Oh How You’ve Failed Us With Your “Fine” Ideas.


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I’ve been thinking for a while that we’ll probably miss these post-WW2 years, where all that could be sensed by those my age at least were the signs of a diseased society and the visible fractures in our constructs mercilessly reminding us of our former glorious splendour.

Observing the political landscape here in England these last days has reserved as a reminder, and a confirmation, as to how our institutions have fallen, and when reading this article that I just came across, it is obvious that the symptoms of continental societal illness are visible and clear to some.

I think we’ll miss those years from 1989 when the wall fell, and up until one specific event in the near future which will be of such magnitude that it will symbolically be the last nail in the coffin for the current European Utopia.

What our leadership leaves behind to people my age and younger are disputed territories, identity confusion, seemingly weak military constructs, outsourced labour, poor infrastructure, crumbling healthcare and lots of debt … in other words – nothing short of chaos. God only knows what will be raised in its stead, because the political visions will surely be many and radically diverse.

Some lessons can be learnt from Europe:

1-Do not mass import people from alien cultures.
2-Do not allow people in from countries you’ve bombed or occupied.
3-Never take loyalty for granted from the son if the immigrant father loves your country. Loyalty to identity and ancestry cannot be bought indefinitely.
4-Do not expect people to sell out their values for government benefits, after all, are you really so cheap that you would sell your beliefs for a BMW?
5-Do not allow people into power who prioritize other citizens over their own.
6-Never allow benefits to become the greatest financial burden of the state.
7-Be clear when it comes to the identity and configuration of your country and nation.
8-Do not forget the founders of your nation and those who died to protect it and build it.
9-Do not allow parallel societies to be established as it will only lead to trouble.
10-If you are to create a Union then create it between strong, independent, sovereign, nations, so that the stronger ones won’t be weakened by the poorer ones, or the weaker ones walked all over by the stronger ones. As both scenarios will sow resentment.
11-The number one duty of a government is to ensure military protection for its citizens.
12-Never de-militarize your society as it will render your country weak from the inside out alienating those willing to serve from the rest of the population.
13-Never create a national culture of guilt.
14-There are no such things as progressive policies, only good and bad ones, and sometimes the good ones are old and tried recipes which have stood the test of time.
15-Do not allow your nation to become a vassal state.
16-Do not allow your nation to be mismanaged for decades as it will probably take even longer to sort it all out.
17-Disrespect will grow if you espouse illegitimate or fake authority.
18-Everyone has to be equal under the law and the law has to be sensible.
19-If you allow one ethnic group to get away with things, do not expect that those who are “easy to police” will remain so for much longer.
20-Make an example out of those who stand for poor leadership – and remember that leadership has nothing to do with being “nice to all” or saying what is “politically correct.”
21-Do not let the roles in your society slip to such an extent that normal citizens have to take on the role as journalists and writers.
22-If the media are acting as tools for propaganda, let it at least be known and legally challenged with opposing propaganda.

Some articles of interest:

