“The Spectator” – 16 September 2017.


A magazine created by articulated, conservative, nostalgics; with a hint of England’s colonialist past.

Seldom have I laughed so whole heartedly as when I picked up the 16th of September issue of The Spectator, a magazine that I had previously never read before. Toby Young’s opinion piece about the current college culture of hysteria infused over-sensitivity was most amusing, the same could be said of Taki’s High Life, Jeremy Clarke’s Low Life & Melissa Kite’s Real Life.

What interests the readership of this publication based on its commercials and articles? Wine tasting, Opera & Classical Music, Chess & Bridge, advice on etiquette, cruise, horse racing, courses in History and a very funny introductions section saying the following:

Seeking: Single Eligible Gentlemen for introductions with successful, attractive ladies of elite dating agency. Complimentary Membership to eligible gentlemen. ”

What did I take away from reading this issue?

  1. Arabic is “the world’s fifth most spoken language.”
  2. The British Parliament is slightly more complicated than what I previously thought resembling the Norwegian parliament to a degree, due to the diversity that can be seen within both political spectrums on the left and the right.
  3. Iceland has seemingly not evaded political correct enrichment to quote Sebastian Faulks: “The Iceland team had one native Icelander and one Brit; the rest were from Sri Lanka or Pakistan.” Hmmm….it must be fun to live in Iceland if you originally come from those places…
  4. Theresa May is selling out by politically crossing over into Corbyn-land, in a desperate attempt to increase her appeal.
  5. Theresa May is even peddling the “institutional racism” myth in order to have a politically correct reason for as to why certain demographics aren’t faring too well within the Kingdom, this of course she intends to fight politically.
  6. Rod Liddle recounts a story of how a British conductor was sacked without explanation at Oregon University after he allegedly uttered a racist joke to a friend of his; a musician of colour. The musician in question is furious as he doesn’t see the racism. This doesn’t seem to matter much to the thought police.
  7. There are other things to write about than race & gender; Jenny Coad contributed an article about our increased difficulty with making decisions in a world with too many opportunities. This was a very interesting read for sure and a very real issue in our society of over-abundance and conspicuous consumption.
  8. Nick Cohen shone the spotlight on the business of water: ” What interest do Kuwait and Canadian investments funds, Australian banks and Cayman Islands financiers have in ensuring the quality and affordability of our water?”
  9. Damian Reilly writes about Angel Hernandez who used to chemically enhance athletes. This of course got me thinking … as drugging seems to be inevitable if one wants to pull off the impossible physically.
  10. What sounds like an alien description of sexism, from the perspective of our post-modern matriarchy society, is recounted in the review of Claire Tomalin’s autobiography “A Life of My Own.” This adds perspective to how drastically attitudes and opportunities have changed for women; something that can easily be forgotten when enjoying our society of militant egalitarianism.
  11. There is a Banksy mural in Dover.

Reading The Spectator was very enjoyable indeed and something I would highly recommend. In the next issue there will be an interview with Jordan Peterson so that is something to look forward to.

I’m happy that I read this issue actually, as it is the best magazine I’ve read so far and that’s good since thatΒ spot was previously occupied by a Norwegian Marxist-Leninist publication: “The Class Struggle – (the daily left-wing newspaper).”

I was actually quite surprised by the quality of that newspaper, but their writing was very good indeed; and as I’ve said multiple times: “that is not an easy thing to find in this day and age.”

If I was to write anything negative about The Spectator it could be that the writers are merciless in their description of others, but then again, that is what makes it so funny, confirming the stereotype of the British with their deadly sarcasm.


The Silent Revolution.


On the 1st of February 2017 I received this in my inbox:

“In a 2005 article published by National Review, Gorsuch argued that “American liberals have become addicted to the courtroom, relying on judges and lawyers rather than elected leaders and the ballot box, as the primary means of effecting their social agenda” and that they are “failing to reach out and persuade the public”. Gorsuch wrote that, in doing so, American liberals are circumventing the democratic process on issues like gay marriage, school vouchers, and assisted suicide, and this has led to a compromised judiciary, which is no longer independent. Gorsuch wrote that American liberals’ “overweening addiction” to using the courts for social debate is “bad for the nation and bad for the judiciary”.[44][21]”

Assisted suicide? That was what stuck with me … mainly because of this horrifying article, which really shook me:Β Industrialised Murder in the Netherlands.

What on earth can be said about a society that wants to kill its own? Socialism at its absolute worst? Socialism reaching its final stage? And why on earth is this a core issue pushed by “liberal” activists on both sides of the Atlantic?

Aren’t these the people who like to think of themselves as generous and highly empathic? So concerned in fact about the well-being of women that they do this:Β French anti-pro-life Law.

Maybe it can be argued that it makes sense to support “assisted suicide” in the name of empathy, but then again where do we draw the lines of what is acceptable or not, not to mention how the Netherlands give their doctors carte blanche to kill their own patients. Good grief, if the times were different we could have put them under foreign administration on the basis of morality πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

Taking into consideration what I’ve posted before on my blog and how the current political landscape looks like today, this article should be of great interest:What’s Happening in America (1966) by Susan Sontag.Β The smell of hatred is just as poignant in 2017 as it was back then. Terrifying.

These articles should be of great interest to anyone & everyone, (especially if you’ve read my book review aboutΒ Warriors & Citizens), this is how unbalanced our institutions are:The Far Left Academia.Β &The End Of The University.

For anyone who is curious to find out about our “democratic construct” this is certainly mandatory reading:Democracy & The Intellectuals.

Here is a must-see video about McCarthyism. I don’t think anyone is ignorant of what McCarthyism is synonymous with, but it seems like we’ve been all taken for a ride … please take the time to watch this:Β 

Here is a very interesting phone conversation with Nixon actually, I listened to the whole thing. Check it out:Β Nixon on the Phone.

If you are bored and you wonder what Trump’s opposition is up to, then have a laugh at this:Β Anti-Trump propaganda.

Here I’m sharing a couple of videos from Canadian icon Jordan B.Peterson, please take the time to watch these two:


I’ll finish off with where I started by sharing a video about ridiculous legislation. Check it out!