Is Christianity & Islam Compatible?


Politicians and the mainstream media are constantly telling us that the two religions are the best of friends. These days it isn’t uncommon to hear of Islamic prayers being held within the walls of Christian churches, I even attended a lecture myself about persecuted Christians where the lecturer told me that Muslims and Christians should stand more together. This was something he said after delivering a presentation where he explained that the most common persecutors of Christians are Muslims … This speaker labeled the secularists as the greatest evil. His endorsement of Islam came after he had described how Muslims didn’t want to walk past him when he was out walking his dog, as Muslims detest these animals….He also stated that Jihadis will stop with their murderous activity when given BMWs and other materialist goods here in Europe … since welfare and exposure to convenience will eradicate Militant Islam.

It seemed like the audience was slightly bewildered, as some certainly were supportive of his conclusion due to mixed grandchildren or after having attended Interfaith events; in contrast there were those speaking of how Muslims had harassed them here in England, and they did not seem very happy nor convinced. Not that long ago I attended a service where the priest highlighted at every opportunity, how unique Christianity is and how this faith is the most peaceful one. A shocking thing to hear in these politically correct times. Thou Shall Only Have One God? Really? We even prayed for the Jihadis here in England; that they may find enlightenment in Jesus Christ. So we basically prayed for their conversion so that they will stop killing Europeans. Hilarious, I couldn’t believe it. Where is the media when you need them? Another service that I attended at another church a while back was more directed towards young people, they had speakers rather than preachers, and the one we heard, spoke of how Muslims were harassing her and making fun of her Christian faith. This girl looked like she came from India and thanked her church for providing her with enough information through their Bible Study Group, so that she could defend her faith from Muslims humiliating Jesus.

So … what happens when you Google what I wrote in the title of this entry? What does Islam say about Christianity? What is the relationship between the two, since we are so similar according to our politicians and journalists?

This is what you’ll find, written by those who’ve read the Muslim & Christian texts:

Islam vs. Christianity – A very good comparison.

Islam vs. Christianity 2

Islam vs. Christianity 3

Islam vs. Christianity 4

Islam vs. Christianity 5

When you are done looking at those you can read what a Mainstream Media Outlet Thinks.


Allahu Akbar Europe!


On September the 7th I wrote: My Last Entry About The European & American Situation – for now.

On September the 15th this happened:

Funny enough I couldn’t paste in what I posted on Facebook for some strange reason, anyway. Whenever you are tired of islam in Europe and think that you are going to ignore the topic for a while, guess what? No. There is no such thing. After London had been hit by some more “enrichment,” another news story broke from France about a muslim attacking a soldier in Paris; and when you thought that that was enough islam-activity for that day, guess what? No. The Danish prime minister went out (even though he is a lefty) and admitted that Denmark has lost control over of some of its territories to muslim gangs: this article is in Danish.

This of course meant that I had to google a little about Denmark since we don’t really hear that much about the Danes having problems with islam. Yet lo-and-behold I came across this interesting interview which is in English: Is Denmark on the brink?

That interview in particular is quite interesting to me as it honestly sounds like something I could have written myself. It reminds me of when Katie Hopkins wrote her piece in the Daily Mail after one of our muslim-attacks this year. Again what the-Hopkins wrote could might as well have come from this blog, this of course, always makes me a bit wary as it makes me wonder if I’ve just fallen into a specific template, a specific narrative. Yet I guess it’s very obvious what sort of problems and issues Europe as a whole is facing, because we are not talking about isolated issues, we are talking about nearly all of Western-Europe’s nations dealing with the exact same problems from the exact same demographic  (New-Europeans or what some would say: Invaders).



Even if you think that a Nation is doing ok, well, all of a sudden you’ll hear the word of mouth and/or see something that makes you realise that: no. Things are not good:

In addition to this it is worth remembering the level of patriotism displayed by our great-grandparents and grandparents in particular; this obsession with sovereignty and fighting back against powers trying to influence, Norway, for example. This is the kind of spirit that ensures the survival of any culture despite occupation and/or colonisation. It is when you lose this mentality that you’ve officially lost your country. When we look at this desire to remove statues, de-whitify curriculum, remove borders, debate about which flag that ought to be used during National Independence Days etc; you see this patriotism, this essential love, being attacked. You should be ashamed of yourself, especially if you are English or American, in fact anyone from the West should preferably be, according to those who push “political correctness.” They only succeed in one thing, and one thing only, chipping away at the spirit necessary to ensure: prosperity, continuity, national integrity and the survival of a people.