  1. This is actually a very important read, not necessarily because I’m against the idea of having “stay-behind-troops” (this is a good thing to have in place) nor that I’m against “anti-communist-measures” but it is the idea that is of interest here. Who stand to benefit from the weakening and downfall of your nation? And at the end of the day:ย who is really responsible?ย Is an attack only just that? Is it disguised targeting masked as random acts of terror? And why would you believe those who take official credit? Where does the funding come from if it can be traced?
  2. Word of mouth has it that Norway already has “Swedish Conditions” in certain areas. I also wrote a little while ago that our government had to agree to over 2.000 new quota-refugees in 2018. Stillย this interview with our immigration & integration minister is interesting.
  3. Dire news regardingย England’s Police.ย Unbelievable both the downsizing and how the funds are being spent. Some months ago I read in an “analogue newspaper” that an ex-police chief was lamenting the current priorities of our police force, such as political correctness training and “bring all of you to work day” (to paraphrase). A transgender friendly initiative/day.
  4. Officially it ย is said that this film is from the UK, it certainly looks like it. I’ve seen similar footage across social media from Birmingham and other areas in this country. I’ve also driven through neighbourhoods like this around London and other places in Europe.ย The New-Europe. ย Not to forget what I’ve seenย myself.
  5. People smugglers have an easy time in the UK as Border Patrol is suffering from budget cuts leaving the coastline open and vulnerable … incredible. There were people in 2016 who were calling for the resurrection of the “Home Guard,” what I find interesting is this quote that I found in a Wikipedia article about General Sir Anthonyย Heritage Farrar-Hockley recently: He declared to The Guardian that a secret arms network was established in Britain after the war, but refused to say if it still existed. He aroused controversy in 1983 when he became involved trying to organise a campaign for a new home guard against possible Soviet invasion and in 1990, following Italian Prime minister Giulio Andreotti’s October 1990 revelations concerning Operation Gladio, a NATO stay-behind network, he revealed that the armed anti-communist secret resistance network across western European had involved Britain.[1][5]. I have no idea why any of this would be controversial, especially the revival of the Home Guard? Why would this be looked upon as weird? Why??????????
  6. ย A sanction only works if there are noย back doors right? That’s what I’m thinking anyway. The Turkish leadership is problematic and their desire for EU membership certainly is as well. The size of their force is not good either. They represent a danger to Europe; not that this is something new. The amount of Turks within European nations as well pose a risk, demonstrated by Erdogan’s recent political agitation, which I wrote about somewhere on this blog ๐Ÿ˜› It’s easy to find articles about this anyway…..
  7. Norway has to rent military equipment, sarcastic politicians wonder if we’ll have to rent soldiers as well since theย Norwegian military has seen better days.
  8. The author of this article refers to it as provocative behaviour when right-wing activists march through English territory inhabited by Muslims and/or other alien immigrants, as we apparently should consider these zones to be theirs. I assume that we should consider these places lost and keep out of them? What do we do when they inevitably expand? Should Ethnic Britons and other European ethnic groups simply abandon the island, so as to not offend the aliens? The author also has the audacity to claim that you are part of a european ethnic group as long as you’re born here to immigrant parents. A direct assault on ethnic Europeans and our distinct populations, once again. This is a blatant lie. There are races, then there are ethnicities, then you got differences within your ethnic group partly or maybe entirely (?) as a result of your distribution through your own territory, and finally you have individual differences. And there might even be more variances. The fact that the claims in this article are supposed to be accepted as canon isย bogus.ย Feel free to read my “How To Be Evil In 2017.,”entry or myย Identity.ย entry or myย Diversity โ€“ Why It Is A Complex Issue.ย entry or thisย Acid Attacks & Diversity In The UK.

I will share more articles and translate more horrible news articles from Scandinavia. There is one shocking story in particular from Sweden, that illustrates how rape is being used as a weapon against Ethnic European women.

Whatever that is left of the European spirit cannot be allowed to die. If everyone loses faith in Europe we are officially done; and by Europe I mean all of our individual nation states and their distinct European ethnic groups. Our shared and individual heritage is ours and we can not let it go. If we don’t care about our cultures anymore, then why should anyone else? Love your country, love your people, know your history, or you’ll perish.



Me: I’m going to take a break from writing about the state of affairs in Europe, it’s not like everybody cares about what’s happening over here, those who know keep an eye on things anyway, and after all, I’ve said enough.

Just some days later: Shit a homemade “bomb” went off! Watch out!

Me: I’ve written enough about this. It’s probably only going to get me into trouble. I’m done.

Some days later: Oh my God look at this!

Me: Totally done now. I’m making my blog private.

Some hours later: Nah…can’t really do that. Maybe I’ll ย save someone’s life if I don’t.

Me: It’s boring to sound like a broken record, there are more things in this world to write about, like srsly.

Sun 19. Nov. 2017 – Oh whatever, here we go again….

