interference.

The Progress Party are currently in a coalition with other parties as is custom in Norway; the last election was the first time they managed to get into national government and become an active part of an administration. Because they are in a coalition and this is the norm in Norwegian politics, I don’t think we have to worry about the more extreme aspects of their economic platform. If they were less Globalists and more protectionists I would join them as a member for sure, I might still vote for them even though I disagree with their anti-protectionism because of this: If more people feel inclined to vote for The Democrats in Norway in the National election it will be bad for The Progress Party as those who would have voted for them might go for an even more Nationalistic Party. We need a party on the right with influence, that’s the thing … I’m swinging between the two, undecided as of now…. A good plan of attack  would be for Norwegians to vote for The Progress Party in the National Election, while increasing the influence of The Democrats in Norway during the local elections whenever they may be.

On the other side of the scale you got:

The Democrats in  Norway. They are a Nationalistic Democratic Party that are anti-EU, anti-Globalist and pro-public-national health-care to battle a myriad of alarming health issues. They also believe in empowering our military and offer some excellent suggestions in that direction. They are economically centrists promoting a mixed economy. Their founder used to be a politician in The Progress Party but fell out with the other ministers. The founder of The Democrats in Norway was physically attacked by a Norwegian artist ( who was one of the first people to ever endorse my music funny enough) and has received death threats according to Wikipedia due to his critique of Islamism. A stance later adapted in a more moderate packaging, by The Progress Party  and funny enough one of the main reasons for their appeal and popularity … The two political parties share several viewpoints and certain segments in their Party Programs are completely identical – yet there are some differences of course. Not to forget that The Democrats in Norway are very precise and offer lots of great information on a number of topics in their Party Program – which makes them seem more high-brow or more concise than their competitor. (There are some typos in certain sections of their Party Program though).

norway leading cancer epidemic

We are one of the top countries in Europe when it comes to the prevalence of cancer. Why our country has been so badly affected I don’t know. Is it our genes? Is it pollutants  from industry or is it the food? Testicle cancer and Gut cancer is very prevalent :/ There has also been a spike in mental disorders among the young. Whether this “mental health” epidemic has to deal with the fact that “natural selection” has come to an end in the west or whether it is a symptom of the health of our overall culture is an unanswered question. It doesn’t look good that’s for sure.


fighting radical Islam

“Today there is a total lack of understanding of the theology and ideology of Islam within those authorities who are responsible for tackling radicalization.” The Democrats in Norway understand the issue with Islamism better than anyone else in Norway – at least from what they’ve written in their Party Program; but when one looks at all the measures they want to implement it would be much wiser financially to just ban immigrants from muslim countries until the turbulence within our nation has been stabilised.



The Democrats in Norway describing our current vulnerabilities due to a weak defence \m/

The Democrats in Norway glorify the ancient Democracy in Athens and believe that there should be more referendums that are binding. They are in my opinion extreme-Democrats who inhabit an idealistic belief in the over-all cognitive abilities of their fellow human beings. Not to forget that referendums would go against the three-power-structure of our government as laid out by our constitution. They also believe in cutting through the jungle of Socialist red-tape in Norway like their competitors but The Democrats in Norway seem to be more in-tune with the dark aspects of Globalisation and the need for Norwegians to be prepared and equipped to face unfavourable situations. I really like them due to their anti-EU stance, the only criticism I have is their absolute worship of utopian enlightenment principles, just like their competitor, which is why they champion the idea of empowering other nations through the glory of the free-market and democracy. They also believe in standing together with other democratic nations regardless of where they might be in a strange form of democracy-solidarity-ism. They want to work with the UN to perfect it – so that they can keep on fighting the good fight – which in a neocon fashion means spreading democratic ideas and free-market capitalism. Those nations that aren’t particularly interested in this, because they break human rights, should be rewarded with sanctions … I do not agree with this.

Women will be the driving force of cultural change in The Middle East according to this type of thinking – in other words women should be used as a feminist tool to fundamentally change Middle Eastern societies. I fail to see how “imposing” neo-contemporary values will yield much diversity. In fact it will not. All cultures will have to remove themselves from their founding principles to accomplish these measures, which will put other nations in our shoes. Your religion, your constitution and your values will be watered-down to such an extent that they will no longer bear any meaning or authority. 