If you want to look upon the face of someone who truly is the enemy of Europeans look no further than here: Juncker refuses to re-think his border stance.

We are meant to celebrate the “new-Europe” which inevitably means the death and replacement of the old. Behold.

Don’t worry, if you disagree with the glorious New-Europe, you can always leave. Give up your territory, your country and your people, as the future doesn’t belong to you. I say there is no such thing. This is Europe and Europe is ours. Adieu.

You think this entry is over? Oh no. You see the other day I came across a ridiculous article featuring the reactions of those on Norway’s left after the “fascists-Neo-Nazi-White-Supremascists-Biggoted-Xenophobic-Racists” on the centre & the right won the parliamentary election over in Norway. The reactions resembled those from Americans on the left, who preach that “no sympathy” should be given to those horrible people voting for ” White-Supremacists” (meaning: any politician who is slightly conservative). Since I am officially on a self-imposed writing-about-politics-holiday I decided to not share or write about this, until I saw another article that I just had to re-blog:

Funny enough it seems like this micro-online-activity of mine has caught the attention of my-fellow Norwegians, who live in Norway; and funny enough I received a comment from an individual with a Scandinavian name sending me a 48-hrs-stolen-picture-warning since I had pasted in a picture of the quran in one of my entries. I guess this is Haram? It actually says on the picture that the photo is suitable for discussions about law and religion. The photo compared the sizes of the Holy Bible, the quran and Norway’s Laws. In the description of the photo it also said that:” these are Norway’s three most prominent works.” Which is of course false. islam has nothing to do with Norway at all whatsoever. I’m assuming that this picture was all of a sudden Haram due to the presence of the muslim book on my Infidel page, since only the quran was mentioned by the guy complaining. Here we go:


So that was enough Infidel talk for this week hopefully, or maybe not?

Preferably we’ll see Europe’s political establishment declaring the failure of their Glorious-Utopian-Nirvana-Euphoria-Vision for Europe in the near future, but sadly I am afraid that they will not, and why not?

Because if it is said publicly and officially by the political establishment that the peace has been broken in Europe, then how will they answer the inevitable question: how?

By admitting that what was won after WW2 now has been squandered and lost the political establishment will be placing the noose around their own necks, and of course, only a fool would do that. As Europe descends into more and more chaos and  street-level-ethnic-dissonance we’ll probably see the political establishment screeching that all is good in a desperate attempt to save themselves from rightful and justified accusations of treachery. I hope that our leadership will wake up and take responsibility for the mess that has been created.

The future leadership roles in Europe will go to those who call a spade a spade, if not there is no future for Europe as we know it.


L’Oreal Not Realising What They Are Part Of, Childless Feminists & The Election In Norway.


Several interesting articles have been published as of late regarding the current parliamentary election in Norway. I hope that my fellow Norwegians keep an eye on things, or maybe an election isn’t about current events but about unwavering ideology. It can certainly explain the bottomless hatred from a certain political side….

Norway has been over-taxed for years! Norwegians have been duped for way too long! I hope that the bureaucracy can be reduced so that Norwegians will experience more freedom, especially when it comes to using their own money!

It is not appealing to move back when looking at the general cost of living. When the weather is so brutal you would think that Norwegians would do anything to attract people. Shitty weather, high taxes, expensive products and services not to forget poor offers when it comes to public services makes Norway un-appealing when comparing the country to other European nations with milder weather, cheaper food of better quality and a cost of living that is way friendlier. What Norwegians should think of is this: How can we make our country attractive to our fellow country men who live abroad so that they would be interested in moving back?

Turning Norway into a tax-haven for example would instantly make it more competitive as Norway will always lose out when it comes to the weather. Improving the food industry and local produce could also be an idea, in fact there are many reforms that could benefit Norway.

Yet I think that many will focus on the current cultural turbulence in Europe. This is understandable but also saddening as many will support taking in more and more and more migrants as a giant virtue signalling exercise, from the politicians championing this there is something way more sinister lurking in the background. Their own hunger for power and their own loathing of European culture.

Europe is messy at the moment culturally speaking and the best thing that nations can do is to protect themselves from all of their neighbours who are becoming security risks due to their idealism backfiring big-time and sorting out any internal problems so that it will be understood far and wide that European nations will not support or harbour Jihadis. That European nations believe in themselves and their heritage.