So … I was in Norway last week and guess what I just found out? More violence and fragmentation in Europe, and this time it happened right in the area where I was. How glorious….as I’ve already described there were visible changes to the environment which I observed and wrote about, but I had no idea that the area had upgraded to racial/ethnic violence. This hits just as close to home as the attack down in Nice. If things escalate like this I guess it will be highly likely that at least one of your relatives will be affected in the coming years, if your family and acquaintances are spread around the continent and/or live in culturally enriched areas. Keep in mind that these territories are expanding, and that “safe zones” aren’t safe, unless gated and/or guarded. *Don’t forget*

So as the geeky person I am. Why not translate this articleย into English? Yes, here we go:

Around 30 immigrant boys attacked handball boys.

Around 30 youths of immigrant background attacked boys from the handball team from Kolbotn without any motive. The police have received several complaints.ย 

It was on a Saturday a week ago, 11. November, that a youth gang numbering around 30 provoked to create trouble on Kolbotn Market. There they allegedly hit and kicked several other boys without any motive.

The media kept their silence.ย Until now, probably because the police have received several complaints after the incident. But even though (ร˜B) reported on the case on the 17th of November – behind a subscription wall, just so you know – the newspaper seem unwilling to share concrete information and none of those involved, or their parents, have been interviewed.

“Brawl between youths in Kolbotn and Ski”

ร˜B quotesย John-Erik Veseth, the leader of the pre-emptive unit East Police department Follo, as saying “From what we’ve unravelled from the investigation so far, we’re getting closer to these people.”

The timeline of events is described as follows: A gang of around 30 youngsters have allegedly been behind several attacks on other youths around the centre of Kolbotn. The first complaint about trouble came from a private residence, where some youths were gathered for a party, right outside the town centre right before seven o’clock on Saturday evening. There were also two adults in the home, and they reported on the uninvited guests who interrupted the gathering, but said that they had control over the situation.

After this the youth-gang allegedly moved towards the centre of Kolbotn. “Here they just started physically attacking other youngsters who happened to be in town, among them the members of a young sports team who were out to celebrate with their fellow handball players.”

It is further said that ” the Follo-Police have received 5 reports about violence after the gang ran amok in the town centre. All of the reports concern boys under 18 of age. One of the reports concern a 16 year old from Ski who was punched.” It is also said that the police were first told that “the gang took the train from Kolbotn to Ski after the raucous in Kolbotn centre, but this has proven to be false.”

But several things seem to suggest that the situation is way worse than what ร˜B are reporting.

High immigrant youths who kicked, punched and threatened.ย 

After the handball-boys in the age group 14-16 had eaten pizza and been to the cinema over in Kolbotn, which finished around 8 o’clock, they were greeted by a boy-gang of around 30 individuals, also in the age group 14-16, who were looking for trouble.

It is told that the boys were dark-skinned, were wearing hoodies and had covered their faces. The boys were perceived as being intoxicated. Some of the handball boys were trying to get away, but some were caught by the attackers.ย 

The boys who were kept behind were in the receiving end of direct violence such as kicks and punches. In addition there were several others who were threatened and ran after.ย 

Those of the handball boys who managed to escape called their parents, who in their turn contacted the police.

The police are looking for more information, according to ร˜B. That is interesting, considering that the media first reported on the incident a week after it happened. And then as if tough we are just talking about a simple “brawl” between teens.

Hmmm….sounds like Chicago or L.A. to me. I seem to recall young boys who I knew back then were plotting to start a “UN gang” to protect themselves against unprovoked attacks from a certain demographic. Hmm … how peculiar. Why on earth would people want to protect themselves against racist assaults? I have no clue….these handball boys were probably fascists. It’s all a conspiracy I bet…..


Summer 2017.


