Most In-Depth Interview Ever, PERIOD.


Hi there people πŸ™‚ Today I’m sharing an interview that I recently Β did with a metal blog πŸ™‚

If you are curious about my upbringing, my take on politics and my music you can checkΒ it out πŸ™‚

This is the first interview I’ve ever done regarding my blog!

I have to say that the last 2 interviews I’ve done were really fantastic.

Tom ServiceΒ proved that great journalism still exists as he knew everything about what I was doing, he did not mention the blog though but he certainly had a great overview and an impressive knowledge of music.

Then enters Mo from Metal Bulletin Zine over in Seattle USA who sent me the most personal questions I’ve received so far from any music journalist!

I’m guessing that these might be questions that those reading my blog would like to ask me.

If you want to read the most politically incorrect interview I’ve done so far you can read itΒ right HERE!!!!!