Strategically it is probably good to promote such things, but I would compare it to cultural abuse and identity-castration. What you will inevitably get is a violent reactionary movement that will spot the discrepancies and call out the heretics for their heresy and the traitors for their treachery. If you then try to argue against this you won’t have much cerebral ammunition as “the traditionalist” is on solid ground while you are in “fairytale-land.” You would have to cull a great amount of the world’s population to accomplish a utopia based on the deletion of differing values – and even if you were to initiate such atrocities bear in mind that diversity in culture and values is just a symptom of genetic diversity within the various “human tribes” on this planet.

It is therefore a good idea to let other Nations govern themselves after whichever principles they find the most rewarding and rather contain our differences so that those who want Sharia can live in a Sharia nation while those who want western democracy can live within a democratic construct. You should not be allowed to live within Swedish territory if you burn the flag and promote The Caliphate in other words.

Is this inclusive? Both yes and no. Yes – because you should not enforce your way of life upon other Nations. No – because you will demand that those who live within your borders adhere to a specific set of rules. Hence there is “openness” and “tolerance” globally but not continentally in the case of Europe or Nationally within the kingdom of Norway or Saudi Arabia for that matter.

I do believe that what I laid out is more just rather than the liberal approach – where all should be liberated and revolutionaries aided all in the name of – enforced liberation. Take a look at what I wrote above – we are meant to be a monarchy for Christ sake and where are we now? One of the parties I’m openly promoting is pro-Athenian-democracy and the other a free-market-globalist-party – but these two are the only parties worth promoting as the other ones believe in over taxation and more migration. You cannot vote for those who don’t even want to uphold and protect your cultural heritage.


the oil foundation in dollars

“It is very risky that such a great amount of The Oil Foundation is in dollars, as the dollar is becoming increasingly weaker due to America’s increasing debt.”


EU Army

The Democrats in Norway are concerned about the EU army, the potential of German soldiers patrolling Norwegian territories and how this can violate Norway’s sovereignty. They do not support EU’s imperialistic un-democratic ambition.


Back to Norway and the current election. I believe in an even more Nationalistic approach where the UN quotas are completely ignored and neglected and where foreign aid is scrapped completely as we need to sort out our own issues first. I think that Norway should focus more on independence rather than reliance on NATO for everything. We don’t have the man power to defend our natural resources or borders as of now. The Democrats in Norway also highlights their concerns regarding Norway’s inability to protect itself. We are extremely weak at this point, especially when keeping in mind that Sweden is becoming a security threat in the midst of Scandinavia due to their lack of control over Islamists and migrants. Culturally speaking we should also reach out to our Scandinavian neighbours for the simple reason that it is idealistic to believe that foreigners should care much about Scandinavia and Scandinavian culture. Not even the left cares about Norwegians, Swedes or Danes as ethnic groups anymore. Our current left-infused culture believes in demographic warfare and the annihilation of the Norwegian identity and the Norwegian people as it is of course – offensive to be white or proud of ones ethnic group and origin if white. This sentiment and tactic can be witnessed in Germany where government officials believe in replacing their own population with Muslims and sub-Saharan Africans; it can also be seen in the French government. Ethnic suicide is the current continental orthodoxy. If you think that is some sort of conspiracy, then start reading. Not that it will make you any happier.

I agree with The Democrats in Norway that  we should bolster our Nordic Union, but an important matter to keep in mind is that such a union would not be particularly interesting unless we hold the greater influence due to military power. We’ve been subjugated before both by Sweden and Denmark and if one looks at Feminist-Politics in Sweden this isn’t much to celebrate. Sweden as I just mentioned pose a National Security risk both to us and Denmark. But whenever their situation is sorted, and as long as we don’t draw the shortest straw – then it is probably in our cultural interest to stand more together … at least it would look like that from a theoretical and logical perspective. 


The Democrats in Norway are rightfully concerned about Erdogan in Turkey and how he can potentially create problems for NATO.


I believe that you should lose your passport and be deported back to your country of origin if you are guilty of crime or if you’re supportive of terrorism. It doesn’t resemble anything that English has to be spoken in Norwegian prisons. Nor does it make much sense that the Norwegian government should purchase prison cells abroad for foreign criminals who’ve committed crime in Norway. I also think that western-born Jihadis should be executed. We cannot unleash them upon The Middle East, we cannot let them stroll around on our streets, nor can we give them recruitment ground in our prisons. Some organised crime groups literally run their operations from prisons.