This year I have not posted that many pictures on my blog since I haven’t been out that much. I’ve been spending an awful lot of time indoors, bedridden, due to post-infection-syndrome. I worked on my 3rd album and my classical singing whenever I had the energy and have just recently started exercising my shoulder after nearly 9 months off due to a guitar related injury. Earlier this month I was out travelling to partake in my second season of Norway’s highest rated Saturday Night TV Show “Stjernekamp,” so I’ll post pictures from my work-trip in my next blog-entry ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was lovely to finally be up and about again ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m grateful that my family has been so sweet and understanding while I’ve been ill and I’m also thankful for the wonderful messages/comments of support from my followers. It has been heartwarming to see. Here are some pictures from the summer that was ๐Ÿ™‚


I couldn’t believe this when I saw it … this was right next to our garden. They weren’t particularly clever either, as the branch was way too thin to carry that heavy load.


A nightly visitor … a pretty fancy looking one too!


When you are working on a blog entry and this happens…


Snape figured he hated children so much, he just got himself a new job far away from Hogwarts….



Penguins watching Pigeons making out. Literally! It was hard not to laugh. They were basically watching “bird-porn” at a certain point ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha



So pretty!!!!


Hmmm…..this is not politically correct at all …


This Dragon did not have a UV lamp, which is scandalous … reptiles die if they don’t get the proper light. He also looked malnourished and dehydrated. My brother wrote a complaint.


The last day that our pets were with us! Sadly they were gone the day after ๐Ÿ˜ฆ We even managed to tame them by feeding them. Little cuties for sure โค


Out for a proper English train ride!



England is so pretty! โค



A very offensive picture featuring old-white-males. I felt so triggered I didn’t know what to do with myself….lol



My mom decided to surprise me ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love this kind of style. A good brand making quality clothing.


I even got some flowers. They were very pretty!


Since I couldn’t really travel much, we set up a tent in the garden ๐Ÿ˜€ That was a lovely night, falling asleep while looking at satellites & stars. I saw plenty of shooting stars actually. I had no idea they were that common ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Out to cast my vote. Nothing was going to get in the way of me voting.


The menu over at the “Mandarin Oriental” formerly known as “Hyde Park Hotel.”


Old-classic building – new interior design.



When you get a proper dessert … of course … you’ll get the tiniest portion … I had forgotten about all that ๐Ÿ˜›


This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever been to! It was incredible to see all of the impressive work done by such a wonderful collection of true artists! I wish our society could build these type of things for real, so that we could be surrounded by beauty! Instead we have a weird mix of new and old all over Europe, and the new seldom looks good!






Illuminati confirmed ๐Ÿ˜›



All the artwork featured in Harry Potter was made from scratch! Incredible! It was a joy to look upon all of these things! Anyone who loves beauty and abhors post-modernism will love the exhibition.




My favourite characters! ๐Ÿ˜›


A wonderful statue ๐Ÿ˜›



This was really yummy!



A gift from dad. I’m currently on these vitamins, it’s even possible to order through me if anyone’s interested ๐Ÿ˜‰


From a pub in Chipping Camden … we ate some really good food there. Yum – yum ๐Ÿ˜€



This is my house apparently….



Hmm … when someone decides to camp next to church ….


The view from the apartment I shared with my brother … We had to move out of there due to the mold ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Mom is done refurbishing the living room! Not exactly ugly! I love it!

I’m Sorry to Share The Latest News From London.


Another bomb. Another terrorist attack. This time on the London underground. Please stay safe and get in touch with the police if you know anything or saw anything this morning. Londoners are opening up their homes to those affected so keep an eye on Twitter if you are in the capital as there are people there willing to offer help. The police have told people to stay vigilant as there might be other bombs.ย Terror.

I’ll just add a tiny comment – on the 5th I went to Warner Brothers to experience the Harry Potter tour together with my younger siblings. As we waited to be allowed in I became alarmed when I noticed two grown-up looking Arab men as I wondered: “are those two potential Jihadis?” Only young people or people with children were there, so these two men truly stood out. I kept an eye on them, especially when one of them all of a sudden was in the possession of three plastic bags that I have no idea where he got from. I have to admit that I had not even considered for a second that the Harry Potter studio experience could be targeted by Jihadis, but then all of a sudden I ended up looking over my shoulder constantly fearing that something would go off. Thankfully it didn’t but who knows, it easily could have.