Whether Norwegians pick idealism or realism remains to be seen…

Muslims love the Norwegian labour party, as they want more Muslims in Norway.

Our immigration minister was harassed when visiting an area of Oslo.

The labour party are angry that our immigration minister travelled to Sweden to see how they have failed with their immigration project. I wonder why?

This is a great post from Norwegian Politician Siv Jensen criticising the labour party’s tax plan, as they are planning to increase the fortune-tax, this will affect those who just happen to live in a house of a certain value etc; without any respect for that person’s actual income level. A nasty business in other words.

This is a very surprising article about female celebrities without children. What really caught my attention is that a lot of these women are liberals, in fact very outspoken liberals. When I think about how women with traditional families are ridiculed I’m starting to believe that this is subconscious envy. I cannot really think of another reason as to why women’s most natural role is being held up as an embarrassing and nasty example. The more abortions you have, the more partners, the more you focus on your career, the better you are. Feminists are telling young women that it doesn’t really matter how you look like, I bet a lot of men would probably disagree. Feminists tells you that you are empowered and that you should walk around piss drunk, wearing whatever you want. Feminists want to fundamentally change men, rather than teaching women how to defend themselves and brothers and fathers to protect the safety of their women. More alarmingly I’ve been told that feminists have just succeeded in making men more aggressive towards women as the natural restraint when it comes to aggression towards women is being lowered when men start seeing women as their equals….

Just as it is curious to note that many of our European leaders don’t have children, it is equally curious to notice childless outspoken female celebrities who are lefties. They are not invested in our future themselves but are very much supportive of mass-migration. They are obviously not thinking about what sort of nation they leave behind for the next generation of whites in particular. I don’t have any kids either, but I live with my immediate family and we are many by modern western standards. I look at my siblings and I look at myself and I know that Europe will be left to us in a sorry state, I also know that we will have no other choice but to defend what is ours. I look at those who are elderly now and think about what kind of world they are leaving behind and think of myself as an old frail woman in the future surrounded by alien tribes who want me gone. I see Europe dying in slow motion and envision myself experiencing the last nails being hammered into the coffin of western civilisation. People who are ignorant of true multiculturalism will not understand, they will never understand. These people are so far into their ideology that they will never understand that they have done something wrong. Never. Female celebrities without children.

Maybe women who fail at being feminine and typically female, become full of aggression since they subconsciously register an internal failure? That is a controversial, but interesting question. It could explain why feminists are at war with beauty standards and motherhood. Thinking about how we all have pretty basic instincts it could explain a hell of a lot, another explanation can also be the lack of a good mother-figure or a desire to normalise one’s own preferences so as to not feel so alone or weird. A last proposed explanation from me is: resentment against nature due to being born a female rather than a male.

Speaking of which … yesterday I saw a viral story on Facebook about L’Oreal making history since they cast a transgender model for one of their campaigns. This woman was swiftly fired when it was discovered that she had fired her missiles at white people’s racism after Charlottesville on social media:

“Honestly I don’t have energy to talk about the racial violence of white people any more. Yes ALL white people. Because most of ya’ll don’t even realise or refuse to acknowledge that your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of color. Your entire existence is drenched in racism. From micro-aggression to terrorism, you guys built the blueprint for this s—. Come see me when you realise that racism isn’t learned, it’s inherited and consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege. Once white people begin to admit that their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth… then we can talk.”

What I find interesting about the behaviour of the beauty brand is the fact that many will see them as complicit in championing the “New-Europe.” They are aligning themselves with the exact same ideology that Bergdorf champions. They provide the imagery, the confirmation and promotion of our transformed continent and market their products for a European territory emphasising whites as a minority in their own country. It therefore seems rather peculiar that they should be so surprised by Bergdorf’s online statements.

L’Oreal is just one of many brands advertising and normalizing our new society. In theory they should be featuring a majority of English people in an advertisement meant for the English market, yet they did not, as I’ve seen their ad. Was the hiring and firing of Bergdorf a calculated move by them to create buzz or were they genuinely surprised?

If they were genuinely surprised I’m actually saddened, as this displays a business world completely out of touch with reality, ignorant of what they are actually normalizing, promoting and aligning themselves with. Ignorant of the fact that they are celebrating the slow destruction of  Europe, ignorant of the fact that they are actually championing racism. 