I have nothing against Islam or Muslim Nations that use Sharia law. We should respect other cultures and different methods of governance as races and ethnicities are different and will established civic-minded or tribal societies depending on their “nature.” Going against this will only result in destabilised countries, unhappiness and chaos. People are different and will gravitate towards different social-constructs. That said … Europe is not the Middle East. Last time I checked Norway borders to Sweden not Iraq so it is completely unnatural that we should be building Mosques left right and centre, in fact they don’t belong anywhere in Europe, freedom of religion should be restricted to the old Gods (Paganism) and the new Gods (various denominations of Christianity). If you want to worship something else on our continent you can do that within the walls of your house. 

Without firm guidelines we will lose. We are already losing. This has to be reversed. If the quote misattributed to Voltaire rings true: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise” – then conservative Islam currently rules Europe. (I honestly thought it was a Voltaire quote, apparently it’s not ;/ It is still a good quote though).


The Democrats in Norway are pointing out that The Church of Norway has been corrupted and taken over by “the political correctness police.”


My main concern with The Democrats in Norway is the fact that I’ve never heard of them before and that I don’t know if they are established and branded enough. I do have more of a thing for their party program even though it looks as if though two completely different people, one realist and one delusional idealist have put together their “vision.” But then again it is virtually impossible to find a political party that you’ll agree with a 100% – which is why people start their own party, don’t vote or learn to compromise. At this point I’m just glad if the left lose. They’ve done enough damage already.

To briefly mention someone from the opposition; The Green Party in Norway are at war with one of Norway’s most crucial industries: The Petroleum Industry. They are also on a crusade to stop all traffic into Oslo – hilariously enough they want to focus more on Oslo’s restaurants and vibrant night-life; which instantly made me wonder how on earth musicians would get their amps and gear to venues and how on earth produce would be delivered to restaurants – when all transport ought to be shut down? They’ve now amended their crusade so that it only affects car-drivers; but this still raises obvious concerns for merchants as it is obviously much easier to shop when you can place your groceries or purchases in a car … The Green Party’s crusade against parking spaces in Oslo also raises concerns … for some strange reason there are many who see them as totally nuts. I wonder why … Playing gigs in Oslo will be hopeless in the future unless dealing with major organisers who can hire major transportation companies to deliver gear/backlines etc; No cars in Oslo. Read here about:The Commerce Bureau Furious.

Likewise The Green Party in Gloucestershire, UK, sent out a pamphlet printed on eco-friendly paper laying out their well-meaning plan of how to help everyone through one government program after the other – how all of this was to be financed … they didn’t say.

The reds obviously believe in more taxation and an increase in migrants. 

You can marvel at the result of their politics in what I’ve pasted in below (a translation can be found underneath each box), a critical opinion piece about The Progress Party’s economic vision follows ↓

both parents have to work

“Norwegian society is built up around two-income families.” Changing the prevalence of this would be an idea to fight against miserable, dysfunctional families and low-fertility. It is telling that mental health is becoming such a National Health issues not to forget our low birth-rates as mentioned in the intro to my entry. The Democrats in Norway demands that foreigners should integrate into our fractured-family structures … something to bear in mind if family values are important to you and you want to move to Norway…..Everyone on the left believes in this as well. Mom and Dad should both be in work so that the kids can walk home to school all by themselves with a key around their neck. Not to forget that state-funded education becomes the biggest influencer in the life of your child as they look after your offspring from the age of 1 and upwards.

Foreign criminals in Norway.

“Hele straffesakskjeden, og spesielt politiet, har blitt nedprioritert i altfor lang tid. Soningskøene har økt, og politiet har hatt sterk mangel på ressurser. Dette har ført til at politiet ikke har ressurser nok til å oppklare hverdagskriminalitet, og folk flest mister tilliten til systemet. Vi må bygge flere fengsler, og etablere løsninger for å få utenlandske kriminelle til å sone i utlandet slik at vi får ned soningskøene. Samtidig må politiet få de ressursene de trenger. Andelen utenlandske domfelte nærmer seg nå 40 prosent, og den høye standarden i norske fengsler virker lite avskrekkende på disse kriminelle. Vi må etablere egne fengsler for utenlandske kriminelle, og kjøpe fengselsplasser i deres hjemland.”