This is the new reality of Europe, you have to stay vigilant at all times. So please remember this wherever you may be in Western-Europe. Even if it makes you feel bad, you can’t afford to let your guard down, especially if you are travelling with children.

“Where To Invade Next” by Michael Moore.


It might come as a surprise that I actually enjoyed watching this movie from Michael Moore, but I truly did – sure it didn’t display the tax levels imposed on the “wealthy,” nor did it address the very important detail that European nations greatly differ from one another, I think “propaganda” would be the most accurate word to use, but it was still a good watch.

Some of the people interviewed by Moore highlight that they took inspiration from The American Constitution when implementing certain social changes within their own countries.ย Moore spends little time contemplating why the USA can have moved so dramatically away from its own constitutional texts and forgets to mention that European Nations have been largely homogeneous, high trust and seriously civic-minded. Alienation and decreased trust are scientifically proven result of multiculturalism, there is an inevitable build down of social cohesion. So when an Icelandic woman criticises The USA for being more self-centred rather than community oriented this rather reflects a negative transformation as trust erodes within a country rather than America being inherently bad. Furthermore, there are still areas in the USA that are “neighbourhood focused.” The movie certainly didn’t portray the entire picture of Europe but it was a great reminder of certain things that seemingly ย work with mixed results within our continent – as of now.

It is an interesting detail to note that Finland has made it pretty much impossible to run private schools and that all their children have to pass through the state-funded education system. This is of course glorified as egalitarian by Moore; he does not ask or wonder whether this makes Finland’s youth vulnerable for “brainwashing” or “biased social engineering.” If everyone has to go through the same system, then how do you ensure independent thought?

The propaganda movie (it would be a far cry to call it a documentary) does address the issue of efficiency, something that is an intriguing topic. It is not all about how many hours you actually work but how well you work when you do. The documentary also addresses management style; with Europeans arguing that a business does better when its employees have daylight, fresh air and a compassionate management branch. A happy worker equals good results. In America where the amount of hours you work and whereย the level of stress you have in your life is an indicator of success, these different approaches as practised by Europeans might be seen as revolutionary. In a good way hopefully.

Again I’m reminded ofย โ€œDecision Pointsโ€ by George W. Bush,where he explains that success in public education management was measured by how much money that was set aside to this public good rather than how these funds were specifically allocated to reach desired academic results. Something that he set out to change as retold in his book.

Moore criticises America due to its military spending; what critics normally omit though is that European nations have decreased their defence in order to spend more money on welfare. As I’ve mentioned in previous entries: the majority of Norwegian taxpayer’s money is spent on benefit payouts. As I’ve written before we’ve even amended our constitution so that benefits are now a constitutional right. All of this works fairly well until you run out of money or desperately need the US of A as you got no military of your own. At worst America might get sick one day of constantly being the “grown-up” and having to pay the bill. According to new interviews coming out of the Trump administration it seems like this lack of European military spending is finally coming to an end.

Yet how is the spirit of the people holding up? And how would “spoiled” Europeans deal with serious adversities such as real patriarchy, real “triggering,” – in short what do we do when faced with an authority that doesn’t really care about “safe spaces,” “tolerance” and “acceptance?”

Our (depending on how you look at it) successful Utopia is threatened by two elements: the elephant in the room called “how do we pay for this?” And the culture clash when other groups that are not civic-minded but low trust, extremely aggressive and very tribal are tossed into the mix. What Europe has become is not properly represented by Moore. Many have resigned as they see their own nation and culture as dying – it is precisely in times like these that we should be high in spirits, not out of delusion, but due to a commitment to stand for the protection of what is ours. Whether it is through the word or by other means.