I don’t think that Bergdorf should have been fired. The fact that she is transgender and expresses the opinions that she expresses makes her a perfect representative of our post-modern west. Even though she might have good intentions with the Facebook post she posted as a response to the controversy, she is completely off with her statements.


White privilege makes sense in a western territory as this is our continent for Christ sake! If you don’t have English privilege in England you will lose England – only friends of England should be allowed to live here if they are foreigners, preferably other Europeans who are more like the English so that there won’t be too much of a culture-clash –  only those championing English culture in England should live here. If Swedish privilege ceases then that’s the end of Sweden as we know it.  The reason as to why you see brands changing their marketing is because of this unprecedented influx of people from Africa and the Middle East!!!!!! Hello????? Anybody home? No.

She is out of touch completely and totally as she claims that England’s power and success is the direct result of abuse and slavery, when the fact is that these horrible Englishmen discovered territories without the intellectual help of Africans, invented machinery without the interference of inventive Africans and Bergdorf completely fails when she doesn’t mention the Arabic slave trade and African tribalism. Other empires don’t exist in the white-people-sucks narrative, because reality would debunk the hater’s much-needed myth. And they sorely need it.

You cannot step away from these lies whitout stating that the Muslims were up to no good, that the tribes of Africa were up to no good, that Native Americans were up to no good, that Asians were up to no good, that animals are up to no good, that nature is inherently brutal, and that the evil-white-male won because he was better at fighting and outsmarting his enemies – who were bush-men or unequipped with “prehistoric” weapons and technology. Not to forget the enemy within – those who sold out other tribes only to be stabbed in the back by their invaders later. A lesson to be learnt when you look at Europe today.

England kicked ass and for this they will always be hated. It sucks to lose, the world is filled with sore losers and just like it sucked for others to lose to England it will suck for us to lose to Arabs, Africans, or Asians. You do not want your nation or people to lose, you do not want this, YOU DO NOT WANT THIS; which is why modern leftism is cancerous. It promotes being a loser as something good, that making yourself as a nation weak makes you morally superior, this matters little if you are beaten to pulp by those who don’t give a damn about your politically-correct virtue signalling.


When looking at the glory of the west you look upon a truly fascinating race, occupying a tiny territory but literally ruling the world more or less like no other. When you look at China you see a nation that could have conquered, but ironically enough couldn’t be bothered! The Mongols stopped their imperialism because of their own customs, when their leader died, they had to go back in order to elect a new one. People can wonder how the world would have looked like if the Chinese or the Mongols had truly unleashed their power A 100%. Yet they did not. Europeans have a history filled with victories and technological breakthroughs, we are supposed to be ashamed of this as our inventions, art, music, literature, buildings and military successes make other tribes feel like losers, which is sad for them, because of this you see Sub-Saharan Africans for example trying to culturally appropriate the Egyptian culture or Jesus for that matter, even Giulio Cesare.

It sucks for a great amount of people to be reminded of the best of Europe which is why we have to be guilt-tripped big time, all of the time, constantly, so as to weaken the European spirit, in fact decimate it in order to turn Europeans so self-hating that we destroy ourselves. Bergdorf is a perfect example of the modern-left. Don’t worry nature can apparently be un-learnt as there is only one thing: social constructs. White people are evil, they always are, hey we invented terrorism … hmmm….I wonder how humanity as a whole has survived for all of these years? Yeah I bet it has everything to do with our ancestors being a construct of peace … Nobody who has EVER lived in the countryside, nobody who has ever owned and observed several pets will ever buy into the ridiculous myth that the state of nature is peaceful, nobody who has ever experienced real diversity will think of it as peaceful either, Bergdorf is in a tricky position as a minority. If she wants to fit in she could marry an English woman and father a mixed English child, raising this child to become as English as possible and then see his offspring married off to an English person. This is how you integrate. You become part of the fabric of that society, if not you will eventually have to leave when finding a partner and having kids. Where will the kids be raised? Which society should they be part of? You can of course choose to be a modern-nomad, but guess what? Those who travel an awful lot apparently become even more tribal and nationalistic funny enough.

People like Bergdorf are at war with nature, they hate it and refuse to resign to it so they want to transform it. The only way that they can do this is by genetically manipulating humans so that we cease to be humans. L’Oreal have seemingly no idea that they are firing up under hate and that self-hate is their brand and their core value as of today. Much like eBay’s commercial that I also saw today. They could might as well adapt a new slogan that says: L’Oreal – because you deserve to be replaced if you are white – death to Europe.

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