“The entire chain of criminal justice, especially the police has been deprioritised for way too long. The queues for criminal processing  have increased, and the police suffer greatly due to lack of resources. This has resulted in the decreased ability of the police to solve everyday-crime, and most people have in turn lost their faith in the system. We have to build more prisons, and establish solutions to deport foreign criminals so that we can reduce the queue of criminals waiting to serve their prison sentence. At the same time we have to grant the police-force the resources that they sorely need. The amount of sentenced foreign criminals are now approaching 40%, and the high standard of living within Norwegian prisons is not a deterrent to foreigners. We have to established separate prisons for foreign criminals, and buy prison spaces for them in their countries of origin.”

Screenshots revealing the massive challenges we face in Norway if we want to unravel the nanny-state – a small translation can be found underneath each picture explaining the issue:

billions in fees for companies

Norwegian companies have to use billions in fees related to rules and documents according to The Democrats in Norway.


pensum utvikling

The Progress Party want teachers rather than politicians to develop the curriculum in Norwegian schools.


welfare state vulnerable

The Progress Party address that immigration takes a heavy toll on our welfare state.


eldreomsorgen - ingen rettigheter

The Progress Party believes in respecting the elderly and treating them with dignity.


Eindom Norge

The Progress Party oppose excessive taxation on property.


allow local governments to veto migrant housing

The Democrats in Norway want to grant local governments the right to VETO the establishment of migrant centres. The fact that they don’t have this freedom is obscene if you take into consideration the impact a large influx of “alien populations” have on “district-Norway.”


part time jobs

Part-time jobs is not good at all for workers who want to buy a house for example; People fought against this in the 1900’s as a full-time job is what most want.


problems with EU migration

Labour migration from EU countries have contributed to less employment of young Norwegians. This is a problem that rings true in all Northern countries it seems. We as nations have not really benefited.


the consequence of EU migrants

“Employment Bureaus” that are privately owned; offer an employment opportunity where workers are being paied for odd jobs whenever they may appear but will then be forced to claim benefits in-between work – from what I’ve understood. This service is usually used by EU migrants but is unfortunate as it put these bureaus in an advantageous position in comparison to normal employers in addition to the fact that they just add new claimants to the benefit schemes.

The political system in Norway is such that nobody ever really seems to get a clear majority and absolute stronghold, meaning that you always get coalitions. With this in mind it matters little what I’ve written below as an opinion piece on The Progress Party’s extreme-capitalism. The likelihood that they would get a free-pass to re-structure Norway completely, is from a contemporary perspective slim,  we need those on the right to battle Islamification and foreign violent crime regardless of what their party program offers in full. The Democrats in Norway and The Progress Party are the two parties we got.

The Progress Party are, in my humble opinion, too capitalistic. As I said they are globalist with a major G. To their credit they obviously realise what sort of negative implications this can have culturally on a population, which might explain why they are so obsessed with protecting Norwegian cultural heritage and openly fight against Islamification. The Democrats in Norway have expressed an even greater commitment to fight Islamification in addition to formulating ways in which “the culture war” can be won.

The Progress Party believe in removing protectionism as free-market capitalism is the remedy to all of the world’s problems including Norway’s issues. I’m pretty sure that unrestrained free-market capitalism can be perceived as “unconstitutional.” Remember it is the responsibility of the government to make sure that Norwegians have a favourable job-market so that they can find employment. Then again I guess that it can be argued that Norway’s international situation will improve if free-trade opens up Norway to anyone who wants to set up camp … I think it is a good idea to protect our national treasures and likewise protect our Norwegian workers.