Political activists representing all sorts of “marginalised” (at this point) so-called oppressed groups, are so used to being taken seriously that I truly wonder what they would do if/when faced with a total disregard for all of their requests? What will all of these groups do when faced with a brutal force inhabiting all sorts of traits that they’ve done everything to repel and suppress in our part of the world?

There is another major problem: what will European nations do when forced to cut benefit payments? There will probably be riots and absolute chaos as a result. This is behaviour that someone like Moore would glorify as “liberation and people fighting for their rights.”Even if we allow our structures to implode naturally there will still be disorder as the “system” comes crashing down.

According to what I wrote about in one of my last entries: Norwegian households are some of the most indebted in the world. A lot of our infrastructure is outdated … travelling back to the French Riviera this year was like going back into a time capsule, the same can be said of numerous state-funded institutions in the UK. As I’ve mentioned before: Norway has some of the worst roads in Europe and some of the worst universities as well.

What do we do in Norway when foreign criminals want to go to our prisons as they’ll get an education, a salary and stay at what many would refer to as a luxury resort? As I’ve translated from Norwegian in one of my entries; foreigners do not see Norwegian prisons as a deterrent. Not to forget that the elderly feel snubbed as criminals and migrants alike are treated better than those who’ve been hard-working, law-abiding citizens their entire lives … how can this be just?

European nations have in certain areas accomplished good results through untraditional, very classical-liberal-minded solutions. But for how long will this last?

We take “the Southern-European lifestyle” for granted. You are supposed to have a certain “quality of life,” life shouldn’t be a constant struggle, you need time to sit down and eat a proper drawn-out lunch for example, spending time with family – even though people like myself still find something to complain about criticising the fact that our economic systems in the North are built up around two-income families, as there should be even more focus on the family as a corner-stone of our civilisation. The build down of the family unit as we especially see in Northern Europe is damaging.

It is very strange that Americans have to strive so hard just to stay alive, but as we over here in Europe celebrate this comfortable Utopia of ours, there are other nations breathing us in the neck. Other nations from other continents more hungry than ours. Other nations that believe in strength, in might, who work harder – and these nations outcompete us in wages. They take over – slowly but surely.

It does seem like we’ve taken our gullible trust and expanded it to include the whole world to such an extent that we have left ourselves open and vulnerable. This is why terrorism should be fought by holding hands and singing “Imagine” or “We Are The World.” For how long will this type of reactions go on? Will people get sick and tired and abandon”openness?” Will people remain passive and be subjugated and enslaved as a result? Or will the far-left narrative prevail, meaning that we will all be friends and co-exist as Katy Perry uttered in an interview:

“No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.”

”ย Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace… You…” As John Lennon creepily sang … Theseย type of artists do seem to lack any understanding of the human psyche.

Sure this movie made some good points, but there were no mentions of “the ageing populations” of Europe, low birthrates and the insidious horror of replacement migration. No mention of no-go zones, no such things. No mention of Islamic terrorism or the rape-epidemic in Europe.

It sounds like we’ve reached the peak – whether we can keep on going with our current attitudes or whether this is the last stage before it all crumbles remains to be seen.

Hopefully we will be able to “heal our nations” but this can only be done if we are willing to accept that politics isn’t “nice” as laid out in this article that I translated:ย A Crash Course In Politics. (What It Is And What It Is Not).

I cannot stop thinking that the worst we’ve done to ourselves is expanding our generosity to all sorts of different cultures, allowing these alien groups to set up camp and establish their own parallel societies within our countries. Our kindness and fine morals might be what makes us the most vulnerable. It can certainly seem that way.

I wonder for how long Michael Moore’s movie will ring true for our part of the world. Something tells me that we might not have that much time left. Let’s hope there is a good ending to our story – not the incomplete truth as presented by Moore but the reality we are forced to accept in this beautiful “garden” of ours that should have been kept walled and heavily guarded.