“Last Seen Wearing” by Colin Dexter

Since it is taking me forever to finish my blog books I decided that I could might as well get back to releasing content on this blog. Hopefully I’ll release my books this year, that is the plan anyway…

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The first book up on my revamped blog is Colin Dexter’s “Last Seen Wearing”.

 Personally I’m not a huge fan of crime novels but Dexter’s books are by many seen as crime-classics so I guess it was just a matter of time before I started reading them.

People who are living (or have lived in the UK) will instantly fall in love with the familiarity of the scenery. I liked the work straight away myself due to this. Dexter’s imagination is fascinating to follow as Morse comes up with a gazillion different theories for what must have happened to the victim. The reader ends up being convinced that so-and-so occurred only for the story to turn in a completely different direction. It is a page turner that will leave you reading non-stop until you are done.

In terms of the language and the vocabulary used it is typical for intellectuals and people with degrees to express themselves in such a fashion. The by now mandatory references to the classics are also there; this appears to be a standard and it can in many ways be seen as a way for “the learned” to flag to the rest of the world that is what they are. It will of course also lead to a very obvious follow up question: what about more obscure cultural contributions in Europe? Why are we always mentioning the same few names and the same few works?

I wouldn’t really call Colin Dexter’s writing for  “mainstream” because it isn’t simplified enough to fall into that category, yet he has sold an impressive amount of books and (as most in the UK probably already know) the Morse television series has been one of the greatest successes on British TV, also leading to a spin-off series about Morse’s sidekick Lewis.

People who love books, everything English, organic food, art, and weird wine from obscure places, will love to be seen reading this work; especially if they get the opportunity to discuss it with likeminded individuals afterwards.

Buy the book here: “Last Seen Wearing” by Colin Dexter.*

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