The Democrats in Norway and The Progress Party believe in fighting world-poverty with the free-market and allow impoverished nations access into the Norwegian market so as to lift them out of their financial misery. Which indirectly means that they want to empower other nations through capitalism something that I’m not supportive of. I think the west has empowered the east & the south way too much. Nothing is really made in England, the USA or Norway anymore. Now how did that happen? Globalism has made the west financially vulnerable if one looks at the situation over in the USA during the end of Bush’s presidency when he wanted the gamblers on Wall Street to fail but felt compelled to let the government interfere due to the fatal consequences if these giga-companies in the USA went under. Bankruptcies of major corporations in the USA have implications far and wide not only for innocent American families but for the “global economy” as well……

I personally believe in Nationalist Capitalism as the only way forward, with heavy protectionism so that foreign companies or multinational corporations cannot get a stronghold within your nation. I believe that the more self-sufficient and self-reliant a nation is the more empowered it will be. The more your nation can produce and fix on its own, the better it is for the nation especially in a crisis situation. The more “knowledge” you invest in and harvest and keep within your borders the better it is for your people. The stronger your military is and the more prepared the general population is to handle crisis situations such as climate change or war, the better. Overly depending on the “globalist network” is something that I would strongly advise against. Sure you will always need trade and trade partners, but I think the aim of any nation should be to be able to stand on its own two feet if a natural catastrophe all of a sudden would sever the lines of international trade. If you export all of your skilled labour and all of your factories you put an entire nation in the role of dependers and easy victims.

A new general attitude also has to be introduced into the subconsciousness of the populace – that having access to anything you want at any given time is unnatural and unsustainable. People now lose the plot if they cannot get hold of their favourite snack without realising that this is due to bad crops in some far away distant place.

As The Democrats in Norway points out in their Party Program – Norway imports the majority of the food it consumes as a Nation. In addition to this we don’t really have a food-storage for crisis situations. None of this bodes well.

Governments in the west have a moral obligation to prepare younger generations for survival outside our societies of convenience. The general population should be told to start prepping and brace themselves for shortages when it comes to certain foods.

Back to a civilised, convenient, high-functioning, construct:

The Progress Party believes that demand should drive the entertainment industry and that modern art/music/entertainment should cater to the consumer. With the current popularity of “The Kardashians” and all sorts of “McDonalds-entertainment” there is little doubt in my mind that simply catering to the consumer will only yield trashy, accessible art and literally function like a sledgehammer on anything resembling high-culture.

If artists are to be forced to create “accessible” music as well it will work against progress and artistic creativity as many if not most of the greatest artists throughout our times had patrons, whether the church or the court, facilitating their artistic growth. Some influential artists didn’t really sell anything until after their death as well. So to let average consumers dictate the course of art seems like a dubious idea.

The Progress Party present great points in terms of Norwegian education. Norway is a pretty “brainy country” in terms of international genetic studies, so there is really no need “to make the population stupid” through our education programs. There is scientific reason to believe that ethnic-Norwegians could lead internationally in terms of their cognitive abilities. The potential is huge, in terms of brain-power. To dull this is a crime against Norwegians and goes against our national interest.

Yet I think that extreme-capitalists such as The Progress Party put too much faith into the power of the average consumer in terms of  “what the masses want.” They do not believe in social-engineering but rather in unrestrained liberty due to an unwavering belief that people, regardless of where they are or who they are, can govern themselves a 100%. This of course sounds very nice and emphatic but in the current climate of “transgender children” not to forget the “obesity crisis” and also the fact that worldwide access to the biggest library ever available have not given way to a “knowledge boom” speaks volumes. There are those who “drive society forward” but then you have an awful lot who don’t have much to say for themselves. In the spirit of liberty we might end up with completely dysgenic societies, something that can currently be noticed all over the “free and developed” western world. Something to bear in mind as neither obesity nor the normalisation of abstract identity movements are in the national interest of any nation.

Lots of physically and psychologically healthy children, presented with an education designed to exploit their individual genetic inheritance to the fullest, raised with a deep knowledge and appreciation of their national heritage and prepared for survival in the case of an absolute breakdown of their nation, is what we need. We need to raise warriors  intellectually and physically that can improve the chances of our people’s survival. Rewarding obesity, victim mentality, making people stupid through education and ignorant of their history, while indulging dysgenic behaviour is a bad idea. Yet it is precisely bad ideas that the left has a tendency to promote in order to be “nice.” Too much liberty also has the potential to work against the best interest of the nation, as a common goal, a common social unifying objective is probably more in line with national interest than social and ideological fragmentation which is the inevitable risk of unregulated freedom as preached by many conservatives.

The west cannot afford to be as vulnerable as we are. We do not have the luxury of numbers.

More screenshots from BOTH political parties can be found below – A small translation can be read underneath each picture. As always I recommend my readership to read the text in full but in the name of sharing important information I’m sharing all of this with you now. Please take the time to do your own research and make up your own mind.

More from The Progress Party:


The Progress Party openly oppose Islamification and demand that foreigners should integrate into our society rather than foreigners imposing their way of life upon us.




The Progress Party believes in a meritocracy – not quotas.




The Progress Party want to cut taxes and ban the publication of “tax lists.” In Norway your income level and your tax level is published for all to see regardless of who you are.



eldreomsorgen 1

The Progress Party want to improve the life quality of the elderly.




The Progress Party also address the issue of pollution contrary to what critics might believe.




The Progress Party address the issue with micro plastics, a crucial issue to solve for aquatic life.




The Progress Party are strict on immigration.



norwegian heritage

The Progress Party on our cultural inheritance and culture. They want to protect it.



norwegian education

The Progress Party believe in the liberation of our school system from the cultural-marxists. They want to give the power back to the teachers.



school environemnt

The Progress Party believes in cracking down on bullying.




The Progress Party wants to restore respect and credibility to the teaching profession.



human rights

The Progress Party subscribe to enlightenment principles in terms of their views of the rest of the world.


norge og verden

The Progress Party is a free-market globalist party.




The Progress Party believe in making the justice system more efficient and just.



The Progress Party believe in justice-reform to facilitate the complex situations of police officers stuck in an antiquated system not designed to handle organised crime and Islamists.


More from the Democrats in Norway – a small translation can be found underneath each picture:


the norwegian democrats

The Democrats in Norway want the government to protect Norway’s natural resources on behalf of the Norwegian population.


petrolium demokratene

The Democrats in Norway reveal that it is becoming increasingly challenging to extract oil in Norwegian territories.



The Democrats in Norway are not supportive of Nukes but at least they are realistic and believe  in building a “rocket-shield” together with their allies to defend Norway from Islamists with Nukes.



The Democrats in Norway are anti-globalists. That’s great. I hope they get bigger as a party.



The Democrats in Norway wants to maintain Norway as a country you escape to – not a country you escape from. They want Christian education back in the schools and a ban on Mosques being built in Norway.


norwegian culture

The Democrats in Norway want to bring back education of our heritage and bring Norwegian culture back from the shadows. Music to my ears.



The Democrats in Norway understand the importance of NRK. I think that is good to hear as I like NRK very much.


the church

The Democrats in Norway are not interested in subversion. The fact that they actually put this into their party program is astonishing; no wonder their founder was assaulted 😛


the church 2

The  Democrats in Norway are clever enough to understand that “humanism” and “human rights” cannot compete with other religions. They write black on white that Norwegians have a duty to promote Norwegian and Norwegian culture. Fantastic.


ban on marriage between cousins etc

More cultural enrichment: The Democrats in Norway want to create a general law forbidding marriages between cousins…I wonder why?


cancer in Norway

Norway has one of the world’s highest prevalences of testicle cancer! 😮


citizenship DNA of spouses

Immigration is so messed up that The Democrats in Norway want to enforce DNA tests on foreign spouses to ensure that they are not related to their spouse with a Norwegian passport and also to determine the person’s age. They also want children to be examined for genital mutilation …

fake drugs online

62% of the medication you buy online is fake!

loss of citizenship

They want those who’ve been granted citizenship to lose it if they commit a serious offence. The Democrats in Norway also want to ban Quran schools in Norway.

mental health epidemic

The Democrats in Norway state that Mental Health is the greatest challenge today when it comes to National Health. It costs Norway more than 185 billion Kroner a year.


more mental issues among the young

“6 out of 10 “disabled” young people had in 2009 a psychiatric diagnose.”


new health challenges for the nation

Physical inactivity, obesity and mental issues are new health challenges in Norway.



The Democrats in Norway want to stop the special treatment that Muslims receive in Norway. They do not want them to get education in their mother-language, they do not want to fulfil their demands for halal-meat, private bath and wardrobe rooms, prayer rooms, day off on Muslim holidays or a right to wear traditional religious garments.


benefits so that you don't become homeless

If you face financial problems your local government can apparently confiscate your house and property if you fail to pay local fees to your local government – from the other material I’ve read it is said that bureaucracy fees remain the same regardless of your financial situation which obviously makes it harder when you are poor. See socialism has a tendency to not really benefit those that it is intended for. It happens all the time.


national ID system to crack down on illegal migration

The Democrats in Norway want a national ID system at our borders to guard against foreign criminals and illegal immigration.


norway is doing alright with rehab of criminals

Norwegian prisons are better than the other Nordic countries when it comes to “repeat offenders.” It seems like our much mocked rehabilitation programs might be working – which is good news!


Norway looking for a future Australia

According to The UN; a refugee is a politician, journalist, editor; pretty much a member of the intellectual elite who is being persecuted for their political activity. As The Democrats in Norway point out though we can’t allow our nations to be used as platforms for further political agitation and/or subversion. A very important point that few ever bring up. They want to use a “third country” for processing migrants; sounds like they are looking for a new Australia 😀 Maybe we should just say no to migrants! It’s too much of a hassle if we have to process  and handle matters correctly.


organized crime

Norway is being plagued by organised crime. Drugs, weapons and human trafficking are problems we now face.


rape, drugs and genital mutilation

The upper paragraph describes how rape was “defeated” in Stavanger as everyone got involved with making the city safer. The second paragraph has to deal with Norway’s problems with drugs and the final one addresses the modern issue of genital mutilation. A new problem that we now all of a sudden have to deal with as Muslims stay more loyal to their religious practises than Norwegian law.


crack down on muslim migration

The Democrats in Norway want to limit immigration from muslim countries, not because they hate Muslims but because those who truly and fully believe in the Quran and want to emulate the life of Muhammad are not compatible with a democratic, western social construct.


we cannot compete with wages

“Norway will not be able to compete with wages we therefore have to be ahead when it comes to technological advancements.”


theswedes kicking our ass

The Swedes spent 5 years working on a road  – Norwegian’s spent 8 years doing the exact same thing.


the eu being eco-friendly

The EU Parliament alternates between Brussel and Strasbourg, spending every other month in each – 4000 people and lots of equipment has to be transported as a result. The Democrats in Norway just find it funny to point this out due to the current climate debate.


the cost of socialised healthcare

Care-home pensioners run the risk of ending up on benefits due to the cost of their new home, despite working hard their entire lives and contributing to the welfare state.


suicide among children in foster care

The Democrats in Norway want to work towards the reduction of children taken by The Child Services committing suicide.


sugar tax and plane seat tax

We apparently have the sugar-tax  as well and an airplane-seat-tax – I will have to investigate.


Stoltenberg should pay his taxes

“Those who should be taxed are those who take leading jobs abroad in the public sector whether it is the position as General Secretary of NATO or a top job at The UN.”


pensioneers getting a worse deal than migrants

“The Democrats find it immoral that people without any ties to the country should get better economic situations than those who’ve contributed to the welfare state through a long life.”


too much debt in Norway

“Today’s tax-system stimulates lending rather than saving.”


Norwegian crew on boats

The Democrats in Norway express their concern that Norway can cease to be a Naval Nation due to a lack of Norwegian crew….incredible I had no idea we were in such a bad situation…


norwegian child services abusing their power

More about The Child Services abusing their power by separating parents from their children when the parents haven’t done anything wrong.


no to inheritance tax and Norway finacial collapse

The Democrats in Norway are happy that the inheritance-tax is gone as it makes it possible for family businesses to stay in the family. In the paragraph underneath it is mentioned how Norway’s households are some of the most indebted in the world. This doesn’t look well…


grain storage

Politicians in Norway claim that a “grain storage” isn’t needed – we are therefore ill-equipped to deal with a food shortage….


fulltime students

It’s so expensive to study in Norway that the years drag out … this means that students cash in    benefits, while working part-time which means that they are putting less into the state than ideal.


fees and intersts from the state

“Regular taxes are determined by income level, fees and prices are static without any regard for whether or not you can pay.”


eco friendly my ass

The Democrats in Norway want to use our forest for commercial purposes to produce eco-friendly material … I just think it is funny … how the hell does this defend our planet?



eat local

“If a Britt eats a traditional dinner with only imported produce the meal will generate 650 times more transport related carbon emissions than if he had eaten the same meal made with local produce.”


Another example of the state bypassing professional expertise

The Norwegian benefit office has more authority than healt-care professionals.